Prepositions used with "governor"

"of governor" or "for governor"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases governor of is used

I, too, would like to know more of Governor Romney's personal faith.

The African Union currently serves as an Observer on the ACBF Board of Governors.

She is Vice-Chair of the Board of Governors of the University of Guelph in Canada.

Repealed and rewritten 1988, Amendment 42 Succession to office of governor and lieutenant governor.

And even now, people are deeply resentful of Governor Fashola's program to sanitise and beautify the state.

When this occurs it borrows money at the discount rate which is decided on by the FED's Board of Governors.

The official residence of Governors of Jamaica have always been called King's House even during the reign of Queens.

The official residence of Governors of Jamaica have always been called King's House even during the reign of Queens.

Under the direction of Governor George SIMPSON, the " Little Emperor, " the HBC achieved undreamed-of profits.

In 21% of cases governor for is used

Hirono, once before, in the 2002 race for governor.

Presumably, Jefferson would have asked the same for Governor St.

I may abandon my campaign from office to run for Governor of Texas.

But she also has a lot of political prospects, perhaps to run for governor at some point.

Then to run for Governor of MA Romney sought residency of MA by lieu of his Bain positions.

An elector shall cast only one vote for both a nominee for governor and a nominee for lieutenant governor.

In the race for governor, Democrat Roy Barnes, who had been leading Republican Sonny Perdue by eleven points, lost by five.

During his term as congressman he was urged by friends and members of his party back home to run for governor of New Hampshire.

The electors shall designate their selections for governor and lieutenant governor as if these two offices were one and the same.

In 10% of cases governor by is used

Executive approval--veto--item veto by governor.

In 1863 he was commissioned a Major by Governor Stanford.

He was pardoned by Governor Al Smith of New York on 17 January 1923.

He was rescued by Governor Richardson, a Democrat who named Schwartz his crime czar.

This was first proposed by Governor Gipps in 1843 but rejected by the Legislative Council.

Thousands have shown up in Ohio to protest against a similar overreach by Governor John Kasich.

He said it was intentional propaganda by Governor Lawal and his spin doctors to make him seem like a nepotistic despot.

Hoeffel would continue the school funding formula implemented by Governor Ed Rendell to reduce dependence on local property taxes to fund schools.

The course was opened by Governor Ridgeway and was first named Ridgeways and in 1896 was named the Royal Colombo Golf Club after much restructuring.

The condolence message of the forum was contained in statement signed by Governor Aliyu's chief press secretary, Danladi Ndayebo, yesterday in Minna.

In 7% of cases governor to is used

She was Chief of Staff to Governor Clinton for seven years.

Bo was promoted to governor of the northeastern province of Liaoning.

A statement by the Senior Special Assistant to Governor Patrick Yakowa on Media, Mr.

Fatai Olukoga, and I am the Special Adviser on Education to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola.

Also the immunity being given to governors should be removed to enable them not to abuse the power given to them.

In 1811, he returned as the Lieutenant Governor of Java, and was soon promoted to Governor of Bencoolen (now Sumatra).

The protests of the disables should be a signal to Governor Okorocha that time is due for him to take a second look at his aides.

In 4% of cases governor as is used

Lieutenant governor to act as governor.

MURROW 189 was governor of New Hampshire.

Still, the call to serve as governor was difficult to resist.

My husband was about to start his first term as governor of the Granite State.

It had been a tempting but unusual procedure at times in the past history of the state to seek a third term as governor.

It was also mentioned that, Amissah-Arthur failed to control the depreciation of the cedi as Governor of the Bank of Ghana.

The lieutenant governor, while acting as governor, shall be paid the compensation and expenses prescribed for the governor.

The endless controversies, the planning ahead, the tremendous pressure of his job as governor, along with his work with the Eisenhower Com- mittee seemed to me more than the usual man could take.

In 4% of cases governor with is used

Every third Thursday of the month you could meet with Governor Johnson at the Round House in Santa Fe.

He conferred with Governor Horatio Seymour of New York State and his brother Colonel Silas Seymour, who knew and recommended Theodore D.

He spoke with governors and mayors from affected areas yesterday and has told them to call him if they encounter bureaucracy or delays.

The letter asked Obama specifically to talk with governors about state Medicaid programs, which Jindal and other GOP governors argue need to be reworked.

Last year Board Member Kayser and LAUSD joined with Governor Brown in ending redevelopment agencies so they will no longer be siphoning off tax dollars from schools.

Sullivan knocked out Sylvester Le Gouriff in just 22 seconds, President Barack Obama faced off last night with Governor Mitt Romney in what was billed as a heavyweight foreign policy debate.

In 3% of cases governor on is used

While answering a question regarding his resignation, he told that he withdrew his resignation on governor Sindh's orders.

Once he confirmed the story to be true, Zachariah made it an issue in his sermon that day, leading prayers for God's mercy on Governor Herod.

On Governor's Island in the New York harbor, for instance, the plan is to raise and grade the waterfront promenades and plant trees capable of surviving in brackish water.

In 2% of cases governor in is used

They placed their own people in Governor positions and Mayor positions.

Members get a vote in governor elections, members can stand to be governors.

On October 19, 1943 the Sobibor Revolt was discussed extensively at a meeting held in Governor General Hans Frank's mansion in Krakow.

In 2% of cases governor under is used

Under Governor Bush, Florida advanced a new approach that prioritized the patient.

The Emirate Council and the Government of Kano State -- under Governor Kwankwaso had been at odds -- publicly.

In 1% of cases governor from is used

During the heated Senate campaign of 1940, Hannegan had switched his support from Governor Stark to Truman as the better man, and he delivered enough St.

He has held almost every important post in the country, from governor of the Reserve Bank of India to economic adviser to prime ministers, starting with Indira Gandhi.

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