Prepositions used with "health"

"of health", "for health" or "to health"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases health of is used

Goh was with the Ministry of Health.

Department of Health and Human Services.

Links with Medical Officers of Health 5.

The Committee found a serious epidemic of allergy and the Department of Health agreed.

The vertebrae are now kept in the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington.

It shows average figures for women in the best of health (Khatamee and Rosenthal 2002).

For surveillance purposes, statistics on the incidence of infection shall be maintained by the Department of Health.

As you probably know, the entire most recent issue of Health Affairs (September, 2012) is devoted to payment reform.

People in countries with more government control of health care are highly dissatisfied and believe reform is needed.

However, the Gaza Ministry of Health said at least 27 people were killed on Tuesday in result of the Israeli attacks.

In 14% of cases health for is used

Not useful for health research.

When searching for health Insurance.

Maynard The public private mix for health.

However, Cubans do not have to worry about paying for health care, education or rent.

MINSAP (Ministry of Public Health) was put in control of all resources for health care.

State budgets for health care may significantly affect an ultrasound technician's income.

If you can not farm, you do not produce enough food or earn enough money to buy food or to pay for health services.

I suspect that one reason there's so much demand for health care is because there's so much abuse to compensate for.

In 2004, there has already been a 100% increase, on 2003, in the allocation of funding for health information systems.

In 13% of cases health to is used


Now, That brings me to health care.

Well, due to health concerns, the U.

Therefore, all Cubans have equal access to health services, and all services are free.

Nevertheless, reform remains critical to achieving the right to health in South Africa.

Obama probably won the upper hand in the regulation segment, but now on to health care.

The access to healthy foods and the consumption of those foods must be part of one plan and strategy, not separately.

The shepherds anoint him with oil, demonstrating their faith that God has forgiven him and will restore him to health.

This has failed, and will continue to do so, for young people are relatively uninterested in possible threats to health.

The goal is that combined research will lead to breakthrough discoveries in industries ranging from energy to health care.

In 9% of cases health in is used

Doctors have no say in health care either.

I want to make a difference in health care.

Friesen International Prize in Health Research, Dr.

Add a little physical exercise to your daily routine and you'll remain healthy and fit.

He holds a master's degree in health care management and a bachelor's degree in nursing.

There is an urgent need for improvements in health, hygiene and greening of urban sprawls.

Many psychologists work in health and education services, but they can be found in a very wide range of other areas.

The last time we saw a sustained slowdown in health care spending was in the mid-1990s (when Bob was Labor Secretary).

Economists, government officials, insurers, and academics beat the drum for a far larger government role in health care.

WHERE CAN I FIND IT? In Japanese, Korean and Chinese shops, in health food shops and often in well-stocked supermarkets.

In 8% of cases health on is used

The overspending is mainly on Health and Social Welfare.

Currently we ration health care based on ability to pay.

But, in theory, there should be a beneficial effect on health.

See the Workplace Stress Theme for more information on health and safety prosecutions.

One could interpret his actual comments on health care either as defiant or defeatist.

Describe the human impact This is often the hardest part for population health stories.

Health insurance: Spending on health insurance allows a deduction up to Rs 15,000 under Section 80D for premium paid.

However, there is a huge knowledge gap between advances in the application of nanotechnology and its impact on health.

The full scale effect on health has yet to emerge but it is obvious that living with all this ash around is unhealthy.

Effects on health When we breathe in, the hairs in our nose and air passages remove particles larger than 10 m in size.

In 3% of cases health about is used

Let's talk for a bit about health.

Dan says that I'd phobic about health appointments.

He blogs about health policy at the Incidental Economist.

This website provides you with everything you need to know about health related issues.

This is how misinformation is spread about health claims, business scams, and social scares.

On the other hand, men generally don't participate in discussions about health and nutrition.

However he has a strong point about health cost-benefit ratio of the MHL through effects on cycling participation.

Child marriages often take place in defiance of national laws, and despite education programs about health issues.

Anyone who cares more about 14 cents than about health care will buy less pizza, which ultimately hurts only Papa John's.

One effect of that will be that it will limit the protection for workers who raise concerns about health and safety issues.

In 3% of cases health with is used

May God bless you both with health and happiness.

Those with health would care for those who are ill.

Something has to be done with health care besides complain.

We are the fortunate few chosen by God and blessed by Him with health and happiness.

I'll be reporting from the convention with health tips and things that I've learned.

The team also met with health workers and urged them to immediately report similar cases.

Personally I would have given up on Parnell like we did with Health Bell who had a productive career except last year.

At Dual carriageway speeds, employers will need to be getting seriously engrossed with Health & Safety noise assessments.

Ministers gathered twice yesterday for special budget meetings with health and social protection the main areas for discussion.

Community-based health care is linked with health service delivery units -- from basic health centres up to full-fledged hospitals.

In 2% of cases health by is used

Termination of placement by health board.

Stockpiling of medicines by Health departments.

Everyone needs to be equally covered by health care.

Any change to the policy has to be approved by Health Canada.

N95 type are the respirators recommended by Health Canada and the U.

Their findings were revealed by Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican.

This really helped me to overcome by health barriers as well as to realize my true potential.

There, the government will supply the drug, clean needles and provide supervision by health professionals.

Members of Anadir say they were told by health or religious workers their babies had died at birth or shortly after.

Many of the actively concerned parents had been prematurely reassured by health professionals that there was nothing wrong.

In 2% of cases health from is used

That would be cool if there was a deductable amount from health insurance.

It requires very good communication and teamwork from health care professionals.

From health issues to car failures, the quicker the person can secure money the better.

Indeed, the more home visits women received from health workers, the more likely they were to use the product.

Too many women come back from health facilities without receiving the information and services they need for planning their families.

Washington purchases and provides all recommended vaccines for kids through age 18, available from health care providers across the state.

And partly because the patients who do obtain a doctor's note need further approval from Health Canada, which has behaved, according to Mr.

By ' pricing out ' a portion of this country's population from health care coverage, we mock the image of God and destroy the vessels of God's work.

Exempt from Health Levy The main reason you may be due a refund is for earning under the annual threshold, but earned over the weekly threshold for the health levy.

Tensions have also heightened within the Coalition after suggestions from Health Minister James Reilly that a decision on abortion may not be made until the new year.

In 1% of cases health as is used

About 30 per cent of the business is in the public sector, in areas such as health care.

In many communities, the struggle to fill empty stomachs forced other basic needs such as health and education to take a backseat.

More than 40% of the new private-sector jobs are in low-paying categories such as health care, leisure activities, bars and restaurants.

About half of employers offering retiree benefits such as health, dental, life and accident insurance pay 100 per cent of single premiums.

Social services and medics such as Health Visitors are fully aware of this issue and is is condemned from the Govermnent to the person on the street.

The knitted product addition available for taking and decorative, it can also be used in the field of industry and agriculture as well as health and defense.

It is even ignored that for the cost of every job generated in the industry, between three and seven could be created in other sectors such as health, clean energy and education.

They introduced some good activities such as health talks so that we were taught about everything related to HIV/AIDS and adherence counseling to help us stick to our medication.

The study uses different indicators of poverty such as health, housing, education, nutrition, access to basic services like drinking water, sanitation, cooking fuel and electricity.

Multilateral organizations help set the rules for the governance of the world economy and in areas such as health, agriculture, human rights, peace and security, and humanitarian assistance.

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