Prepositions used with "head"

"of head" or "as head"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases head of is used

It leads to a lot of head scratching.

What an important clash of heads this should be.

Wearing a helmet demonstrably reduces the risk of head injury.

He quickly rose to the position of Head of Marketing Research division in a span of 2 years.

The 13th Ordinary Summit of Heads of State held in Burundi last November issued the directives.

No accessories, or any kind of head gears except for religious purposes and no smiling please! 7.

There have been only three Diamond Jubilees of Heads of State celebrated throughout the world during The Queen's reign.

The Chief or administrator of the village of head of family has charge of the land and is only loosely called the owner.

Helmets are relevant because they decrease the risk of head injury in a collision/fall, which is a real risk when cycling.

Recognition manifests through unilateral declarations, letters of heads of state, and multilateral or multilateral treaties.

In 25% of cases head as is used

Taking leave from his position as head of the History Dept.

D after having served as Head of State for close to 9 years.

The next room was headquarters for Katherine Howard of Boston.

Charles Arden-Clarke is Governor-General representing the British Queen as head of state.

Hitler also admired Goering and appointed him as head of Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section).

In his initial speech as head of state, Gowon gave an indication that the North would secede.

Naval Academy, was to testify at a confirmation hearing naming him to replace Admiral James Stavridis as head of the U.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Mitt Romney asserted that he would not be renewing Ben Bernanke's contract as head of the Fed.

During his tenure as head of state this was how they outsmarted him and brought his administration into a state of inertia.

In 13% of cases head from is used

Love to dress up from head to toe.

And this appears very evident from head to toe.

It can happen in any part of the body from head to toe.

Thoughts of shock, helplessness and a burning sensation filled my body from head to toe.

First day, she on PINK!! From head to toes! Mishu at her school front door, going in soon.

You could just start a list from head to toe to give you just a hint of all of your choices.

The debate is whether bicycle helmets offer protection from head and facial injuries sustained from bicycle accidents.

I am a disabled veteran from head injury and when I realized what I got myself into I know I must cancell all of this.

He was wearing the latest sports wear/Nike clothes while his wife was all covered up from head to toe and looked like an old women.

That makes us easy prey for companies hawking unnecessary tools for childrearing (helmets to protect toddlers from head injuries, anyone?).

In 11% of cases head per is used

There is a P50 per head fee to go on the island.

For 3 course and drinks we paid approx 22 per head.

Recently upgraded Savoy 3D is priced at 400/= per head.

Four times as much per head of population was spent on education in Russia than in Britain.

In the capital, in the south of the country, the average daily income per head is 50 pence.

You can get a per head calculation and return can organize in train or Luxury public transport.

We also insisted that the 4 friends who were one day ahead of us to be accommodated there as they are part of our Php3,500 per head package.

Great statisticians like Angus Maddison have estimated that average real income per head has grown ten-fold in the last two and a half centuries.

In the year 1820 there were 27,000 slaves in the Parish and the local Parish rate was 6/8 per head paid by their owners, plus a Road Tax of 4/9 each.

Everything was going well until we arrived at Balicasag and found out that we had to pay an extra 200 per head to rent a boat to go to the sanctuary.

In 7% of cases head with is used

And with head erect he walked out to share hunger and privation with his loved ones.

Both fighters are familiar with head stomps and soccer kicks, so this one can get violent quickly.

This is one of the few pieces of material evidence to support the Templar association with heads.

Contrast this with Head of Government, which is more of a political r? le, held by the Prime Minister.

Your discomfort connected with head aches could vary from moderate and also bothersome for you to significant and also unbearable.

Whoever gets auf'ed next week should be grateful because they can leave with heads high and surely no one will think less of them.

But only those with heads of bone could fail to wonder if the keys of life and death should be handed to Assange or any other individual.

While sleeping with head towards North, that is in the direction of Pole Star, the person loses his vital powers and there is danger of his falling sick.

I doubt there will be many additions to midfield but I would like to se an out an out winger to whip in some balls for chamakh who is very handy with head.

In 5% of cases head in is used

You have to keep in head that more common doesn't mean good.

Typically, as we walked along we would chat and this would result in heads turning.

Three to four months You'll notice a definite improvement in head control by this time.

Animals shall not be placed in head restraint until the slaughterman is ready to stun them.

Retain in head that this does not have to be an exact match of colours but you want hues in an equivalent range.

Head Start is largely funded by taxpayers whose children are not allowed in Head Start because they make too much.

The distance in head height between a seated motorcyclist and cyclist is immaterial, as it is not germane to the debate.

The Minister may, however, in the case of solipeds and cattle, authorise the use of appropriate means to restrain head movements.

I was probably in head to toe brown because last Wednesday was the day of the Giants parade, which made me feel very bad (as a die-hard Dodgers fan).

This backs the contention of a local trauma surgeon who reckoned helmets to do nothing to reduce concussion and that they serve only to minimise non-brain head injury.

In 5% of cases head to is used

The list shall be made available to Heads of Department accordingly.

We are seeking to recruit an individual at Senior Management level to Head our Integrated WASH Programme.

Adeola joined Nigeria International Bank (Citibank Nigeria) in 1988 and served in various capacities from Chief Legal Counsel to Head, Public &; External Affairs.

Others may invoke phantosmia (olfactory hallucination) and parosmia (distorted sense of smell ), but these conditions are usually linked to head injury and respiratory infections.

In 4% of cases head For is used

I have a wee bag for my hikes with spare batteries for head torch and phone.

For head and treadle-arm, consider buying readly milled hardwood for you will save vast amounts of time.

In the fallout from both inquiries, there will be demands for heads to roll and questions over liability.

Caveat: NB To complete the appointments, accreditation requests for Heads of Delegation are sent to host countries.

Plausibly, a coin's landing 9 heads out of 10 tosses is compatible with any underlying intermediate chance for heads; and so on.

If this wealth returned a mere 5% - a level which would have fund managers calling for heads on spikes - it would generate over a trillion US dollars in income a year.

How about contrasting the amount of coverage given to the outing of a non-covert CIA employee during the Bush years with F &F; and the volume of calls for heads? People died as a result of F &F.

In 3% of cases head by is used

Country after country, he was welcomed as a state guest, often welcomed by heads of states at airports.

Akosa suggested that Korle Bu, which he thinks is too big, must be divided into six hospitals to be managed by heads.

The conference is a high-level meeting attended by heads of government, defence and foreign ministers, parliamentarians, military leaders and security experts.

The Foundation was established as an intergovernmental organisation by heads of government to mobilise civil soci-ety in support of Commonwealth principles and priorities.

The demolished Ardoynes building in Gladstone Road, which until recently was the site for T &T; Childrenswear, will be replaced by a new building overseen by head contractor McCannics.

Though advisers have been used by heads of government in the past, according to Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, professor, Department of International Relations, Dhaka University, it was not in such prominence.

The report, produced by Head of Finance, Iain McCulloch, suggests that the process of collecting nominations and managing the list here on the islands should be performed by the Planning Department.

In 2% of cases head on is used

Feeling invisible pressure on head or body.

Hats balance on heads and wide eyes sit above rictus grins.

Sarah O'Kelley's well thought out and well written article on head coverings, in the Feb.

The sentances on head injury are most gemane to this discussion and do not support your case.

At no time in this wide ranging paper did these involved medicos mention head injuries or the wearing of helmets.

It is believed that Bhasmasur had sought a boon from Lord Shiva that if Bhasmasur would put his hand on head of any person, that person would burn to his death.

I'd rather hire guys who were happy with being assistants to SUPPORT Tyrone, not work to get better jobs (then again, Hornacek went on head coaching interviews this summer).

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