Prepositions used with "hope"

"of hope" or "in hope"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases hope of is used

But these were tears of hope and joy.

The answer to life's question of hope.

Andrews Baptist Church Center of Hope.

Instead, Dan believes he's written an article about the importance of hope and optimism.

And so, with varying fortunes, now of hope, and now of fear, this selfsame game went on.

Is it wrong to hold on to that kind of hope? V: I have not come for what you hoped to do.

But its smiley-faced mixture of hope and corn scratches an itch in a city recovering from a recession and a hurricane.

For MPs, fearful their hardhitting election flyers will be lawyered into bland oblivion, there is one glimmer of hope.

New 2011 census data released Thursday offer glimmers of hope in an economic recovery that technically began in mid-2009.

There are classical favourites beloved by all - Beethoven's tranquil Moonlight Sonata and Elgar's Land of Hope and Glory.

In 23% of cases hope in is used

Many people gamble in hopes of winning some money.

Like everybody else, I live in hope of that day! Karl.

I fear that task is beyond any mortal, but I live in hope.

We had to reschedule the first fishing day in hopes the weather would clear up but it didn't.

So here I go: I surrender this ethnography in hope that three fundamental outcomes will unfold.

Friday, 20 July 2012 Dear Tesco Dear Tesco, I am writing this letter more in vain than in hope.

This whole process was soaked in hope and positivity as people thought about what might be possible in their locality.

So when you gave Linux a try in hopes that it would be better, you were inescapably hoping that it would be different.

She will travel to NYC this November to run with the Touch Foundation team in hopes of making a difference in Tanzania.

The extent to which courage can grow and be manifested in hope is determined by how these three interact with one another.

In 6% of cases hope with is used

With hope you can survive calamities.

I shall save you With hope and Change.

We left the hospital that day with hope.

They are happy little children filled with hope and promise and an eagerness to learn.

The air will be thick with hopes and dreams and friendship and vampire marriage proposals.

I am looking for a complicated person, with hopes and dreams that can include having children with me.

I'd also working on Determination tour, a project to empower youths with hope, skills and opportunities to be better.

Instead of looking to the promises of God with hope, the singer begins to doubt God's existence, and the meaningfulness of life.

I know of some who have even contemplated suicide with hope that your glorious kingdom and what lies beyond it would be what awaits them.

They've been around since the nineteenth century and have been steadily growing, moving upward with hopes of establishing a place for themselves.

In 5% of cases hope for is used

There is every reason for hope.

As it is, there is just enough room for hope.

So much for hope and change we can believe in.

Obama's once inspiring call for hope has degenerated into a flight from responsibility.

If anyone were looking for hope, however, they might as well have phoned a call center in India.

As an advert for hope, following the war, it fails badly and looks like it was a government department product.

Drummond's projection, and for all the consternation that his doom-and-gloom projection is causing, there is also cause for hope.

What's more, this avoidance of unpleasantness often comes dressed as a desire for hope and optimism, when it is nothing of the sort.

He knew that 2000 years after He gives up His life on that tree that the battle for hope will never quite end in this world just yet.

A Mothers Story When we found out that Cian had Autism we swallowed hard and looked around for hope, help and answers to Cian's difficulties.

In 3% of cases hope on is used

I know that I can rely on hope.

That you never rely on hope or luck.

These blessings are built on hope and prayer.

These hopes have been belied for about six years now, but the market always lives on hope.

He has had profile features on Hope FM locally and GMAP Network Broadcast based in Chicago, USA.

Patrick Lilley used to put on High On Hope, which was a fantastic place, he brought over all the Americans.

However, she said she was upset about the rumours suggesting that she was in an accident yesterday morning on Hope Road.

When I listen to Irie-FM in a cab on Hope Road passing Marley's old house-turned-museum, it seems almost entirely disconnected from the new Kingston, the new T.

That was the first place I saw Tony Humphries, Terry Hunter, Timmy Regisford -- all those DJs, the first they played in London, to my knowledge, was High On Hope, which was at Dingwalls initially.

In 2% of cases hope without is used

They are without hope and can not rely upon God.

Yet Jesus tells us that worry is for those without hope.

My parents christened me Donald, a name entirely without hope.

The burial of the dead is now a sterile planting -- without hope.

A future without hope is discouraging; hope without a future in which to achieve it would be disheartening.

It was right because ' ' The Day After ' ' engenders a feeling of hopelessness, and to be without hope is to be passive.

All is condensed here in few words: (1) He is by nature a miserable and polluted sinner - without merit, and without hope.

Life has ups and downs, and there may be times when we feel completely helpless, but we are never without hope, we are never hope-less.

Let me take that pressure away: there is nothing to be said that will take away or diminish our grief, even though we know that we do not grieve as those without hope.

Without hope, spinal injury care would become a matter of wharehousing the injured and they would die within a few months just as they used to a century ago before Ludwig Guttmann.

In 1% of cases hope against is used

We must hope against hope that he will.

Yet, still hoping against hope, That it would alleviate me when I helplessly fumble and grope, It would find me again.

Hoping against hope and feeling like it was almost too good to be true, I responded to her post as soon as I saw it, telling her our story and how much we would value her milk.

In 1% of cases hope beyond is used

Both flats I've had in the last decade were from running over sharp debris that shredded the tyre beyond hope of repair.

But perhaps also a hint of triage, where for papers that are beyond hope, reviewers might not waste as much time giving constructive feedback.

Constant war, improper use of natural resources and misappropriation of revenues and aid monies contribute to an impression of a continent beyond hope.

In 1% of cases hope by is used

In spite of everything, we are here in the land of our birth, constantly buoyed by hope that things will get better.

What minimal ' story ' there is seeks to remind us that just as bad feelings are inevitable, they are always tempered by hope.

On the evening in which we last met, I was buoyed by hopes created by that same imposter, whom I ought already to have better known.

In 1% of cases hope to is used

Victor suggested that Sharon take Adam to Hope's farm in Kansas.

The steps from the government have given rise to hopes among a few economists that the central bank will respond with a rate cut.

Even as she is surrounded by everything I saw, all that hardship, pain and strife, she is still going to school, has this dream, and holds on to hope.

Until they do so, and show that they understand why they were wrong in the first place, there's little to hope from a future Labour government as regards the NHS.

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