Prepositions used with "horror"

"of horror" or "in horror"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 42% of cases horror of is used

I have always been a fan of horror movies.

However, the main feeling was one of horror.

The reaction to the plan has been one of horror.

Since finishing work on Maree last month, I've been working on a couple of horror stories.

For reasons that will become apparent later, I joined Norman in his state of horror and outrage.

Yikes, but such gruesome and fabulous imagery if you like this kind of horror! Shut it, Twilight.

If someone thinks it's self-indulgent, incoherent and pointless then they might not, horror of horrors, be a cretin.

I've always loved how The Simpsons draw vampires and this was a classic tale of horror courtesy of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I squished it easily, but now I'd worried if it was a roach and I may have an infestation (horror of horrors) in my laptop.

Many of us will remember, with a sense of horror, drinking in our student days, that dreadful Portuguese wine called Mateus Ros.

In 29% of cases horror in is used

Citizens stampeded in horror! At 9:06 p.

Taylor Rather an end in horror, than horror without end.

Already, I can hear the traditionalists squealing in horror.

The PM's smile turns into an embarrassed grin, and Pakistanis world over watch in horror.

Most of us learned a long time ago not to expect anything from performances in horror films.

Alesha said Shafilea's eyes were wide open in horror and she was kicking her legs in protest.

My hubby asked me last night if I would like to visit my folks in NI (1 hrs flight after all!) I looked at him in horror and said no thanks.

On being offered the sherry he threw up his hands in horror and said that he would rather commit adultery than allow alcohol to pass his lips.

I am sure we all cringe when yet another child dies needlessly in this country and look on in horror as Israel and Palestine edge closer to all-out war.

The realisation hit him at full force a few moments later and in horror he tried to pull away, only to find his father's arms holding him tightly in place.

In 13% of cases horror with is used

It was implied, although not directly stated, that readers should react with horror.

I'd sure people would shudder with horror at the thought of it, but I'd love to do that.

In 1972, the Games in Munich, Germany, were struck with horror when 11 Israeli athletes were killed by Arab terrorists.

The film is a humorous look at a suburban boy named Vincent who reads Edgar Allen Poe and identifies with horror film star Vincent Price.

Now it was an endless and terrifying trial, a thing of shivers and dread, fraught with horror of passing the alley just back of Cassidey's buffet.

Even though his novels are set in fantasy and sprinkled with horror and cruelty, every character is believable and absolutely true to their place in the story.

Another very telling incident was the total lack of comprehension from the Guardian's art correspondent a few years back when he realized with horror that the Welsh Govt.

I firmly believe, but of course can not prove, that every single member of the ' founding fathers ' would look with horror on the degree of liberty we have ceded to government.

Face covering from fear bits? We don't want to give too much away - but there's one scene that actually made us turn to each other in the cinema, eyes wide with horror, and shout ' F**k off.

In 6% of cases horror to is used

This is his triumphant return to horror in a whole new medium.

I can't imagine why folks want to go to horror movies or go on roller coasters.

Male dialogue tends to be confined to horror stories involving women or loud whoops of congratulations.

After-all, where are you going to find an Ikea at a time like this? We now morph from action zombies to horror zombies.

These writers repeat in print what they've seen on the screen because that's what got them into horror in the first place.

Then along comes filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, obviously evilly bent on conquering all forms of entertainment media and now branching out into horror literature.

Of course my mind defaults to horror in almost every thought and conversation, so I immediately started thinking about influential horror movies in the last ten years.

The holy and sacred never works like that, which is precisely why, when we see cult behaviours they invariably lead to horror, frustration, entrapment and downright abuse.

In 2% of cases horror for is used

Kiefer Sutherland! *drools* I am actually 25 with a well rounded love for horror movies.

So you're an intelligent 25 years old with a well rounded love for horror movies -- Interesting.

In 2% of cases horror from is used

It is still rife today, as we know from horror stories on the news.

We can see that the works selected for big screen adaptations are often action-based (from horror to science fiction).

Returned from the border wholly unprepared, he was flung from horror and wrestling death into the trivia of timetables and assignments.

In 2% of cases horror into is used

Michael, I know you like metal, and I thought you were into horror film.

These writers repeat in print what they've seen on the screen because that's what got them into horror in the first place.

Then along comes filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, obviously evilly bent on conquering all forms of entertainment media and now branching out into horror literature.

In 1% of cases horror at is used

That's where the story starts -- combination siya ng suspense, action, at horror.

It reminds the audience that we don't ' have to have high body counts, naked coeds, and excessive amounts of gore to make a great horror movie.

In 1% of cases horror by is used

The art's different too, and quite beautiful, I think (inspired in part by horror manga.

I was scared, not just of cars, but of buses, taxis and lorries, and by horror stories from concerned but non-cycling relatives.

In 1% of cases horror on is used

Developers are slowly but surely cutting down on horror elements and replacing them with action-heavy set-pieces, advocating spectacle for substance.

Special effects co-ordinator Dan Martin is an expert in all things gruesome and gory, having worked on horror films including The Human Centipede II, The Devil's Business, and F.

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