Prepositions used with "gold"

"of gold", "in gold" or "for gold"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases gold of is used

Returning to the subject of gold.

Each piece of gold weighs one pound.

Lola Telesfora who had a heart of gold.

The culprits took away 110 grams of gold ornaments, Rs15,000 and a cellphone from there.

The dining room is best in earthen tones of gold, terra cotta, or other soft yin colors.

The great discovery of gold in the Yukon that occurred in 1896 did not occur in a vacuum.

When they started using silver, the silver coin was made 16 times the weight of gold, to make them equivalent in value.

My thesis being that even though the last decade has been the decade of gold, this decade will be the decade of silver.

Shekhar is a model for numerous filmi incarnations of the rogue with a heart of gold (surely also an ancient archetype).

It would feel right to move out of gold and back into Nikkei, except for the nagging feeling that ' it isn't done yet '.

In 13% of cases gold in is used

You can't pay your taxes in gold.

I still want to be in gold as well.

Music was worth it's weight in gold.

If that is true, what we've seen in Gold's ascent is nothing compared to what is coming.

This is where one can find several workshops that specialises in gold and silver crafting.

On this project I used LiquigemsT acrylic glitter color by Liquitexr 3 in gold and silver.

Please be clear gold may be a solid investment and I can see why investors may hold say 5% of their portfolio in gold.

Similar to the standard duty jacket, the flag officer's uniform was marked by a V-shaped black cutout, trimmed in gold.

We knew nothing about investing in gold and thought we were investing in gold that would appreciate with the gold rise.

National Flag The flag is tricolour, with a simple design of crossed diagonals in gold and triangles in black and green.

In 12% of cases gold for is used

The other was the prospector for gold.

In all, 950 athletes will compete for gold.

One possibility is to keep for gold online.

If the perps had taken them back to Germany they could've redeemed them, still, for gold.

As an individual, shopping for gold as an funding will ensure you of your long term wealth.

Shopping for gold bullion on the market would be the easiest investment you will ever make.

India meets its demand for Gold only through imports, which increases our import bill and helps in widening fiscal deficit.

I am afraid that the best we can hope for gold to do in a serious depression is to fall less in value than other assets might.

TGR: Is it safe to assume that you aren't looking for gold to rocket up within the next couple of years? JN: I don't think it will.

I asked our metals trader, Tim, and he confirmed that last Friday was the strongest day of demand for Gold that he's seen in awhile.

In 6% of cases gold to is used

Anything he touched, he thought, would turn to gold.

They sprinkle fairy dust on disasters and turn them to gold.

From the outset, nearly everything the band touched turned to gold.

In the public sector, prototypical relatively smoothly for close to gold, is expected to.

Again, I think you've done great work with your novels, and I'd looking forward to Gold! Dear Mr.

Concerns over US ' fiscal cliff and geopolitical tensions should remain supportive to gold price.

There is no need to worry in regards to the price, because the pearls are far cheaper compared to gold or diamond earrings.

The last vestige of convertibility of the dollar into gold was abolished by President Nixon's executive order on August 15, 1971.

That's right, the price of a Big Mac has soared 866% since the year President Nixon severed the dollar's convertibility into gold.

Cheaper as compared to Gold -- Although the metalic Pandora Charms shop is just about the most popular forms of jewelry out there.

In 6% of cases gold with is used

Either way, looks like you came back with GOLD.

Gold is good but nobody buys groceries with gold.

With gold prices at all time highs it seems like not idea.

Also, how sure are you that the gold is actual gold and not some metal coated with gold.

Similarly, the person with gold in their hand had already decided to sell, no matter what I said.

Why, she wouldn't marry him if he was President of the United States and plated with gold an inch thick.

I don't think the deal would have worked if I tried it with gold, but those 20 shiney bars of silver did the trick today.

He was an Italian explorer from Genoa who set sail in 1492 to enrich the Spanish monarchs with gold and spices from the orient.

Outside was a shocking red Island Cruiser with gold plated rims an a spoila wha mek di car look like Air Jamaica a get ready fi tek off.

In 4% of cases gold on is used

Now though, he has his eye firmly on gold.

On gold it is virtually impossible to find anyone who is negative.

That leaves me mainly with those who are to some extent bullish on gold.

He is a former central banker that believes we should build our monetary system on gold.

Some regular chemical combinations can be harsh on gold and silver such as cleaning products.

He knows nothing about or doesn't factor in peak oil and climate change and is fixated on gold.

Plus ask any successful platinum, emerald or diamond whether they are on gold subscription for CDs, books and seminars.

The rupee is likely to continue to lose value against the dollar and thus there are still more gains to be made on gold.

He crossed the watershed that divided the Klondike River and Indian Creek and f o u n d promising results on Gold Bottom Creek.

The company, based in Gdansk, capitalised on gold's allure while playing on people's anxieties in unpredictable financial times.

In 3% of cases gold into is used

That was when dust started turning into gold.

Inflows into Gold ETFs have come in at over 10.

It will be by far the biggest run out of paper money into gold money in history.

This really means people are putting as many dollars into silver as they are into gold.

When the Alchemists tried to change base metal into gold, they chose the wrong elements.

And other offcuts of found detritus, picked up from the mental streets of Paris and spun into gold.

There's a hillside back in Erin, Stretching high above the bay, Where the sunset turns the heather Into gold at close of day.

It was backed by Red Bull -- a global beverage manufacturer which has made its fortune by turning caffeinated water into gold.

The last vestige of convertibility of the dollar into gold was abolished by President Nixon's executive order on August 15, 1971.

That's right, the price of a Big Mac has soared 866% since the year President Nixon severed the dollar's convertibility into gold.

In 2% of cases gold from is used

GoldMoney buys directly from Gold Bullion Refiners.

Even if Genneva pays monthly gift from gold appreciation.

It is not from gold appreciation nor profit from the business.

You can also offset such losses against long-term gains from gold and property.

One example is, the cost of Rolex replica produced from gold starts from $30,000 upwards.

Few brokers can make money from gold, support your economy, buy stocks and shares, the city needs your commissions.

Find one of the such a lot productive ways to beef up your returns from gold via selecting the proper funding strategy.

They manage to link up with British troops from Gold beach and by the end of the day, their beachhead was 12 miles wide and 6 miles deep.

One rule we created to help the computer AI was to reduce the amount of gold removed from gold mines to prevent them from being mined-out.

What happened in the evening was a contrast and manifested my tradition as I looked back to my past starting from Gold Coast through to Ghana.

In 1% of cases gold by is used

Entry is by gold coin donation benefiting the Otanewainuku Kiwi trust.

Till the early 1930s, paper money around the world used to be backed by gold or silver.

The slow, grinding type of inflation we have had over that period was not mitigated by gold ownership.

From Bretton Woods until President Nixon, the US$ was backed by gold and everyone else fluctuated against it; Nixon broke the $ gold peg because of inflation caused by the Vietnam war.

Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, in his interview with CNBC, says investors will soon start to demand fiat currencies be backed by gold or other hard assets.

In 1% of cases gold like is used

Kanna lock already, typical MSM, like Gold 90.

Some of us have invested our savings in precious metals like Gold, Steel, and Lead.

Unlike gold, by investing in stocks, the total credit/money supply in the economy doesn't come down.

While stocks are surely a good medium to save one's wealth, unlike gold, the supply of stocks can be changed by a keystroke.

India now allows 100 percent foreign direct investment (FDI) in mining and exploration of non-core minerals like gold, silver, and diamonds.

Prices of all major Indian bullion and metal commodities like gold, silver, platinum, aluminium, copper, nickel, steel, tin, zinc and lead are.

He added that with few alternate avenues for investment, like gold, silver too is enjoying demand as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations.

Typically, brass were rather used in jewelry to get a feel of low-cost ' class ', since with the moderate yellow-colored sculpt, it looks a bit like gold.

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