Prepositions used with "hall"

"of hall" or "in hall"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases hall of is used

IBC's record attendance and the change of halls for Vizrt to the more broadcasting centric hall 7 meant the booth was always busy.

He turned the top of the rock into an amazing castle with completed structures of halls, royal courts, leisure palaces, ponds and many more.

In the case of Hall Mark scam, it seems that the bank management was hiding the illegal activities in the said branch for a prolonged period.

It provides backup money to cope with expensive parts of university like fresher's week, emergencies or moving out of halls into private accommodation.

Here, a gaggle of Halls ' Ladies invade the town in a tipsy mess, stopping traffic with threats to ' feast on the locals ' and a line of our boys christen the local church.

Upon entering, I passed the Red Carpet cameras to see the lawn had been creatively converted into a showroom for dozens of Hall of Fame athletes and musicians signed memorabilia.

In 33% of cases hall in is used

Come and meet our experts in Hall 6, booth # G078.

We look forward to see you in Hall 12 Stand B57, same stand as last year.

They have yet another new recycling scheme being rolled out in halls and university buildings.

Attractions such as the mint tower in Hall and the Swarovski Crystal Worlds are included as well.

University owned accommodation As a first year you will be given the opportunity to stay in halls of residence.

According to the statement, the software would enable automation of room allocation to students in halls of residence.

In Hall 1, Hauff-Technik made a positive impression on what is still a very new sector by presenting custom-made solutions.

In a day, she has to clear the garbage and clean eight toilets, one lounge, a pantry and a laundry room in Hall 11's Block 56.

When eight medics in my college all sat down to breakfast in hall with bottles of their own urine it proved an interesting talking point.

Living in halls sometimes has the benefit of being nearest to the university, so you don't have to allow so much extra time for the journey to campus each morning.

In 7% of cases hall for is used

Suburbs took on a meaning rooted in connotations of class and social standing (see return for Hall of Ardeevin Road in Dalkey).

The Associated Press reported that the winner of the award, named for Hall of Fame defensive back Ronnie Lott, will be announced on December 9.

In 7% of cases hall to is used

According to Hall, research has found that electoral fraud seems to pop up more frequently in winner-take-all systems - since there's more at stake for the candidates.

In 4% of cases hall as is used

Turnbull was perhaps best known as Hall of Famer Borje Salming's partner with the Leafs for much of the 1970s.

In 4% of cases hall at is used

It is packed with photographs and mementos including gold discs and posters from when he used to wrestle at halls around the country.

She immigrated to Canada in 1947 as a war bride, settling at Halls Landing (Sidmouth) south of Revelstoke with her husband on the family acreage.

In 4% of cases hall with is used

The quantized plateau with Hall conductance (1/3) (e 2 /h) is observed when the magnetic field strength corresponds to three quanta of magnetic flux for each electron in the two-dimensional system.

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