Prepositions used with "goal"

"of goal", "in goal" or "on goal"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases goal of is used

Same amount of goals and assist.

Just look at the number of goals conceded dude.

And that is the kind of goal we are shooting for.

Had Arsenal been a little more clinical in front of goal, City would have lost last week.

Having had our fill of goals for the weekend, Sports Mole pick out our team of the week.

The 25 year old could certainly be a great addition to the squad and offer alot of goals.

As with any marketing activity, the first step in any link building campaign is the creation of goals and strategies.

United have relied on Ronaldo's goals too much and so the rest of the team haven't been contributing enough by way of goals.

Neithe team averages over 2 shots per game over the 11 they've both played, and both have scored the same amount of goals (18).

Henri Myntti might come handy and even score a couple of goals (from set-pieces) but will not get the hearts of TamU fans racing.

In 18% of cases goal in is used

He also was in goal when the U.

Autonomy in goal attainment 16.

He leads the WHL in goals (21) and points (50).

To preserve the legs but keep some energy on the pitch I went in goal and Shane came out.

I had only been playin in goals for 4 years but was on the brink of a professional contract.

I had only been playin in goals for 4 years but was on the brink of a professional contract.

Underwent a trial at Liverpool in 2007 and has been banging in goals consistently for Sparta Prague throughout his career.

Jessie Vetter was in goal when the United States beat Finland 15-1 and Canada 3-0 in its final two games of the tournament.

Autonomy in goal attainment is also significantly and positively correlated to self efficacy and positive workplace deviance.

The first is keeper Ben Foster, who has been very solid in goal for the Baggies, though Boaz Myhill has been a good understudy.

In 17% of cases goal on is used

France held them to one shot on goal.

If you can eliminate a shot on goal, or.

They had 48 shots on goal Friday and still lost.

I shouted and swore when he didn't put ruud in on goal or on his 6th step over fell over.

Junior Nikki Donnelly led all players in the game with five shots, three of which were on goal.

Glenmuir won Group B with five points while Frome edged Bog Walk on goal-difference after both finished on four points.

The 29-year-old read the game extremely well and made several interceptions to deny Freiburg from going through on goal.

After only two minutes a cross from Marshall found Nick Allen in the centre but the midfielder skied his effort on goal.

He got the ball just inside Honka's half, patiently drew Rami Hakanp from his position before releasing Mkel free on goal.

In 8% of cases goal for is used

Then, Kilkenny struck for goal.

With this lineup, hope for goals.

He's pretty slow but has a good eye for goal.

Giroud's strength and eye for a pass match perfectly with Theo's speed and rekindled eye for goal.

Andrew Wiedeman did not get much of a chance to impress but is young and hinted at a nose for goal.

The NCO was given the lead responsibility for Goal 1 (children's participation) and Goal 2 (research).

Initiatives such as this provide a valuable opportunity for goal alignment and to embark on innovative projects together.

Similar to Roy Keane, when he burst onto the United scene as a youngster, he was a box-to-box midfielder with an eye for goal.

There's a decent chance they will both have to shoot for goal at times as well and when that time comes, they need to nail their shots.

TPTD can be reliably performed at bedside 11 and has been successfully implemented in algorithms for goal directed hemodynamic therapy 12.

In 6% of cases goal to is used

Figure 5 Derived priorities with respect to goal.

Rangel's couple of dodgy passes that lead to goals.

From the right, he tends to pick the ball up his back to goal.

It all comes down to goals and Stoke's continuing issue with finding the back of the net.

Positioning -- I find that I have a pretty good shot to goal ration from certain areas of the ice.

But with his back to goal at an angle 25 yards out, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a stunning overhead kick.

United lost 1-0 away but in front of 60,000 people at Old Trafford, won 2-0, thanks to goals from Macari and McIlroy.

Oaks trailed to goals from Chelsea Kitchen and Megan Wylde at half-time to a team they had beaten 6-2 in the League Cup last month.

Simple answer -- because at Manchester, Rooney can stay closer to goal and let those exceptional wingers and strike partners find him.

The junior midfielder hit Maury Cronauer with a quick pass and Cronauer raced to goal and scored on a one-on-one shot, putting the game at 2-2.

In 4% of cases goal at is used

He had few shots at goal but had a good game.

I'd also pretty sure Australia had more shots at goal as well.

With an irony, Gspurning began to take his time at goal kicks.

Should ask Stewart what NSW were thinking of taking a 40 metre shot at goal after a penalty.

He seem to still be robust from the report of his attempts at goal from open play and from set plays.

Bah's attempt at goal when a pass was the only right solution was a textbook example of making the wrong one.

Wasps had a chance to hit back immediately when Tommy Bell was handed a second shot at goal and this time he didn't miss making it 7-3.

The first Utd chance of the second half saw Van Persie control the ball on his second attempt, only for the result to be a weak shot at goal.

Davies was handed another shot at goal after a half charge down on Holmes led to a penalty but the home side's kicker missed and pushed it wide.

It came close to paying off instantly when Commons lashed a strike at goal from outside the box, only to see his attempt just clear the crossbar.

In 3% of cases goal with is used

Japan won with goals from Kensuke Nagai after 14 minutes.

With goals to achieve, people to meet, places to see and fun to be had.

He worked with GOAL for 18 months on a leave of absence, based in Dun Laoghaire and Congo/Rwanda.

In 2005/06, Rijkaard's team won 1-3 with goals by Deco, Giuly and Larsson in the UEFA Group stage.

They were revived in the late nineteenth century, with goals of peace and fellowship modeled on those of the ancient Olympics.

Match-3 games do require some skill, especially the ones like this with goals of having to move certain pieces down the board.

Importantly, he has backed it up with goals, having kicked three more goals on Saturday night to take his tally to 20 for the season.

Other players like Osman and Anichebe have chipped in with goals and our team as a whole looks stronger, more dangerous in front of goal and more attack minded.

Henry's infamous handball in the run-up to the goal which sent France to the 2010 World Cup at Ireland's expense would not have been avoided with goal line technology.

Whoever comes in, though, somebody with goals in the locker has to arrive in order to give the Bianconeri the strength up front that they have all across the rest of their squad.

In 2% of cases goal across is used

He's left footed, I'd left-footed and I thought that if it was me I'd go across goal to the right.

Seb Larsson whips in a cross from the right and with Gary Cahill placing him under heavy pressure, Math Ranegie touches just wide across goal.

It was 5-0 in the 74th minute when Samir Nasri's ball across goal left Tevez with a simple tap in to make sure that both the forward's had a brace to their name.

You sensed an edge to the stadium even at 4-2 with 10 men and Bale soon had another chance, flying onto Dempsey's pass down the left and zipping his effort across goal.

The opening minutes saw McCormack twice come close from good positions, first with a header then with a shot across goal after fellow Scot Chris Burke had seen a drive blocked by Kolo Toure.

Adebayor looks up for this today as he win's a ball and holds it up despite 3 players around him 3min Kaboul beats Saurez to a side pass but Spurs break and Adebayor goes across goal with an effort.

In 2% of cases goal into is used

These feelings are translated into goals, action and decisions.

The perfect platform, fans will hope, to turn those shots into goals.

Who was the last to touch it? What body part made contact? and Which way did it fall? answers Inglis, Right hand, forward into goal.

Despite being the better side and testing Juve's stand-in keeper Marco Storari to the limit several times, the home team were unable to turn domination into goals.

The Ads were shooting a lot more but couldn't turn those shots into goals to tie the game; even when gifted multiple power play opportunities and zone possession cycles.

Rodgers needs more firepower to convert the pretty patterns he is designing into goals, which is why it is essential either Daniel Sturridge or Clint Dempsey signs today.

In 2% of cases goal towards is used

Moving towards goals is a real part of living a purposeful life.

If one compares Spain to 1970s Holland, the Dutch were great passers too, but usually forward, towards goal.

But Hollywood balls and powerful shots towards goal are finding their target less frequently than years gone by.

In the 87th minute he was at it again and his run towards goal was only stopped by a foul inside the penalty area.

The Uruguayan beat Fabricio Collocini to the ball, chested it down towards goal, rounded Krul and tapped into an empty net.

Shefflin, who had been very quiet to that point, brilliantly caught a ball in midfield, raced towards goal and passed beautifully to TJ Reid, who fired smartly and low to the net.

They showed another sign of their threat midway through the first half when Oscar Cardozo broke the offside trap and smashed a shot towards goal, only to see his strike hit the side-netting.

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