Prepositions used with "hill"

"of hill" or "down hill"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases hill of is used

This portion of Hill's journey was successful.

The course near my house has hills, lots of hills.

The bare, wasted summits of hills to the north of Ubiri village.

One of my favorite races famed for its generous helping of hills and variety of terrain.

Recently, Rasali et al (1998b) reported four distinct clusters of hill buffaloes in the Western Hills- viz.

Lime, Parkote and Gaddi are the three breeds of Hill buffalo reported in the literature (Rasali et al 1999).

The property comprised about 3750ha of easy downs and flats and about 1520ha of hill country and employed eight staff.

Foothill drains are a form of trench constructed at the fringes of hills where the slope or gradient changes abruptly.

Cycling towards the Champlain Lookout is mainly about climbing a succession of hills, including a couple of tough ones.

Kigali itself is a massive sprawling city made to seem even bigger by the fact that it is built over a series of hills.

In 16% of cases hill down is used

From version 8 onwards it has gone down hill.

It went down hill after the Napster case in San Francisco.

After that is when everything went down hill from there for me.

Biden was an idiot when they elected Obama and I think he's gone down hill since then.

I remember in the 70s the Nebraska fans would show drunk and it went down hill from there.

That should have been my first indication that it was only going to do down hill from there.

I completely agree with you! My grandmother went into the hospital with cancer and her health went down hill very fast.

Frond stacking is carried out to minimize the velocity of water runoff down hill slopes and to conserve water through mulching.

Afterwards, the company itself would start going down hill due to low morale (you guys talk about low morale, and advocate RIF as the cure?).

A low thyroid is frightening because unless you have someone who knows how to recognise the state you are in, then basically you can go down hill fast.

In 11% of cases hill on is used

On hill 677 you fought so hard.

If you race on hills, train on hills.

And neither product performs well on hills or rough terrain.

I don't think this would have any impacts on hillwalking freedom.

Watch out for hill fire because there may be individual graves on hill.

Did you fight on hill 677? I know what time and date the Korean War started.

Did you lose your life on hill 677? 516 Canadians died for the freedom of South Korea.

I know it was painful and I even know you guy's fought on hill 677 in the Battle of Kapyong.

The battle of Kapyong was the best thing I learned because of what Canadians did on hill 677.

I can not imagine how hard it was on hill 677 pushing back the enemy in the battle of Kapyong.

In 8% of cases hill by is used

Mgbidi is naturally disenabled by its topography that is straggled by hills.

The silence was shattered by Hill Junior's mother frantically calling out for him.

The train moved to Mgbidi, a community that mirrors the Enugu etymology as a place bordered by hills.

This, though, was no coincidence because it was made by the same company -- one of the sharpest on the block, too, Avalon -- and executive produced by Hill himself.

I got so addicted to that hammock while I was there, that I simply ordered my own afterwards! They are made by hill tribes in Thailand and you can order them online through jumbohammock.

It has a wonderful sandy beach (with Punch and Judy and donkey rides ), is densely backed by hills, has a long crescent promenade and the handsome old tramway to take you up the Great Orme.

In 8% of cases hill in is used

Any time I am in Hill End I will be staying here for sure.

The remaining patches are scattered in hill and montane areas around the peninsula.

Sadly, the only decent place for coffee in Hill End was closed for the long weekend.

You will get a chance to visit some of the lesser-known towns in hill country, as well as the most popular.

I vacationed in the Black Hills every year during my growing up years and lived in Hill City for several years.

The seasonal OTICs located in Hill Island, Kenora, Prescott and Rainy River will remain closed and will not reopen.

Monaghan County Museum is located in hill street at premises which have undergone extensive renovation in recent years.

Termites live in the soil in hills, construct tunnel from the hills to the palms and feed on all parts of young coconut palms.

Were you scared when people were trying to kill you in hill 677? I learned that 26,000 Canadian soldiers served in the war, but 516 died.

In 8% of cases hill up is used

You can do this out hacking too, up hill is great.

Takes some drives up hill with load to help seat the rings.

This new 59 plate only does 32 and it will not start up hills.

This section is very challenging with a lot of up hills and very hot weather.

The car looks good but is sluggish up hills and feels that it needs extra power.

Obama has an up hill struggle without taking this on before he has even got a nomination.

Apparently, it runs up hill for most of the day except for the morning rush hour when to runs downhill.

Th e way up hill and the pressure of the city had its toll: Jesus falls here for the second time under the weight of the cross.

I remember when, if I didn't have a ride home after practice, I walked home 3 miles (up hill both ways in 3 feet of snow of course).

In 5% of cases hill from is used

Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rare beauty of rolling stones from hills.

Haven't written in detail about Cafe by the Ruins but I highly recommend that aside from Hill Station.

I was part of a dream team that included Ed White from Contagious and Dan Bulteel from Hill &; Knowlton.

Cost of Ranu Preparation For one time, she invests 6 mana sundried rice, which costs Rs 36/- and 150 g of Jhinkilai which she collects from hill.

He waited several hours while doctors cross-matched a blood sample from Hill with the new heart, to find out if implanting it would result in rejection.

Meanwhile, heavy rains in the last two days and onrush of water from hills across the border have triggered a flash flood in Sylhet and Sunamganj districts.

In 5% of cases hill to is used

We were half way, with a further sixty kilometres to Hill End.

One takes a break from the environment of big cities and flocks to hill stations.

He wrote to Hill on 12 November 1912 sending some of Ramanujan's work and a copy of his 1911 paper on Bernoulli numbers.

If you are sampling to estimate the diversity of the population, these are useless! Most of the other indices are related to Hill's numbers.

Before making Ranu, she goes to hill with other women to collect these from morning to evening and after finishing these, she goes again to collect.

There are other large blocks of forest in the rest of Mindanao, but they are similarly limited to hill and montane areas; there is very little lowland dipterocarp forest remaining on Mindanao.

In 5% of cases hill with is used

It depicts a rural road, disappearing into a horizon cramped with hills.

If it is to stay there then hopefully it can swap places with Hill of Howth 10 in order to give better continuity.

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