Prepositions used with "house"

"of house" or "in house"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases house of is used

Which type of house do I have? A.

BEDROOM 3: - Single room to front of house.

There are different types of houses in the world.

In 2006, the top spenders won 94 percent of House races and 73 percent of Senate races.

Kitten uses litter box at bottom of house now and sleeps with child at top of the house.

It is believed that the deejay sent someone to collect a set of house keys from the woman.

On the eve of House of Burlesque ' s national tour of Shipwrecked, Creative Director Tempest Rose talks to Trebuchet.

For example, in Feng Shui, there are 8 types of houses and each house depends on the orient ation of the front door.

You may be aware of recent changes in regulations regarding the design and construction of houses over this last year.

The regular blasting activities of Newmont Ahafo have resulted in cracks in a number of houses at Dormaa in Kenyasi No.

In 19% of cases house in is used

Similar situations arise in house buying.

The in house Indian restaurant Ziya is VERY good.

Speculators jumped in, spurred by the spike in house prices.

Unless your office is running in house training sessions there are no fixed course dates.

As a good husband try to help your wife in house hold affairs even when you free from your job.

The church is also strong in house fellowship programmes as a way of encouraging spiritual growth.

This means that thermal insulation will not become a critical issue in houses and that large windows should be included.

When it rears its head in houses of legislature and government senates, however, it becomes theocracy and must be put down.

Relocating to The Hague will allow us to be closer to our Clients and provide us more space to expand our in house personnel.

So if rising sea levels flood their land, people will continue living in houses as water comes up to their ankles, then knees.

In 8% of cases house for is used

Hence, there is no need for House Bill 4424.

Whatever you do, please don't settle for house church.

P14 billion is the proposed budget for House Bill 4424.

Hi Manish, It was an eye opener when it comes to using your EPF for house/plot purchase.

For houses with small balconies choose a portable grill with wheels and a removable stand.

They will be able to sit out the crash and wait for house prices to increase in a few years time.

Some tires are made for cargo, others are designed for house trailers, and others still are made for heavy-duty work.

For houses built since November 2004, you may be able to sue for breach of the implied warranties in the building contract.

Also helpful for house sharers who find themselves buying more than their fair share of communal items and need to give their roomies a ' gentle ' nudge.

It's tempting to call the turn in the mortgage market at this point, and there is certainly concrete evidence that lending for house purchase is increasing.

In 8% of cases house to is used

The four of them regularly come to House of Hope.

Do not move around from house to house (Luke 10:6,7).

Students went from house to house collecting money for relief.

The Fort then passed on to house the police headquarters of the newly created district.

It will include major updates to House races - lots of polls and pundit rating changes.

Boustany, a cardiovascular surgeon seeking a fifth term, is close to House Republican leaders.

The US had far too much productive capacity devoted to houses and cars, because consumers could obtain financing for them easily.

I imagine that the cycling utopia displayed is really sections of urban areas with shops and schools in close proximity to houses.

There have been demonstrations in Spain, with an organisation called Platform for Mortgage Victims blocking access to houses, to prevent evictions.

In 7% of cases house from is used

Techno comes from house, we never forget that.

Do not move around from house to house (Luke 10:6,7).

Students went from house to house collecting money for relief.

There was more depressing news from house price data with two sets showing falling prices.

Some houses in Babylon did not join one another on the ground, but a bridge passed from house to house.

Grab a pair of semi moon earrings made with Swarovski Elements crystals, for only 11 from House of Wolfgang.

Break down sewer and water from houses, load related equipment IE (sewer hoses, water hoses, sump pump tanks, etc.

She also describes the struggle of Suu Kyi and other NLD leaders to be heard by the people before and after her release from house arrest in 1995.

Showing no greed for flavors, not careless, going from house to house for alms, with mind unenmeshed in this family or that, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

On the feast day of St Bridget, children would go from house to house with the ' Brdeog ' collecting money, and on St Stephen's Day the wren was always popular.

In 5% of cases house on is used

No information on house type will be included (e.

Planning controls are not the block on house building.

Assume about hiring a qualified when you are operating on house improvements.

If i was to spend the money it would be on house upgrades eg heating system, small extn etc.

One big player like them in the housing market could significantly impact on house prices and rents.

We had a milkman for 20 years who was an expert on house prices, never knew why he kept doing those early mornings.

If they changed tack and tried to go on house size, again they couldnt do it, as size is not always indicative of value.

Then you moved out due to the split, and now it costs you rent of 700 + contribution to mortgage on house of 360 = 1060.

Clerk of the House As Clerk of the House, Robert's main role is to advise the Speaker and MPs on House of Commons procedure and privilege.

I have purchased my first and second homes in the past two years, but I've had four home inspections done (two on houses that didn't work out due to problems with the house).

In 5% of cases house under is used

Still this army kept you under house arrest for almost 16 years.

He was later released and placed under house arrest -- for the nth time.

General Pinochet is currently under house arrest and awaiting trial in Chile.

He was under house arrest on five different occasions for his political conviction.

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi spent 15 years under house arrest during the junta's rule.

She was captured, brought to a hospital in Camp Crame due to illness, and was placed under house arrest.

They remain under house arrest and have been called in for questioning about alleged political activity and Christian faith.

You spent almost 16 years under house-arrests, separated from your husband Michael, unable to meet your own sons Kim and Alexander.

Although Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was under house arrest, U Tin Oo was thrown into a very remote Kale Prison close to the Indian border.

It was the first demonstration I've seen in China, and it almost didn't happen: the organizer was placed under house arrest the night before.

In 5% of cases house with is used

I help my parents and my brother and help with house chores.

Many thousands have been killed, more displaced with houses burned down.

A fence strung with house keys from crushed buildings is a macabre piece of street art.

He the teamed up with House of Congress Label and recorded three major career making songs.

With House Of ToTo's Premium ToTo Predictions your winning rate increase by as much as 8 times.

He would start in 2009 and 2010 with House Republicans, the most conservative bloc in the Party.

In between, we shared the Mesclun salad with House Cured Duck, Pears, Walnuts and Reduced Cider.

So we dealt with house because we heard about the positive things, and not the the lust for skin flesh, money, whatever.

We see this in Ireland with house prices collapsing, unemployment rising and the public finances going into a dreadful tailspin.

They get everything free -- electricity, water, telephone and fuel, and rent-free housing for even those with houses in Colombo.

In 3% of cases house at is used

I have no kids or anyone at house.

DO get approval before looking at houses.

You can use the 8 house theory to do a preliminary look at houses that suits you.

Whether or not you are at household or at function, it is highly preferred amongst buyers.

However, both women hit back at house Republicans, accusing them of censorship and misogyny.

Hotel owners have began delivering luxury things that tends to make their guests really feel like there at house.

You will find teenagers that favor to speculate nearly all their time at house, assisting their mother and father do home tasks.

Should you are seeking a technique to generate earnings using your laptop and the Online, one way you must consider is paid surveys at house.

They are so adaptable when it comes to the excellent outdoors and they are just as at house in or out of the water or clambering over rocks for that matter.

Without wasting any time, I proceeded to estimate how much a VP shunt surgery at House Clinic would cost based on my past experience, and I estimated RM100,000.

In 2% of cases house by is used

We went in house by house, banging on the door at two in the morning.

Lippman was not just a media elitist; he was also a director of the Council on Foreign Relations the internationalist organization envisioned by House.

The Marxist chorus in the Democratic Party was joined by a Republican glee club led by House Speaker John Boehner, GOP bigwig Haley Barbour, and radio mouthpiece Sean Hannity.

I make hand made items, I do not have a lot of money, and I support hand made things by buying from Etsy or the store by house where all the items are locally or Independently made.

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