Prepositions used with "ground"

"of ground" or "on ground"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases ground of is used

The BCCI has opposed it on the most technical of grounds.

A hundred acres of ground is a substantial mind-map for a poet.

It is important to point out that the relief is for one acre of grounds plus the house.

We covered a lot of ground, including why their most direct flight here was through Dubai.

The stage of groundwater development for Kerala as a whole has been computed as 47 per cent.

The kings on the bright mainland reach more several ten, but evil tutor the amount of grounds but only have only 56.

I didn't have ' mixed spice ', but I used a generous heaped tablespoon of ground ginger, which gave the right spicy kick.

In fact, that flash-forward between the kid and the Killer jumps over a lot of ground, including Lewis ' first two marriages.

It also deals with major issues and challenges which need immediate attention for sustainable management of groundwater resources.

In 27% of cases ground on is used

I still couldn't feel my feet on ground.

Judgment of acquittal on ground of lunacy 470.

SMS is the way people on ground can make reports.

What you have seen is just a caricature of the real thing that we are putting on ground.

He stands on ground that I feel I need to claim and defend as core territory for my art.

Please note that it is not possible to consider late applications on grounds of Mature Years.

NEMA Southwest Information Officer Ibrahim Farinloye, said their officers where on ground to salvage any human disaster.

Yah got ta also make sure you watch who y'er callin ' a purple belly, the feds are thick on ground as well as in the Black.

The minister disclosed that the authority was already putting measures on ground to make sure that such thing does not occur.

I totally disagree with the mahinda worshippers who have commented above saying it was correct to punish SF on grounds of hearsay.

In 14% of cases ground to is used

Imagining space became a way to ground me.

But Georgia is not the place to ground that challenge.

In other words, it took them 3 hours to ground truth 0.

No one played at the ball after that, so Inglis was able right to ground it I believe.

Once in the subway just walk straight on and take the steps or lift back up to ground level.

Occasionally very high energy particles (some with relativistic energies) do make it to ground level.

The children now have steps to walk down from their classrooms instead of stumbling over boulders to get to ground level.

A player who is not tackled, but who goes to ground while holding the ball, or a player who goes to ground and gathers the.

I have many friends in New York who witnessed the dreadful events of ten years ago, and I've been to Ground Zero many times.

Thanks for the suggestions My next post will discuss the dangers of evaluation that fails to ground itself in local realities.

In 8% of cases ground at is used

There are also lions at ground level.

I'd at ground zero, and that's where I want to be.

Most of the newspapers headlined ' Obama supports mosque at ground Zero '.

From the air our country appears so varied and interesting which is also true at ground level.

Mum, Dad, Big Bro and I had seats at ground level, old Southern Stand, Punt Road end, forward pocket.

It was a moving experience to actually be there at Ground Zero and walk round the surrounding streets.

Wingtips caught up with Ginters at his home base -- Riga Airport -- for a behind-the-scenes look at ground operations.

Once at ground level then ride to the top of the 1,000ft Stratosphere Tower and watch the sunset over the mountains again.

If there were strong similarities at ground level NO BODY WOULD HAVE been able to separate the two languages not kings or monks or anybody.

Its rapidly flowing waters are mysteriously supplied through the Garden's east wall and conspicuously disappear into a grate at ground level.

In 7% of cases ground above is used

Don't we have enough problems above ground?

Sit back and relax, until your train goes above ground.

The plane was about 800 metres above ground when the engine failed.

And in daylight not daring to lift our heads above ground, for fear of a sniper's bullet.

During the summer they will spend a lot of time above ground, lying up in bushes and long grass.

But hope can lift them above ground into the light, out of the shadows, away from these dark senses.

Many of these rivers flow quietly above ground, in plain sight but generally unnoticed beyond their neighbourhoods.

Quite wisely, the Shanghai Subway authorities decided to have all subway stations above ground south of the train station.

The first line opened in 1950, and today the system has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground.

Trott claimed catch after successful trial of his new leather-magnetic concave chest which kept the ball several millimetres above ground.

In 5% of cases ground with is used

All pilots must be extremely proficient with ground handling techniques.

In the 20th century, all the notable wars were mainly fought with ground troops.

Rapid e-commerce growth drove gains in daily volume, with Ground and Deferred up 3.

It is also combined with ground hazelnut, dried apricots and dried cranberries to make the cake more flavourful.

It is a low-slung car (height: 1,448mm) and sits 45mm lower than Clio III, with ground clearance reduced by 10mm.

Kiwi inhabit areas with ground cover, from the lowlands to sub-alpine areas, from the top of the North Island, south to Stewart island.

With ground and surface reinforcements headed westward, it remains to consider the air aspect of the transoceanic deployment in support of the Korean campaign.

There is a tendency to only think of the one acre and if a client comes to you with grounds of over one acre to automatically assume that there will be a tax charge.

In proposed architectural solution shown in figure 2 cell clock pin is being created next to ground supply rail, such that clock pin is shielded with ground line from one side.

In 4% of cases ground in is used

NRIs are allowed 100 percent FDI in ground handling services.

Stanley McChrystal's request for a last ditch surge in ground forces.

Butler and nurse are seen walking in grounds of courtroom then entering courthouse.

The result has been an upward distortion of increases in ground temperature over time(2).

Leaving in exposed or unsanitary conditions refuse or debris, or depositing in ground or in bodies of water; and i.

Do you know what storks eat? Sometimes (but not often ), storks may eat the eggs or even the chicks found in ground nesting birds.

They come as above ground or in ground models and are made from a selection of materials, specifically metal, plastic, concrete and fiberglass.

I recall having rows at conferences with them when they spoke about discrimination in grounds as a factor in putting black and asian fans from coming.

Is that what the ACLU wants? What the ACLU thinks about the mosque that the Muslims are building in ground zero? The Muslim community slapped the United Estates in the face.

In 3% of cases ground below is used

A broken golf buggy, presumably used to get around below ground hints at extent of the corridors.

The polypipes are installed 45 cm below ground level in acid sulphate soils and 60 cm in non-acid sulphate soils.

They also give higher yields, sequester more carbon both above and below ground, and save energy; and are suitable for production in marginal lands.

In 3% of cases ground from is used

The work needs to be done from ground up.

Throughout the country, over 80% of irrigation is from ground water.

He is getting hits on the inside but most of his hits are from ground balls lately.

I mostly see people try to sort out their lives from ground level, in 24- and 40-hour cycles.

Kittinger kept his swollen hand a secret from ground control out of fear they would abort the flight.

The taco meat was a healthy alternative, made from ground turkey, and plain Greek yogurt disguised itself as sour cream.

It is also being researched by the USDA for further application in many other pest species from ground squirrels to elk and looks very promising.

Glistening with oil, looking all regal and gold yet pruney because it's been stewed for hours, soaking up juice from ground pork and soy sauce and probably sugar.

During the late 19th century, water-borne diseases were reduced by protecting water supplies, conveying wastewater away from ground water sources, and by an awareness of public sanitation.

In 2% of cases ground for is used

A Hay stack destined for ground cover in new orchards is smouldering after set alight by striking workers.

Beef trimmings from fed cattle? the basic raw material for ground beef, which comprises more than half of all beef sold in the U.

As Mr Vaghul tells it, Sanjay next asked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to look for grounds on which Talwar could be dismissed.

Gatis Ginters is responsible for ground operations in airBaltic's Eastern destinations, and oversees everything from passenger registration at the check-in desks to the correct loading of baggage.

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