Prepositions used with "ice"

"of ice", "on ice" or "with ice"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases ice of is used

Her blouse was of ice-blue brocade.

He's averaging only 7:39 of ice time.

The clink of ice cubes against a glass.

Large amounts of ice from the Fiordland region also filled Southland's Te Anau and Manap.

The dish basically consists of a bowl, with a very thin, dome-shaped layer of ice over it.

For dessert, order fresh fruit without cream, or select fruit sorbets instead of ice cream.

In the last ice age Key Summit was buried under 500 metres of ice, but now it towers 500 metres above the valley floor.

The spider webs on the boat next door were frozen and our little timber taff seats were covered in prickly slivers of ice.

Anyway, let's say that the 600,000 square kilometres of ice that the SII can't see is less than its reported 15% ice extent.

In 14% of cases ice on is used

Even binge eating on ice cream and chocolate.

You Tube is just loaded with his hits on ice.

The Navy sent subs on ice-mapping missions using sonar.

Hot buttered toast, peanuts galore, baileys on ice, all was part and parcel of the evening.

If you borrow 1 million Icelandic krna and the currency declines by 50%, you now owe 2 million.

Half of humanity may starve in the coming glaciation, however, because rice does not grow on ice.

It certainly helped Christine Bleakley when she got a rough ride after taking over from Holly on Dancing On Ice for this series.

I think I'll buy another coat, a pair of waterproof boots and some clip on ice grippers for our shoes! Photos of a frozen start: 1.

When the A &R; thing fell through and it was all looking a bit vague, I just went and got a job and put the music on ice for a bit.

Unlike the Atrix which has a customized Webtop OS, the PadFone relies on Ice Cream Sandwich's flexibility to do the tablet transforming trick.

In 13% of cases ice with is used

They might cope with ice and snow.

Another fave - apple pie with ice cream.

Rub lime around the rim and fill with ice cubes.

A little turkey, some cranberry mold, maybe apple pie with ice cream, some football on TV.

To avoid stomach upset, we recommend not taking any drinks with ice cubes during hot weather.

A cell is considered ice covered if more than 40 percent of the 4 km cell is covered with ice.

Some people combine acai berry in all of its form with ice creams, yogurt, cereal toppings, and an array other ways and recipes.

The Thirty Mile River was comparatively coated with ice, and they covered in one day going out what had taken them ten days coming in.

About a year ago, though, Muffin became obsessed with the book, especially the pages with ice cream on them and the pages with ghosts.

They really DID do a great job with Ice Cream in Protect the Boss -- and she was in fact my favorite character among the entire series.

In 7% of cases ice in is used

Any rocks covered in ice were plucked away.

But to me, this slight gain in ice in no way validates any of these graphs.

Ice Sheets of Antarctica About 98% of Antarctica is permanently covered in ice.

We're going to take a commercial break, and I'd going to put my head in ice water.

This mechanism produces Antarctic warming of the magnitude observed in ice core records.

Human global warming such as some above comments mentioned is nill compared to earths natural cycles found in ice core samples.

Many hockey players who haven't yet tried playing goalie in ice hockey are nearly convinced to give it a try at one time or more.

Serve in ice bowls for a wow effect! It is with great pleasure that I announce the 2011 Food Bloggers Indaba here on My Easy Cooking.

With less of the Earth's surface covered in ice, more of the sun's energy will be absorbed rather than being reflected back into space.

The seafood department, which is reminiscent of an old style fish market, offers the freshest varieties right off the boat packed in ice.

In 6% of cases ice to is used

Off to Ice World, GO! Fine Dining dinner at Jade Dragon.

Also, this applies to ice that is usually put in beverages.

Now we have Gio tonight and JZnn tomorrow to ice this cake.

The change from water to ice is thermodynamically irreversible.

It now runs Android Gingerbread but is upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is not a quick ' throw in a mixer, bake and eat ' sort of cake -- especially if you plan to ice it properly.

The result is merely suggestive, frosting on the cake of evidence pointing to a march to ice free summers in the Arctic.

The surface of piles was poured water to ice and to form an ice bound slope that couldn't be climbed the inner wall of the city.

In summer, the difference between the two sources of data rises to a maximum of 23% peaking in early August, equivalent to ice coverage the size of Greenland.

In any case, the seafarers using this route have to take recourse to ice cutters and state-of-the-art navigation equipment which only a select few countries have.

In 3% of cases ice for is used

We told her if she could keep them dry all day we would take her for ice cream.

Our rice and various curry lunch was satisfying and a quick pop to IGA for ice cream lifted our spirits again.

DAN, located near the back of Curiosity's main body, will help the rover search for ice and water-logged minerals beneath the Martian surface.

In winter, The Mountain Heritage Guides take guests for ice canyon hikes or snowshoe walks during the day or by moonlight, and teach about the magnificent geography of the area.

Some of these adjustments include the creation of the Winter Games for ice and winter sports, the Paralympic Games for athletes with a disability, and the Youth Olympic Games for teenage athletes.

In 2% of cases ice as is used

As well as Ice referencing his old band as a way of looking forward.

Got that? IMS marks off 4km cells as ice or no ice, using 40% coverage.

Throughout the Holocene the Arctic has been as ice free, and more, than it is today.

But Straight Outta Compton was never as important to me as Ice Cube's debut solo album.

I think there is a huge potential for a vehicle that can go on water, and land, as well as ice and snow, as an all seasons recreation vehicle.

Their mandate is to map as much as ice as possible as accurately as possible each day and week in support of ships (particularly DoD ships) operating in and near ice-covered waters.

In 2% of cases ice by is used

In the winter, the courtyard is covered by ice which serves as a favorite ice rink.

Features created by ice age glaciers are best preserved in areas with hard bedrock, such as Fiordland.

Joined by ice from the Murchison, Hooker and Mueller glaciers, the Tasman stretched for 115 kilometres.

The landscapes of the Southern Alps were mostly sculpted by ice as it advanced and retreated during this period.

Earth's climate and the biosphere have been in constant flux, dominated by ice ages and glaciers for the past several million years.

Vintage round tables, accompanied by ice parlor chairs, plus a mini-bar are the only pieces standing in the area, aside from the orchids and bromeliads that abound.

Recent spills on the North Slope in Alaska include: In November 2009, an estimated 46,000 gallons of crude oil, high-salinity water and natural gas leaked from a pipeline rupture caused by ice plugs.

In 2% of cases ice During is used

Clearly during ice age cycles the dominant driver is cyclic variations in insolation due to slow variations in the Earth's orbital properties.

In 2% of cases ice like is used

She craved simple things, like ice cream and sunlight on the back porch steps.

The Mission is San Francisco's Brooklyn: hipsters, incredibly long lines for things like ice cream and/or bread, and unlimited dive bars.

Really, spirit and matter are different states of the same thing - like ice and liquid water, as physics and relativity have demonstrated.

I didn't like it when they allowed the pros in (and I still don't in some sports like ice hockey ), but I have come to understand why it makes sense in many sports.

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