Prepositions used with "illness"

"of illness" or "to illness"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases illness of is used

The second classic cause of illness is fear.

Two years later his father also died of illness.

A number of illnesses can give risk to glaucoma.

This immune protein is produced at times of illness so a low level is associated with health.

Homeopathy is water, and certainly one needs water, and a lot of illnesses go away on their own.

Obesity leads to a myriad of illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Trying to conquer this little bit of illness I've got (first cold of winter, goddamnit) and I'd so exhausted lately.

If you suffer from any form of illness, be sure to have an adequate supply of medicines before departing on your trip.

I'd well aware of how many babies died of illnesses that we see very rarely these days thanks, in part, to vaccination.

The changing nature of illness has sparked a renewed interest in the possible role for prevention to help control costs.

In 26% of cases illness to is used

He has gone to Bangkok owing to illness after his deposition.

About 2 weeks ago I got a check from my father due to illness to help me with my rent.

Over time this stagnation of fluid can lead to a decrease in immunity and hence to illness.

Disability benefit This is paid for periods when an employee is unfit for work due to illness.

Paid for insurance should cover: Compensation when we are not able to work due to illness or accident.

She was captured, brought to a hospital in Camp Crame due to illness, and was placed under house arrest.

Owing to his absence from his laboratory and due to illness he was unable to carry out further scientific work.

Mr N had accrued substantial arrears on his mortgage after having to give up work due to illness the previous year.

The medical profession, which likes to default to illness, can offer medications for anxiety reduction and sleep aids.

In 6% of cases illness with is used

To be healthy one needs to deal with illness, injury, and emotional distress.

My mother is currently going through a battle with illness and it's such a worrying time for her and for me.

Happy people cope better with illness A positive outlook seems to reduce the perception of pain among people who are ill.

Fursey's Terrace, Blackrock on October 19th after a long battle with illness that she bore with great dignity and courage.

Personally, I've had many good and bad experiences with illness -- both my own and those I've loved and lost along the way.

In this article, we present a simulation model of how a poor rickshaw puller in Bangladesh copes with illness, in particular tuberculosis (TB).

We find that a person who sees only the without is familiar only with illness of the physical kind: bodily ailments, diseases, aches, and pains.

For example, they may investigate why and when people seek professional advice, what might prevent them from complying with medication, and how they cope with illness.

In 5% of cases illness for is used

I have been employed in same company for eighteen years and this is first time i was ever sick and having to sign on with social welfare for illness benefit.

In 5% of cases illness from is used

How to claim your life back from illness.

Watching your child suffers from illness is worst then seing him go to meet his great Creator, Allah.

This is particularly true for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and people recovering from illness.

When my second child was four months we both were suffering from illness (feeling awful, exhasuted, fluey, feverish etc).

Willmott started strongly in the fifth with Ramsay suffering from illness, but the Yorkshire girl dug in deep and eventually took the match after 72 minutes.

In 3% of cases illness by is used

It was reported that more troops were killed by illness then by the hand of the enemy.

It is brought on by illness in the joint parts, injury towards the important joints, or aging.

Rajneesh was destroyed by illness and by his own drug use, but what killed his teaching was his dishonesty.

Others have approached me tentatively for fear that my weight loss was brought on by illness or something bad.

In 2% of cases illness after is used

He will be hopeful of being able to call on the services of Mirko Vucinic after illness prevented the striker from taking to the pitch against Lazio.

Both of us had spent time in hospital -- Jeremy after illness and Paul after an accident -- and although neither of us had worked in TV, we were really excited by it as a medium.

In 2% of cases illness during is used

Credits during illness Credits are awarded if you are getting Illness Benefit, Injury Benefit and Invalidity Pension.

In 2% of cases illness in is used

In illnesses such as MG, the antibodies become overactive and start attacking the body's tissues.

Hazards Hazards are conditions or practices with the potential for accidents resulting in illness and/or injury.

Fundamentally, we are looking at how our living power, or life force, is what governs every one of our functions both in health and in illness.

In 2% of cases illness through is used

He is now claiming Employment &; Support Allowance due to his inability to work through illness.

Jackett, the longest-serving manager in the Championship, missed the game through illness and his assistant, Joe Gallen, took charge.

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