Prepositions used with "gift"

"of gift" or "with gift"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases gift of is used

They live entirely in an economy of gifts.

What kind of gift you would like to have? 6.

He has a trunk full of gifts ready for her.

Stop complaining about how it is clich that every holiday you express your love by way of gifts.

Stop complaining about how it is clich that every holiday you express your love by way of gifts.

New details of gifts received by ministers show the PM has kept the freebie for ' official use '.

Considering what kind of gift you would like to receive will help you when you are deciding what to give someone else.

Which means bringing some sort of gift that my cousin Kaitlin and her boyfriend Kyle will use forever and into eternity.

But we have a state that is still large enough and distorted enough that it can provide a bounty of gifts to the wealthy.

Income from Undisclosed Sources -- Validity of Gifts -- In the present case gift was made by unrelated donor to the assessee.

In 18% of cases gift with is used

The house was filled with gifts meant as amends.

You have truly been blessed with gifts from God.

Even if it is to go to the teachers sometimes with gifts.

If you are planning to fly with gifts, be sure that you do not wrap them before flight.

Are there any other important things to keep in mind in the East? Yes -- always come with gifts.

Tipping may be a form of courtship gifting by men, but it is unusual for women to attract male interest with gifts.

The day of the wedding, the bride and groom go to the temple early in the morning with gifts of food for the monks.

Another Northumberland Christmas market is Kielder Castle Christmas Fayre, December 8, with gifts and craft stalls.

However, Jamie is so smitten that he later bombards Leah with gifts, leaving her questioning whether she should see him again.

In 14% of cases gift for is used

I bought 11, for gifts from now til Christmas.

This is a really good idea for gifts this Holiday season.

Very handy after all the dangerous Xmas products for gifts.

Leanne has an idea that might be useful for college students looking for gifts on a budget.

In addition to requests for cash, there will be requests for gifts which come in many forms.

I both make local art and buy from other hand-crafter/ artisans if I'd not making it myself for gift giving.

Being robbed of options for gift that conveys real depth of feeling is the price we pay for holding uncountable wealth.

They provide evidence of a social network around the architect and evidence for gift giving at the highest social level.

We already know from last year that 43% of of us browsed online for gift ideas -- compared to just 27% claiming to look in gift guides.

Maybe she's not struggling on a day to day basis but with finding the extra money for gifts, decorations, clothes and the extra goodies that children expect.

In 11% of cases gift to is used

Few parents, if any, will choose to gift their pride and joy with shares of stock.

So if you are planning to gift your teenage niece or nephew a good fiction, then you can choose any of and they are surely.

They were even kind enough to gift me a pair of supergas, which i will show you later along with the outfit i wore that day.

If every supporter who pays tax agrees to Gift Aid their donations, Children in Crossfire could raise thousands from the government.

Cynthia works professionally with you on a spirit to spirit level to gift you a space where you can come into empowerment effortlessly.

The donation is tax-deductible, and gives you an opportunity to gift yourself with a new iPad (which is quite likely Apple's ultimate goal).

So I thought this will be the ideal time as Christmas is near by and it will be great to gift someone with a lovely gift pack with their excellent products.

Still, though, Newcastle hung on with ten men until late on, when Demba Ba inadvertently directed his defensive header into his own net to gift Sunderland the draw.

In keeping with that theme, the guests -- a mix of the art-world chic and their old-money patrons -- were treated to gift bags from the luxury skincare line La Mer.

In 6% of cases gift in is used

Witches and broomsticks galore to be had in Gift Shops.

In other words, if you have given a total of 10 in gifts, they could be worth 12.

This pack also includes the Holiday Greeting Cards and Papaya Ointment featured in Gift Pack One.

We already know from last year that 43% of of us browsed online for gift ideas -- compared to just 27% claiming to look in gift guides.

In 6% of cases gift on is used

You will also be taxed on gifts.

He had spent $30,000 on gifts for his fiancee, he said.

Please note: we are unable to claim Gift Aid on Gift Memberships of any type, or on.

A A Will there be Tax due? A Capital Acquisitions Tax is the tax charged on gifts and inheritances.

Many parents are now fixing spending limits on gifts and party bags, or eliminating them altogether.

In recent times, however the season has become rather commercialized with great significance being placed on gift exchange.

Lat ely, I've been mostly working on gifts so all I can shar e are block 3 and 4 of the 2012 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop.

Mum-of-two Helen Barraclough, 34, of Shipley, said she would probably spend less on gifts for her children this year because of the increased cost.

The reason is simple -- the extended family is all together, enjoying each others company and having a wonderful meal together without the stress of spending money on gifts that no one wants.

In 3% of cases gift about is used

BTW, welcome to MR, OscuridadBonita! obsessed2 11-20-2011, 11:21 AM I know about gift cards, i use them for ps3.

The truth is People are the reason for the season because they made it a holiday about gifts and spending time with the family.

In 2% of cases gift by is used

In carrying out any such plan, the insurer may acquire any shares of its own stock by gift, bequest or purchase.

According to IAMAI, e-ticketing for railways and airlines is the biggest contributor to B2C transactions, followed by gift items like books and videos, flowers, jewelry, watches and apparels.

In 1% of cases gift as is used

The latest cell phones available in the market during this festival come with various incentives as well as gifts.

A breast cancer warrior goddess, she used the 7 Graces as gifts to guide her through the process of transformation.

I plan to use this one to display our 2010 Christmas card photo Like this project with the kids ' school photos: Last year I made 8 of these for Christmas gifts for my kids ' teachers.

In 1% of cases gift from is used

Sometimes extra income comes from gifts form extra duties.

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