Prepositions used with "girl"

"of girl" or "for girl"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases girl of is used

The same seems to ring true of GIRLS.

This tenacious mantra of girl power mk.

Lots of girls, only One Mysterious Woman.

In this country, in 2009-2010, the number of girls enrolled in Grade 1 increased to 75.

Ultimatum time Well, a lot of girls won't wait until the third tip to give the ultimatum.

I am not the type of girl who would want to try that sort of spinning, oh no, definitely not.

There are many styles of girl's skirts such as the pleated skirt that is best known as the basic uniform for cheerleaders.

In Australia researchers tell us that up to 50% of girls and boys in senior classes in school have had sexual intercourse.

The enthusiastic drivel is usually saved for the closest of girl friends and what men get to hear are her precise thoughts.

To complement the fashion styles of girls, they come in various sizes and colors for instance V-neck with mesh cup sleeves.

In 27% of cases girl for is used

This profession is good especially for girls.

The example often given is that of the word for girl.

Get trendy and dive into these Make Up games for girls.

He basically risks his life, the life of his friend, and maybe his whole world for girl.

She is the author of Sweet As, Savour, and Party Food for Girls (New Holland Publishers).

To fill the need for girls, child stealing, abduction and trafficking of women is on the rise.

And though the population as a whole is quite poor, education levels for girls are among the highest in the country.

But labelling it as ' for girls ' is insinuating that girls HAVE to play on easy mode for god knows whatever reason.

It takes moms and dads who give of their time to coach Little League baseball, or be the Troop Leaders for Girl Scouts.

Relationships The story is an amusing representation of various types of relationships in a Scottish school for girls.

In 9% of cases girl to is used

When it comes to Girls, we agree on plenty.

Knowing how to talk to girls is that groundwork.

I passed my 11 Plus and went to girls ' grammar.

And I thought his friends were lame when it came to girls (or, had an ulterior motive).

I taught Mathematics to girls that were always willing to learn and a pleasure to teach.

You may have wasted lots of opportunities to talk to girls when you had the perfect shot.

But when it comes to girls who are just being naive and selfish, then what a shame they do bring onto the sisterhood.

In the fifties, a new boys ' dorm was added, and in the sixties, the school even opened the boarding facilities to girls.

As you will soon find out contributing to, young boys in addition to girls ' moccasins probably will not be the very same.

They were usually boys (5 to 1, boys to girls) and there was a strong history of obesity, diabetes, and alcoholism in the family.

In 9% of cases girl with is used

From a partnership with Girls, Inc.

This is not a topic to argue with girls.

You formed closer bonds with girls than boys.

Though i am handsome but my communication skills with girls (romantic) are very poor.

With girls, the areas across the ribcage, ankle and backbone are painful tattoo sites.

Some friendships have ended up with girls ending up dead so don't take this advice lightly.

These discussions of likes and dislikes can continue to be long ones, thus enabling men to spend more time with girls.

At this age a fixation with metal and glass in all forms is prevalent -- car fetishes with young boys and jewellery with girls.

However, like most people certain events has given me certain issues, such as i don't like being friends with girls most of time.

Last thing that surprised me was the eyecontact with other people i met (very natural and full of human curiosity ), even with girls.

In 4% of cases girl in is used

Absolutely, but having a WOC in Girls doesn't make anybody free.

It is amazing what can be combined together in girl's clothing to make different looks.

The style today in girl's clothing is to wear these shirts with pants, shorts, or skirts.

Certainly, it's promising that big improvements have been made in girls ' access to education.

I sniffed the hand of a male on this! It was like guys making a movie about guys in girl suits.

One time my aunt made me dress in girls ' clothes and sent me out-side where everyone could see me.

The way I interpreted Moran's post was that she couldn't give a sh*t about WOC representation in Girls.

China and India have both reported an increase in girls, including the very young, being used as sex slaves and for bride trafficking.

Suddenly, however, he became obsessed with the children's TV cartoon character Dora the Explorer, and started to dress in girls ' clothes.

In 4% of cases girl on is used

If you like girl on girl action, you'll like this place.

Every year an estimate of 10 million girls are married before they reach 18.

Around the world, 10 million girls a year are married while they are still children.

Click here for more on girls and womens suits for swimming or board shorts for women.

Make your friend that's a guy try on girl clothes and then have him run around like a crazy person.

Did he run from school because of cult activities? Or he was living large spending on girls with the money.

Early marriages also impacts on girls ' right to education, health, and participate in the decisions that affect them.

The most recent example is the ban on girls playing soccer in the hijab, or more famously the ban on burquas in France.

The beauties are a little shy at first - Ginger isn't used to the girl on girl stuff - but Roxy soon has her naked and relaxing on the couch with her.

In 2% of cases girl about is used

We'll talk about girls, cars, music.

I've initiated this thread about girls ' only.

Maybe he was wrong before, and his friends weren't lame to talk about girls that way.

Also she was trying to change the way that the people of her valley thought about girls going to school.

He would not pray while running off to the cinema with his friends while spending time hours and hours a day talking about girls.

Yuuya and Leon being only mechasexuals -- tot he extent of not even thinking about girls side -- on the mens side: P No wonder some girls have yaoi thoughts about them.

In 2% of cases girl among is used

These flat shoes are popular among girls and women of all ages.

This is an evergreen haircut among girls which never get out dated.

AIDS spreads twice as quickly among uneducated girls than among girls that have even some schooling.

Lack of hostels, she said, largely contributes to school dropouts among girls and action should be taken.

Twelve other communities are now pushing for the formation of COMBAT in their communities to fight against incidences of abduction among girls.

At the postsecondary level, the transition rate, from secondary school towards higher education, is generally higher among girls than among boys.

The situation is worse among girls in Asia, where the prevalence of the problem is 46 per cent and in Sub Saharan Africa where it is at 38 per cent.

Yesterday I met with her and she said she had been focusing more on rape in 2012 because it appeared as a major theme among girls ' stories, though was not originally a focal point of the program.

In 2% of cases girl at is used

Boys were throwing pots around at girls.

She shouldn't be venting her frustration at girls who didn't do anything to her.

It sickens me to core when old men glare at girls who must be their daughters age with such disgusting expressions on their faces.

In 2% of cases girl like is used

Guys don't like girls who don't do anything.

Check out Boys Like Girls - The First Time video below.

The First Time lyric by Boys Like Girls also available after the jump.

Same shoes that were too squat and laced, never buckled like girl's shoes.

The illustrations showed him with long, curly hair and dressed in what looked to me like girl's clothes.

This is not a Barbie's dream house tea-party, where we sit around like girls discussing hair and makeup.

Like girls, boys also sometimes have to drop out of school to help their mothers with heavier work, or miss school during peak periods in agriculture.

They don't want to have a girlfriend and they say to me things like girls aren't worth, they will use me as a tool, they just want money, they are all sl*ts etc.

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