Prepositions used with "grace"

"of grace", "from grace" or "to grace"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases grace of is used

And ultimately a story of grace.

That's the pure definition of grace.

This shows baptism is an objective means of grace.

The Spirit of grace will give them faith to receive the salvation that comes through grace.

There is a real trusting in Providence here, a surrender as we stand at this doorway of grace.

In modern times the doctrine that Mary is the Universal Mediatrix of Grace was advocated by St.

From her parboiled, shriveled fingers to her ruddy, perspiring face there was nothing of grace or beauty about Tillie.

For in the sacraments my grace is received in a limited way, whereas in my Will, all the fullness of grace is received.

Indeed, it has claimed that the Spirit witnesses to the reality of every state of grace in the Divine life in the soul.

And the Word became flesh us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

In 12% of cases grace from is used

This is due to Nokia's fall from grace.

Excellent venture There was also a demonstration from Grace Foods.

Far from a disqualification from grace, it became the only qualification for it.

His second novel, Fall From Grace, was released in April 2011 to wide critical acclaim.

But just a month later, Mary Kennedy's life fell apart in a tumultuous fall from grace.

One wonders if watching Steyn's fall from grace has tinted his Springbok dreams somewhat.

I wrote a few short paragraphs on the Rajneesh fall from grace and explained how I thought such a thing could happen.

Indeed, I think it's fair to say that these signings precipitated Liverpool's fall from grace and descent from the top four.

With a fall from grace so quickly, the FDU Knights are more than deserving of ranking in the top four of most pathetic programs.

As I signed to him, he was the biggest thing in Britain, and then as my album came out, he was just beginning his fall from grace.

In 11% of cases grace to is used

Responding to Grace Grace is part of a relationship.

I, has risen from grass to grace, in just about half a decade.

The future Dame Moya could be the next North American to grace the FTSE.

I see Nigerians inviting you to grace occasions worldwide, paid trip across the Atlantic, etc.

My first subject to grace the therapy couch is new horror darling, Ania Ahlborn, author of Seed.

Colin Bell: Regarded as the best player ever to grace the hallowed turf of Maine Rd, and rightly so.

Scanlan) Brendan Brady is perhaps the most fascinating character ever to grace the hallowed streets of Hollyoaks Village.

Focusing predisposes us to be receptive to grace, to allow God's Spirit to be creatively and uniquely operative in our lives.

To grace this occasion, on behalf of TIPA, may I first of all welcome the Chief Guest -Honorable Kalon, Religion &; Culture, Rev.

But for many of us the opportunity to grace our lives with things that are a joy to use, as well as useful for a practical purpose.

In 8% of cases grace with is used

While they may fight with one another, it is with grace.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard managed it with grace yesterday.

I have three daughters; one with Grace and twins with Gracious.

All these authors reflect with grace and gravity on life's moments of sorrowful epiphany.

The key to healing parental alienation is to walk this line with grace, strength and faith.

Today was market day in Hedaru, so we walked through the market with Grace and Pastor Luhwa.

Bassist John Myung lives up to his legend by being the silent one on stage, playing his complex bass parts with grace.

She taught thousands of girls how to study well, participate in sports, plays and debates and, most importantly, how to live life with grace and dignity.

Tonight, as I sat here humbled by your kindness and comments filled with grace, I realized you were teaching me something my daughter has also done, that we all need encouragement.

Resilient women know that life throws us things that we would rather not have to deal with, but choose to handle them with grace, dignity and the willingness to find a gift in every experience.

In 6% of cases grace by is used

We stand by grace or not at all.

We all live by grace on a daily basis.

If we are Christians, we are sinners saved by grace.

Salvation or the new birth is solely by grace through faith.

Ephesians 2:8,9 I mean that you have been saved by grace through believing.

In the gospel, God calls only by grace and announces good tidings of great joy (Lk.

So, it is a grace-gospel: (1) it was given by grace and (2) it is a message that makes known real grace.

Instead I was read by Grace, a woman who understands business, and pay-by-the-minute business in particular.

However exalted in various respects, he had nothing to boast in the presence of God, being saved by grace, through faith, even as others.

In 4% of cases grace for is used

But O ' Master, your reputation for grace and mercy is at stake; not my reputation for misdeeds.

They believe the bible is the infallible word of God, they study and meditate on it and ask for grace to be Obedient.

I was so disturbed then but my own advice is that you ask God for grace to keep waiting because that is the only solution.

If A Dance For Grace is meant to be an inspiring, affecting ode to change and salvation, the audience is eventually robbed.

All you need to do is to ask for grace from above, make the commitment to get out of your financial rut and use the proper personal finance tools.

A traditional pilgrimage is truly a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone for the expiation of sins, for graces, and for spiritual growth.

The followers of Descartes fail to take into account the cross as representing man? s fall, his consequent epistemological blindness, and his need for grace.

The noose (Pasha) in his left upper hand stands for his ability to bring anything under his control and the axe (Ankusha) in his right upper hand stands for grace and ability to remove obstacles.

In 4% of cases grace in is used

In grace He shapes our lives and blesses us beyond measure.

To know Him in grace is freedom, love, joy, peace and adoration.

He is popularly known as the Anointed Man of God in Grace because of his miraculous exploits.

The phrase also appears in Grace Wenger, Witness: empowering the church through worship, community, and mission.

They could easily perceive you as someone seriously lacking in grace, as in this case, when in reality you are anything but that.

He allows certain crosses and trials to enter, but all is done in grace to strengthen our faith and to keep us His now and forever.

Some well-known managers who were present at her initial performance freely express the opinion that she excelled in grace and daring any artiste that has ever visited this country.

In 2% of cases grace at is used

The four had been here on a short term ministry trip and had served at our English Camp at Grace Camp.

On Sunday we attended the morning service at Grace Episcopal Cathedral where Governor Knight of California read the first lesson.

In 1% of cases grace through is used

The Spirit of grace will give them faith to receive the salvation that comes through grace.

By His grace, God gave us the gospel, by which He reveals His desire to save us through grace.

Prayer: Father, I repent of all my unwillingness to show the world the love that I received from you through grace.

In 1% of cases grace without is used

Without grace there can be no true morality.

Christian morality, then, is something that grows out of the relationship, a relationship that could not exist without grace.

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