Prepositions used with "humanity"

"of humanity" or "against humanity"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases humanity of is used

The Innocence of Humanity is misused.

The fate of humanity is in your hands.

The continuation of humanity does matter.

More than economics, class, or even race, gender is about the very soul of humanity.

All the things that are against the values of humanity are in contradiction to Islam.

He supposed that meant he was different in yet another way from the rest of humanity.

The great principles of humanity have been marginalized or used rhetorically in imitation of real ethical concern.

For such an integral facet of humanity, the academic study of laughter and humour is still a relatively new field.

As robotic as it all may seem he still wants to believe in some semblance of humanity, albeit altered and adapted.

Diversity of resources Today, parks and reserves in East Africa, large or small, are islands in a sea of humanity.

In 18% of cases humanity against is used

They refused to investigate this crime against humanity.

The force-feeding of statins is a medical crime against humanity.

Kissinger's crimes against humanity are a matter of public record.

The Jamaat leader is facing six charges of crimes against humanity at the tribunal.

These crimes against humanity via the Communists was because they had no belief in GOD.

Delwar Hossain Sayedee was not involved in any kinds of Crimes against Humanity in 1971.

Human Rights Committee to advocate that the use of nuclear weapons be categorized as a crime against humanity.

The prosecution on Sep 4, 2011 proposed framing of charges against him on 31 counts of crimes against humanity.

War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity are two such laws and US courts will come down hard on any war criminal.

The ' 51 ' and the mass of Zionist zealots were openly defending Israeli state terror and crimes against humanity.

In 12% of cases humanity for is used

Thus, the highest point for humanity is beyond good.

And if that happens, then it's game over for humanity.

More the people read this article the better for humanity.

But it goes on being good and it is part of the plan that God created for humanity.

For humanity, this portends a potential cataclysm exceeding anything in our history.

Some of us think their general contempt for humanity makes them all the more awesome.

As Earth reawakens, all the tools become visible for humanity to claim responsibility for the Whole and the Self.

Political organizations are in the process of being reinvented to deal with and provide for humanity's real needs.

From the day of its revelation to the day of judgement, this last divine book will remain the sole guide for humanity.

An enduring global peace is essential for humanity to progress and to move forward into a courageous but uncertain world.

In 9% of cases humanity to is used

They call it ' service to humanity.

Also see: Service to Humanity, about a.

He comes to humanity with his own costly grace.

The negative effect of technological advancement to humanity is significantly reduced.

And for America, with education, health, et cetera, to meet its responsibility to humanity.

The way of attaining this goal is through personal spiritual purification and service to humanity.

Water filtration, flood control, species habitat and carbon sequestration are provided to humanity by the forests.

The fragments of a corpse were exposed, in a manner revolting to humanity; the impression of a dog's teeth was visible.

There are occasions when a program is so important that one might argue that withholding it from the public is doing wrong to humanity.

In 3% of cases humanity in is used

It's like a vote of confidence in humanity.

A small shred of faith in humanity was thus restored.

I have faith in humanity, but my faith may not be that strong.

The Arts imbue us with Faith: faith in ourselves, faith in humanity, faith in what is possible.

Rather, to really promote an energy source like nuclear, a bit more faith in humanity is needed.

October 19, 2012 at 7:48 pm (290) LAURIE says: This entire thread has caused me to lose faith in humanity.

This season poor RT1 has lost his previously unwavering faith in humanity and the human spirit due to batsmen not walking.

I am not a big fan of Mies either, but in a career marked by WWII, it would have been awful difficult to maintain some faith in humanity.

The German WarBook quite frankly places the chief sanction of such trammels upon military action not in humanity, but in the fear of reprisals.

And that's when I realised that all those little quips I've been making about losing faith in humanity when faced with such situations, are no longer quips because.

In 2% of cases humanity about is used

Then you talk about humanity, kindness, evil, etc.

The first is ' it's all about humanity, and love and kindness '.

I love my family, my friends, and everything else about humanity that is beautiful.

For Illich and Holt, and other critics as well, economics takes what is best about humanity and deeply corrupts it.

For all the abstract beauty of Mies ' work, it was never about humanity and the souls of the people who inhabited it.

It is subtly political, it is overtly honest about humanity, it is textured and still and tense and all the parameters you want to give it.

In 2% of cases humanity on is used

What a blight on humanity that man is.

And not only on humanity, but also on creation, on the ecology of spiritual development.

We should not under-estimate the impact that the loss of biodiversity will have on humanity.

There is no higher reason in the topic of religion/atheists because it is just based on humanity's shallow animalistic desire for happiness.

We have to have a more optimistic outlook on humanity and I think it's quite difficult as a liberal in the Tory party to have that, given the views of some of their colleagues.

The small and extremely powerful groups with separate, self-serving agendas, which have wrought so much damage on the planet and on humanity, will collapse as their support is removed.

In 2% of cases humanity with is used

Favor indicates how much ' pull ' you have with humanity.

City animals are tough and maintain close ties with humanity.

I must confess I do have a problem with humanity at whole quite often.

Awe in both every goodness and every downfall that comes with humanity.

Wells and Jules Verne paired the promise of science with humanity's frailties.

Obviously less human, not having the characteristics we associate with humanity.

The following novels in the series will involve an all-out war between the ancient vampires, with humanity as an afterthought.

It is a way of thinking that began with humanity separating its self from our Creator, and has become the reality for humanity.

Who knows why? One might expect an Anthropologist to be concerned with humanity's history, capacity for reason, and future success.

Similarly, despite struggling with humanity, Thomas draws devotion from Pandora Colin's voley Eleanor Farjeon, who dotes on him like a teenage girl eager for any attention.

In 1% of cases humanity by is used

It should be owned by humanity as well as used by it.

Vastness is another name for God's Heart, which can be used by humanity.

Islam is the greatest problem faced by humanity today with the potential to eliminate the human race.

Also, there are things that simply are not valued by humanity enough to make the necessary expenditures (say, getting to Mars.

Interestingly, I have read that the rate of increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about half of what is calculated based on the amount added by humanity.

In 1% of cases humanity from is used

Fresh ideas from humanity serve the whole community.

In some cosmologies there was also an inverted hierarchy of evil beings going down from humanity to the source of wickedness, the devil, at the bottom.

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