Prepositions used with "golf"

"of golf", "in golf" or "to golf"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases golf of is used
    Less rounds of golf, more range time.
    Or drive for a game of golf in a cool hill resort.
    I feel like this type of golf course sets up for me.
    But the main bring of all for most money slot Sarasota retirement areas is PGA the sport of golf.
    We also went up a number of mountains and even got in some fishing and, in Scotland, a game of golf.
    Both (the PGA Tour and PGA European Tour) are represented on our respective rules of golf committees.
    It is recommended that you do some type of warm-up exercises for 10 to 15 minutes before beginning your round of golf.
    Tom Broach is the President of the Broach Sports Tours, Charlotte, NC-based, and Carlos McCracken is the director of golf.
    Once able to fit in a teaspoon, the Hedgehogs, named Polaris, Storm, Magneto &; Juggernaut, are now the size of golf balls.
    The building itself is stunning and there is nothing like finishing your round of golf in front of a load of other golfers.

    In 11% of cases golf in is used
    But bad breaks happen all the time in golf.
    Novices and experts alike find a degree of difficulty in golf.
    In conclusion, to be able to engage in golf effectively, you need to have patience.
    A great way to boost the level of play in golf is to put a friendly wager on the game.
    Such is the importance that he placed on greens in golf course architecture as a whole.
    There is no hip-hop, rap or even jazz in golf architecture; it's all Stephen Foster and John Philip Sousa.
    But many people in China have developed a keen interest in golf and I expect a very fast development of the golf sport in the mainland.
    More Breaking 100/90/80 America's Best Young Teachers There's one test in golf that can't be faked: breaking your personal scoring barrier.
    Nothing in golf is the same as it was in the 1920s -- not the clubs, the balls, the mowers, the turfgrass, the clubhouses or the fabric on our skin.
    Butch Harmon School of golf Butch Harmon is widely regarded as the premier golf coach in the world, training some of the biggest names in golf, including Tiger Woods.

    In 11% of cases golf to is used
    Your body is important to golf.
    Shuttle bus to golf was a very good service.
    It will ship to golf retailers the first week in February.
    It's a golden rule for many sports, but it's especially applicable to golf.
    They are also offered in offset versions, and will ship to golf retailers the first week in February.
    As a female I do not need to golf, take part in karaoke, or drink alcohol outside of our negotiation meetings.
    More Fight Club Seeking alternate solutions to golf's thorniest disputes As golfers we're responsible for knowing and following the rules of the game.
    They've rattled off a 9-1 record in Games 4-7, sending the Florida Panthers, Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers to golf courses across the continent and beyond.
    While you buy clubs in addition to golf equipment it will be important which you consider various reasons towards thought like size connected with tavern weight as well as cost.

    In 9% of cases golf for is used
    This is why it is the grass to be used for golf courses by the sea.
    This advice might seem rather generic to any sport, but it goes double for golf.
    For golf, we want to charge Rs 500 per month but are allowed to charge only Rs 200.
    And for golf bugs, Fairways and Bluewater Resort golf and Countryclub has an 18-hole championship course.
    Sponsored by Council member-company United Airlines, the event at the 18-hole layout was well-supported by Council members and their guests on a perfect day for golf.

    In 7% of cases golf at is used
    Tee Height If you are a beginner at golf, pay attention to the tee height.
    But the problem is that I suck at golf, and I'd just end up embarrassing myself.
    I might not be very good at golf just yet, but I do know I'd right on the point above.
    Bob Barker: There is no way that you could have been as bad at hockey as you are at golf.
    Anyone who wants to develop mastery at golf needs to learn how the types of clubs differ.
    Its marketing strategies will focus on high quality retail outlets, including pro shops at golf clubs,.
    Modeled after the rain suits Sun Mountain created for the 2011 USA Presidents Cup Team, StormTight is available at golf shops now, call 800-227-9224 or visit www.

    In 3% of cases golf with is used
    Nicholas is filled with golf history.
    It's also popular with golf aficionados as there are numerous courses available.
    COM that can be experienced by purchasing a package with golf international, a leading provider of high-end international golf travel.
    Most people individually hand-select one of the best excellent in addition to best selling golf equipment along with golf equipment subsequently to a great extent discounted your price ranges.

    In 2% of cases golf like is used
    Better to take up a sport that men do too, like golf or badminton -- join a club.
    Sure, I understand that Canadians want their country to be considered important and relevant, but the foreign-policy debates are a lot like golf: You want your score to be low, not high.

    In 2% of cases golf on is used
    We decided to try to eat a lot more fish in our diet and, in Tom's case, not rely solely on golf as exercise as it doesn't really increase his heart rate sufficiently.

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