Prepositions used with "hole"

"of hole" or "with hole"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases hole of is used

Other times, their business model is full of holes.

It was full of holes and offered little protection.

Minimize the number and size of holes in the cladding 3.

They could drill four inches of holes, one and three inches in diameter, in eight hours.

The sharp barbs have left his work clothes full of holes that he has repaired with duct tape.

These are thought to be a source of holes that can lead to air ingestion during the bulk drop.

To reduce the load on the second line of defence, the number of holes at joints and junctions should be minimized, and holes (e.

Trial prosthesis A temporary prosthesis used to test the angles, size and depth of holes prior to installing the final prosthesis.

In a pure semiconductor the number of holes in the valence band is exactly equal to the number of electrons in the conduction band.

The creation of holes in the very fabric of religious representation in the film points to the anti-religious ideology of the narrative.

In 20% of cases hole with is used

She built a good house with the roof shot with holes.

Get a tent (With holes preferably) and tell people to come in your lair.

The skill is in doing all these without breaking or ending up with holes all over the dough.

Left behind my bin day before a bin collection day! Luckily still there, but wet with hole in bag.

The covering should be the same size as the frame, with holes drilled into the edges so they can be fixed with screws to the frame.

The Jonkonnu cowhead attire is made from a pan, or from half a shell of a coconut, with holes allowing for the insertion of real horns.

Kids with holes in their trainers and eviction notices on their front doors can find solace in the fact that Benny is very much one of them.

I ended up deciding to cut down the loops on the coins as they were huge, and making smaller ones (in future I'll look for coins with holes instead).

A few egg cartons, some reversed plastic containers with holes to allow entrance and exit, or some strips of cardboard arranged in layers will provide suitable shelters.

In 12% of cases hole through is used

Through hole in the lid, add half the sugar, 1 tsp at a time during the last minute.

However, the flow rate due to capillary suction is slower than through holes found at the joints of impermeable materials.

MTICDs that includes right angle, surface mount, through hole, and board stacking is some types that you can get in the market.

Latest Developments Through hole LEDs are expensive to mount to PCBs and generally are not as robust as Surface Mount Technology.

The insurgents have occupied health facilities and schools as makeshift bases, the journalist said, adding they move around the area through holes in the walls of buildings.

The long threaded rods in the back of the boxes pass through holes in the corner posts and allow the boxes to sit in place while the wing nuts are done up from inside the TARDIS.

In 10% of cases hole in is used

People lived in holes in the ground.

Drop them in holes punched in the lawn using a long metal crow bar.

Be careful however, Mike noticed a carving with a lot of primer filling in holes.

Perfect comfort food! Jan 6th 2010, 18:37 Karen H Had toad in hole for dinner tonight.

Tulips can be planted from October until the end of November in holes about 10 cm (4ins) deep.

For instance, many bird species that make nests in holes in trees hiss like snakes when they are disturbed.

Snowdrops can be planted as bulbs before the end of November in holes 75-100mm (3-4ins) deep, however, if possible, plant them immediately after flowering whilst still in leaf.

In 6% of cases hole from is used

Any hole is to dig and how hole X differs from hole Y is not important so long as each can be dug.

Former world number four Stenson was pleased after sinking three consecutive birdies from holes 15 to 17, having teed off on the 10th.

On his palms and feet blood was dripping from holes on his hands and his feet, and he was beckoning on me with those blood stained hands.

In 4% of cases hole into is used

The lamp base has two small dowel pins that protrude into holes in the roof to hold it into position so it won't slide off.

In 4% of cases hole to is used

By 10 August the ROK 3rd Division, outflanked on its landward side, had been forced to hole up at Chongha, ten miles north of Pohang, where it was surrounded.

You have got the potential to hole many of them during the day so why not give it a fist pump? No, we haven't been told to tone down any enjoyment factor when trying to beat the opposition.

In 2% of cases hole without is used

And I have worked on those pieces until they have a sense of completion -- they fit in without holes.

Decontamination of fresh fruits and vegetables: Buy only fruits and vegetables without holes or broken skin.

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