Prepositions used with "hotel"

"of hotel" or "in hotel"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 30% of cases hotel of is used
    Pick your choice of hotels based on TA reviews.
    It's home to the majority of hotels on the island.
    It is clearly describe the components of hotel management.
    He also controls the largest portfolio of hotel rooms under any single ownership in Kingston.
    Concentrating on the area of hotels in murcia, Abel Satiku writes most often for http: //www.
    All come with guaranteed airfares, insurance, airport transfers* and a wide range of hotel choices.
    INFORMATION AND PRESS RELEASES The Website may contain information and press releases about the Serena Group of hotels.
    INFORMATION AND PRESS RELEASES The Website may contain information and press releases about the Serena Group of hotels.
    There is a cluster of hotels just off the A4 motorway at exit 22, Reims Tinqueux, immediately after the motorways join.

    In 20% of cases hotel in is used
    However for Bachelor in hotel management, it takes 4 years.
    Credit cards are accepted in hotels as well as shopping malls.
    Utmost care should be taken in hotels, whilst traveling and particularly in the Haram.
    Since then security has been high in hotels, shopping centres, and other public places.
    Hospitality management is the academic study and i am also interested in hotel management.
    Although my best breakfast experience was in hotel Kempinski, I am not disappointed with the Holiday Inn, Markham ' s.
    This would be especially useful in hotel rooms or in places where you don't want your bag to be placed on a wet counter.
    Anything their own reason, after population remain in hotel they anticipate some have got, targeted furniture and services.

    In 12% of cases hotel at is used
    I only tried it once at hotel Merlin (5.
    Afternoon relax at hotel by the pool side.
    Welcome Lion Dance on arrival at hotel, followed by lunch.
    When he's in Silicon Valley, he crashes at friends ' houses rather than staying at hotels.
    As we know that hotel management is one of the most popular and demanding subjects nowadays.
    B &B; is from 109 per room with tango lessons at hotel restaurant Chino Latino from 12 per person.
    Savour a delicious 3-course evening meal served on the terrace at hotel Mocking Bird Hill? s Mille Fleurs restaurant.
    This is not like all other accommodation options at hotels which have various cancellation options that don't break the bank.
    The power-holders meeting at hotel Stenungsbaden The hotel - is situated on an island outside Stenungsund on the Swedish westcoast.
    PT at hotel Vitale, an elegant venue in San Francisco situated on a beautiful stretch of The Embarcadero overlooking the Bay Bridge.

    In 10% of cases hotel to is used
    Return to hotel for Overnight stay.
    Transfer to hotel and check-in at the hotel.
    If you need free wi-fi access, you need go down to hotel lobby.
    The program helps to relocate survivors to hotels or other temporary housing solutions.
    It is like a maze inside and try to find a way to hotel with luggage is mission impossible.
    ITINERARY Sunday, May 13th Travel Day Arrive in Goteborg and go to hotel Flora for check in.
    Itinerary Day Route Places Visited Over Night hotels 1 Airport/Colombo Pick up at airport and transfer to hotel in Colombo.
    Where -- unlike New York -- wives are seemingly unperturbed when their husbands are accused of making sexual overtures to hotel chambermaids.
    These units are nice enough for what they are, but it doesn't make sense to go so far over the top with what amounts to hotel room style units.
    During his examination, Nadgouda told the court that on the day of the blast, he was patrolling the area -- from SSPM ground to hotel Mobas circle.

    In 8% of cases hotel for is used
    Revenue for hotel management services dropped 26 per cent to S$3.
    We always get lost when we're looking for hotels or important landmarks.
    Check availability and prices for hotels in Kaohsiung City, in Southern Taiwan.
    Society's maximum sponsored HK$ 60,000 dollars for hotel's member, who interest to join.
    This great tourist's influx has resulted into a huge demand for hotel management professionals.
    And for hotels who want more than a bandaid-style repair, Onity wants its customers to pay for it.
    She said it will be necessary for hotels to learn about Chinese culture and plans a conference on the subject this spring.
    Even I do not have any background education about hotel management, but I have had experience of getting service for hotel.
    Adjacent public underground car park, well-managed and with a discounted tariff for hotel guests (check for details with hotel).
    Honestly speaking, I easily get tired and I really don't want to burn myself out hunting for hotels that still have some vacancy.

    In 6% of cases hotel from is used
    Buy ice cream only from hotels and reputable shops.
    The graduates from hotel management are getting a handsome amount of salary and also honor.
    Mount Fuji playing peek-a-boo (view from hotel room) Had Kaiseki dinner on the day that we arrived.
    A series of thefts from hotels in Texas is being traced to a burglar who unlocked doors with the same technique.
    There is no need to get a list of recommended restaurants from hotel as there are numerous of them and just follow the crowd you will find a good one.
    From hotels and hospitals, large parts of the information each company handles on a daily basis that are processed, you need to express meaningful results.
    Cornish Fairings You are encouraged to make the trip from hotels in Newquay to one of the many beach-front cafs, where delicious Fairing biscuits are served.
    The General Meeting venue will be at The Langham, Hong Kong at 18:30-19:30 Hours then the shuttle bus has reserved at 19:30 Hours departing from hotel driverway.
    Short strolls from hotels allow discoveries of Angkor Shopping Arcade Night Market, museums, and Cambodian Cultural Village for observing the current cultural scene.

    In 4% of cases hotel with is used
    I don't think they are affiliated with hotel.
    One can achieve his/her gain by expending time with hotel management.
    A massive crowd spilled into the Arklow Bay hotel for this superb event with hotel.
    Three golf courses with hotels, housing and integrated development, are also planned.
    Hasselhoff was affable with hotel staff and the four scantily-dressed babes who greeted him.
    Adjacent public underground car park, well-managed and with a discounted tariff for hotel guests (check for details with hotel).
    No matter what happens, all the hotel employees, waiter or manager or any person related with hotel services should behave properly.
    Taxi/transfer will take you to the door of the hotel from the airport or port of arrival (this is not so with hotels which are more hidden away.
    A small annual grant was spent in disseminating information about the Island's facilities and making arrangements with hotel and shipping companies.

    In 3% of cases hotel about is used
    This is an inspering article about hotel management.
    This article is very much helpful for me to learn about hotel management.
    One thing I don't really fancy about hotel rooms are their wooden flooring.
    The hotel management system that manages all things about hotel business related.
    The management system that manages all things about hotel business is called hotel management.
    The management method that manages all things about hotel business is called hotel management.
    Even I do not have any background education about hotel management, but I have had experience of getting service for hotel.

    In 3% of cases hotel including is used
    Additionally, clients are subject to any cancellation fees assessed by the suppliers of services including hotels or airlines used in the itinerary.
    This means we can secure exclusive client privileges and recognition including hotel upgrades, special amenities and unique preferred client services.
    Other means, and the hotel management to full management techniques, including hotel management, accounts, marketing, maintenance and housekeeping of food, beverage and restaurant management.
    Another way, the hotel management is the ideal management techniques including hotel administration, accounts, promotion, maintenance, housekeeping, food and beverage management and catering.
    Another way, the hotel management is the perfect management techniques including hotel administration, accounts, marketing, maintenance, housekeeping, food and beverage management and catering.
    Already this year, we have seen the introduction of a new VAT rate of 9%, which applies to services such as hairdressing, cinema, food &; drink including hotels &; takeaways, newspapers &; magazines.

    In 3% of cases hotel on is used
    Really its fantastic article on hotel management.
    And that's why you learn on hotel Management and you should learn on hotel Management.
    Ression can't hit those countries who are depended on hotel or Tourism &; Hospitality industries.
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    I have longer lists written in red pen on hotel stationary, a constructed life jotted down and scrubbed out in haphazard order.
    On average it takes three weeks or less to shoot a local movie because the financiers want to spend small on hotel and food bills.
    Mechanical locks range from the very weak (skeleton key, really old types) to the more modern locks like Schlage, Yale, etc, that one would typically find on hotel doors, house doors, etc.

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