Prepositions used with "hero"

"of hero" or "for hero"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases hero of is used

During its first half-century Weatherfield has seen plenty of heroes, villains, delights and disasters.

But never mind those pesky facts and stuff; he's still some kind of hero / icon to the tin foil hat wearers.

With only a little while left until the end of City of Heroes, I think it's only fair to look at these costs.

Strange new viruses stalk the globe and the Age of Heroes is not even celebrated by school children any longer.

The disinterested pursuit of science was transformed into a new kind of ideology, and the scientist became a new kind of hero.

In May of this year I got to support my all time hero of heroes, Sir Dick Valentine of Electric Six on two of his solo shows.

Unfortunately, I always see it as being about those things, not about some kind of hero who is saving the city from blah blah blah.

I am sorry if i changes few of heroes name, background story and the lore from warcraft itself, just to make it easy and sensibility.

Do nt expect us to back your father up against all the thousands of heroes whome he is trying to sell to the western world to get power.

But habituated to a diet of hero worshipping of entertainers and athletes, many Jamaicans are largely unaware of feats in less published areas.

In 30% of cases hero for is used

It is the MoD, not Help for Heroes, that is the gatekeeper.

Help for Heroes is currently funding a 22m building project on the site.

In their search for heroes, our people often look up to the CJ as their model of an upright public servant.

Help for Heroes is planning to spend 153m on constructing and servicing five regional MoD Personnel Recovery Centres (PRCs).

We can not disregard that Help for Heroes has made an amazing contribution to many lives through the brilliant work they have done.

Responses it seems to me that the criticism should be of the nhs and mod regarding the provision of prosthetics not help for heroes.

Since their formation, they have been actively raising money for forces charity Help for Heroes and their Tedworth House Recovery Centre, based in Wiltshire.

Refurbishing Tedworth House The Help for Heroes flagship project is Tedworth House in Tidworth, Wiltshire, a 18th-century Grade II listed former stately home.

Veterans say Help for Heroes is subsidising multimillion-pound MoD building projects rather than practical everyday help for injured service personnel and veterans.

He said he has defended Help for Heroes in the past when other troops have criticised it, but had now decided to speak out because he is ' fed up ' with the situation.

In 5% of cases hero to is used

Is where youth change their life from zero to hero.

India has given the world from ' 0? to Hero like Mahatma Gandhi.

Was it his technique, or was it a latent quality that caused Doug Walters to be elevated to hero status.

But almost immediately, other scholars began to take issue with the translation, disputing Meyer's interpretations of key passages which converted Judas from arch villain to hero.

In 4% of cases hero from is used

They have too much power and if you put all of your eggs in that basket you can go from hero to zero overnight.

Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor took just minutes to go from hero to zero when he gave Spurs an early lead, before being given a straight red card for a reckless tackle on Santi Cazorla.

In 4% of cases hero with is used

Still, working with heroes and getting some Jamaican sun seems to have done him some good.

In an interview with Hero Complex, Dorn admits that he was, like many fans, first comparing Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard to William Shatner's iconic performance as James Tiberius Kirk.

In 2% of cases hero about is used

Director has not provided any info about hero's clairvoyance! Mr Nothing even controls the police officers as if he were their chief.

In 2% of cases hero as is used

What is, however, worrying is the fact that the gravity of the crime notwithstanding, the bandits have, all along, been regarded as heroes in society.

In 2% of cases hero in is used

When culture heroes are transformed into quasi-messiahs, it becomes near-impossible to translate their truths to our day, especially among those who are most invested in hero worship.

In 2% of cases hero into is used

I'd not into hero worship, especially of dubious proto-blueshirts like Collins.

Postscript Quote Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.

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