Prepositions used with "housing"

"of housing" or "for housing"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 35% of cases housing of is used
    The handing over of housing, including garages and annexes.
    Our Lifehouse offers accommodation for people in need of housing.
    In urban areas alone, the estimated shortage of housing exceeds 1.
    A lot is legacy of the stock of housing built when electricity was heavily subsidised.
    Get governments out of housing and allow interest rates to be set by the market place.
    The cost of housing has increased and one of the biggest costs is regulatory compliance.
    I notice that Mr Shearer refers to the Dept of Building and housing and distinguishes between the cost of housing and land.
    He also said he would look to the Department of Education and the Department of housing and Urban Development for budget cuts.
    The consequent glut of housing, post-holiday-resort era, post-Polaris, would have demolished property values throughout Cowal.
    Considering transportation costs provide a more comprehensive way of thinking about the cost of housing and true affordability.

    In 18% of cases housing for is used
    For housing, however, it joined with Minneapolis, St.
    This represents three percent of the national demand for housing.
    A Banner Year for housing Companies in the housing industry in the U.
    In the case of the cylinder, much more space for housing is available.
    The demand for housing, at the time being mainly tract housing, would have accelerated the use of the car for freight.
    They fear that these children will compete with the locals for public resources for housing, education and medical care.
    Expat packages often include allowances for housing and English-language schools -- maybe flight tickets back and forth.
    The housing and Town Planning Act 1919 required local associations to assess the housing needs of their areas and make plans for housing.
    Their preference for housing is far and away the detached SFH (according National Realtors Association survey, which I'll look for later).
    And the folks who are looking for housing in 10, 15, or 30 years are going to have to live with the myopic decisions that people today make.

    In 15% of cases housing to is used
    It is a requirement also immediate that the right to housing.
    There was a massive shift in ownership from council to housing associations.
    When we joined them the local teams were conducting a survey in relation to housing.
    That is why, for example, we are consulting about including issues related to housing.
    One gets everything paid for including modifications to housing and a vehicle he can use.
    The team works in different countries and different architectural fields, from airports to housing.
    Those are: 1) American policy in respect to housing, 2) generally soft regulatory regimes and 3) excess of fund coming from other economies.
    There were no commitments to housing (the First Nation's housing budget from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada is being cut this year).
    In most developed countries, insulation sales are expected to rebound after falling in 2008 and 2009 due to housing market collapses in several countries.
    The company DKV works with 35 collaborators and its production goes from planning to housing or industrial &; commercial buildings, with flexible and innovative solutions.

    In 11% of cases housing in is used
    The right mix In 1989 I got my first job in housing.
    NRIs, however, are allowed to invest in housing and real estate development.
    Strong growth in housing and autos is where we would hope to look for any post-recession bounce back.
    Although standards of living were below those in the West, particularly in housing, daily life was predictable.
    I recalled the racism I encountered in the UK with my Band, in housing, accommodation and just day to day living.
    The decline in housing reached extreme levels during the crisis and was due for a bounce back to normal activity levels.
    Rising concretisation of open spaces in housing and commercial complexes has increased the runoff, preventing water from percolating into the ground.
    London's poverty and waste of opportunities for young people is not unique -- anger at the recession and austerity is common to all those in housing, health or employment need.
    Provincial human rights laws also prohibit discrimination in housing: you can not, for example, refuse to rent an apartment to someone because of that person? s race or religion.
    If you don't like the results, there is nothing wrong with the government increasing the supply, or indeed reducing the demand, which is what the cuts in housing benefit achieve.

    In 9% of cases housing on is used
    People are spending more and more of their income on housing.
    Without the housing issue, we may have recovered (or at least better than we have) but Obama didn't focus on housing.
    Furthermore, most households spend more than 40 per cent of their income on housing against standard benchmark of 25 per cent.
    Several macroeconomic factors influence the availability of resources for social spending, including on housing and essential services.
    These economies need to shift from relying on housing and government demand to exports while domestic balance sheets are being repaired.
    What I see is sickening; those on housing and welfare that are fully capable but rely on the system, taxing it and draining it for those who truly need it.

    In 3% of cases housing including is used
    Those fees, including housing and food for a student, are only about USD 2,000 a year.
    On the other hand, America was decidedly poor in public goods and services, including housing, transportation, and health.

    In 2% of cases housing about is used
    No one listened to Sheila Bair about housing in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, until after she retired in 2011.
    Finally, any desirable housing system would not just be about housing but would have to reconsider the place of homes in a city environment.

    In 2% of cases housing as is used
    The growing population of many Pacific countries puts pressure on limited resources and infrastructure such as housing.
    There are many other types of co-operative such as housing, building, retailer, utility, worker, credit unions, social, consumer, agricultural and political, amongst others.

    In 2% of cases housing into is used
    With property prices falling, younger people generally prefer renting than put their money into housing.
    It found cheap land to develop into housing was being held back by market gardeners and people who wanted to hold.
    Wayne Smithers said the government planned to convert 30,000sq m of land at Kevin Wheatley Reserve, Baden Powell Reserve, Riley Park and Merino Reserve into housing.
    Rather than turn old factories into housing, we need to have mixed-use districts with offices, shops and housing interspersed with each other, reducing the number of long journeys.

    In 2% of cases housing with is used
    Bligh Government assistance with housing has been purely token, just enough to make it look good.
    Government will provide them with housing, food, education and will cater to them since they will be considered victims.
    A few months ago, when Chernogortsev first asked local authorities to help with housing, his two sons and a daughter were taken away.

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