Prepositions used with "health-care"

"of health-care" or "in health-care"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases health-care of is used

More stark is the failure of healthcare.

Creating a market out of healthcare is not the answer.

Respect the Beliefs and Integrity of Healthcare Workers.

It will focus on the role of medical innovation in lowering the cost of healthcare.

My thanks goes out to this group of healthcare leaders for sharing so authentically.

Health Guru updates its content to keep up with the ever advancing field of healthcare.

Why? Because the lower tiers of healthcare namely primary and secondary centres of care are not functioning adequately.

And this is the type of bill that has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare for all Americans.

Even after some government funding of healthcare began in mid- century, the Sisters ' hospitals faced financial challenges.

GM was trying to fund the transfer of healthcare costs to the union -- and was extremely cash poor at the worst possible time.

In 16% of cases health-care in is used

Everyone in our industry is in healthcare.

Progress in healthcare and education was real.

In totality, this amounted to a saving of over $1 Billion in healthcare.

It is therefore the same throughout the country and avoids double standards in healthcare.

ROH is a new paradigm in healthcare which is part of the emerging field of Integral Medicine.

I work in healthcare for many years and you know what I have realized? people suck, in general.

Construction for the new $250 million Royal Women's Hospital began in 2005, heralding a new era in healthcare for Victorian women.

By 1970s government participation in healthcare grew, the number of members of the Congregation declined and the number of lay staff increased.

Additionally, UPnP standards are being integrated into web browsers and applied in healthcare and energy management applications around the world.

Although the Distribution unit experienced strong revenue growth, investments in healthcare capabilities and infrastructure weighed on margin expansion.

In 13% of cases health-care for is used

I am for healthcare for every one.

Let's hear it for healthcare at the point of use: (For now, at least.

He alluded to a sliding scale related to an individual's ability to pay for healthcare.

You basically inform your employer that you wish to set a portion of your paycheck aside for healthcare expenses.

Stephen is currently Executive Director of the new George Centre for Healthcare Innovation at the University of Oxford.

This first slide provides some overall context of what the general supporting foundations are for healthcare real estate.

Keep in mind that, in many countries in Europe, a household pays 10% of its income (in some form of taxes) just for healthcare.

Vitamin D: an essential nutrient for all? but who is at risk of vitamin D deficiency? Important information for healthcare professionals.

The decrease in the relative size of the working age tax base to the growing demands for healthcare by the elderly group should be a major concern.

Examples of such Indian companies are Archies for giftware, MRF for automotive tires, NIIT for computer training schools and Apollo Hospitals for healthcare.

In 13% of cases health-care to is used

Everyone in the world should have FREE access to healthcare.

The regulations on access to healthcare in the EEA also apply in Switzerland.

The key to healthcare cost reduction, not to mention reduction of suffering, is education.

What is important, however, is that access to healthcare is provided to all people equally.

The awards were made to accelerate the development of innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

And the woman in Yarbun in Jaba local government area does not have a better access to healthcare services.

From IT workstations to healthcare and Government protocols, everything is getting ported to a cloud environment.

More generally, this paper speaks to healthcare leaders who are contemplating significant changes in their organizations.

So many people are already living with so little access to healthcare, and most of the rest of us will be joining them shortly.

I favor market-based solutions to healthcare access like we see in the Affordable Care Act, which used to be a Republican idea.

In 8% of cases health-care on is used

On the plus side, Germany only spends about 10%-11% of GDP on healthcare vs.

While in Ghana, she witnessed the impact economic disparity has on healthcare.

We need higher public spending of about 4 percent of GDP on healthcare and about 6 percent on education.

A long-time print reporter, she was nominated for a 2010 Emmy award for her work on healthcare workers who handle chemotherapy.

Survey on HealthCare Twenty-nine % backed the PML-N in improving security, trailed by the PTI 26%, PPP 12 %, PML-Q 4% and MQM 3%.

Finally, while it's well known that all European countries spend a significantly smaller percentage of their GDP on healthcare than the U.

In a place like Moranbah, the miners have an impact on road traffic and a direct impact on healthcare services and facilities - GPs and hospitals.

If your employer would favor you put on healthcare Crocs with no air flow vents, hermes des merveilles, then Crocs Highland or perhaps Aspen shoes functions perfect.

There is a lot of financial data on healthcare expenditure, but this one piece regarding per capita expenditure paints a very lucid picture on how strategic each country is.

You will be able to spend on more on education, on healthcare and so on, and it will allow you to reduce the budget deficit -- all the while driving interest rates down as well.

In 4% of cases health-care about is used

This is not about healthcare, its about taking freedom away from US citizens.

We're all getting happy and stuff about healthcare! Check out this graph from NatCen.

However, I knew from the beginning of this charade what it was really all about -- and it was never about healthcare.

He speaks and writes frequently about healthcare business, law and health policy and is a charter member of the external advisory board of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

Why on earth are we even talking about healthcare at this point when we should be addressing the fact that in the near future your money is going to be worth about as much as used toilet paper.

In 3% of cases health-care with is used

We routinely assist the media with healthcare topics.

Overall we've been doing a great job with healthcare.

Nealo Nothing gets the Jesus freaks in more of a snit than a program helping poor people with healthcare.

Of course maybe with healthcare, your employees would miss less work and be more productive making up that $.

The site author has an interesting photograph of himself with a large warship in the background, weapons of war being hard to associate with healthcare.

In 2% of cases health-care from is used

If profit is removed from healthcare my career is in the crapper.

As well as dominating public accounting practices, CA are found at the highest level in virtually every sector from healthcare to the music industry.

In 2% of cases health-care over is used

The national debate over health-care reform aside, one thing remains the same this season.

Ireland too, like the UK, has health-care challenges as recently highlighted by the astonishing Pensioner Revolt over health-care.

I am open to any suggestion to reduce the number of uninsured that does not put the State in a position of authority over healthcare decisions.

In 1% of cases health-care including is used

The HSE also called on people visiting older residents of nursing homes, including healthcare staff, to ensure their vaccinations for influenza are up to date.

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