Prepositions used with "game"

"of game" or "in game"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases game of is used

No-Neck curses his lack of game.

My definition falls into that of game.

Different styles of games can co-exist.

GC: We rarely get sent an actual boxed copy of game, so ours didn't have anything extra.

And I'll be thankful for the abundant choice we all have in today's selection of games.

You can also add a list of games and accessories that come with the PSP you are selling.

Negotiators spoke by phone on Friday before the NHL made its latest round of game cancellations and again on Saturday.

More than anything else though, it's edifying that this kind of reaction means there is a place for this kind of game.

Pat for CJ Mvovo/Taute for JP if needed Flip for Eben He will again ask Lambie to play a tactical kicking type of game.

A lot of gamers complain about how games are made for cretins today with all the ' press X to Y ' prompts on the screen.

In 18% of cases game in is used

And that was the difference in Game 1.

In Game 7, you've got to be so focused.

In Game 1, her component was her teacher.

I have been saying since June, that the Shark's defense needs to be used late in games.

More organisation would help, or a different sort of defender for certain games MIGHT help.

Maasai people are prohibited from accessing water sources and pasture land in game reserves.

If anything, in games Balotelli sometimes tries things that are too complex when he should just play the simple pass.

In round 8, at a record of 6-1, our match came down to a very interesting board state in game three of the Rakdos mirror.

In game 3 last year, when Slater came in with his legs trying to prevent Hayne's touchdown, the Blues got an 8 point try.

In contrast, people in Queensland who are participating in games of two-up any time of the year will be breaking the law.

In 13% of cases game per is used

His goal per game conceded record was 1.

This saves at least 10 seconds per game.

His career points per game average of 1.

During this season, Roy only ended up playing in 47 games and averaged 12 points per game.

DeAndre Hopkins ranks second in the ACC and sixth in the nation in reception yards per game (115.

Besides averaging 20 points per game, Roy was bestowed with the award of Pac-10 player of the year.

The explosion from beyond the arc is nothing new for Colgate, as it's connecting on nearly 10 treys per game at a 46.

The obvious first point to make is that the average goals per game figure for the seven players combined falls from 0.

There he averaged over 16 points, four rebounds and three assists per game, helping the Blaze make the NBL semi-finals.

Right now, Bosh is averaging slightly more than 19 points per game and should be able to get his average against Phoenix.

In 8% of cases game for is used

I hope they will step up for game 2.

Move on and start preparing for game two.

Just one team really turned up for Game 7.

Which is fine, usually that's exactly how my head works for games that I'd not keen on.

You will find a lot of good reviews online for games that are deemed appropriate for kids.

I asked my Dad for games and he bought me some books on Basic and told me to make them myself.

The Devils had as much in mind following practice in preparation for Game 5 of the final Saturday night in New Jersey.

I do however have to applaud Trion's gamble for releasing such massive changes for game that hasn't been doing so well.

Open from June to the end of March, it is particularly good for game in the height of the dry season, when the marshes.

Dots arranged in a certain manner? Add permutation-combinations, probability, and the possibilities for games are endless.

In 7% of cases game to is used

Adding non-game elements to games.

Sure, there are a few game to game items.

It was the best kept secret of the run-up to Games.

Although as I've grown older I've seen there is a lot more to games then meets the eye.

I am nevertheless also strongly in favour of your advice to game designers to design games.

The 59-year-old goes to games in Hong Kong as much as he can, be it professional or amateur.

There is little room for manoeuvre on ticket prices; so it is essential that we find a solution to get more people to games.

We shouldn't leave it up to game publishers to decide when we replay the classics with HD collections and digital rereleases.

Find out how to use the new timer function, which makes timing everyday tasks easy - from boiling an egg to games or exercise.

He hops from game to game in pursuit of this, the movie piling on in-jokes (Sheng Long was here! ), until he eventually succeeds.

In 5% of cases game on is used

For daily opinions, debates and interviews on games you.

Re: Re: Re: I'll say the same thing I said on Game Politics.

I disagree with the point on games making advertising more honest.

Action games, and FPSs in particular, develope those, giving you an edge over people with less.

Online achievements on games where the publisher hosts their own server are the primary culprits.

You had good field position all night and still couldn't score more than 2 tries! Bring on Game 2.

Although game applications are very popular, usually, mobile users will spend more time on news apps than on game apps.

We understand what it is like to be working hard on the training paddock and for things not to be clicking on game day.

The Kings have won Game 1 in four consecutive series, and won Games 2 and 3 in the previous three while they were at it.

But I do think Tyler, since he's been here, when he's been in tough situations when we put him in in on games in the road.

In 4% of cases game at is used

Their attempt at game design was a total disaster.

And people who are not gamers are not good at games.

He isn't implying ALL WOMEN simply aren't very good at games.

The artist makes great games and the entrepreneur churns out crap to bankroll the artist.

They screamed and danced and were gifted by the Azkals team a personal visit at game's end.

I am not good at games anymore but have always been bad at footy games as much as I love football.

If he was gay, and called it ' the boyfriend ' mode, would that be a slur on men being crap at games? *Well, there would be.

The first one I remember getting was when I was about 10 and about to go take a test in games (I'd really rubbish at games!).

In many markets fans will be forced to pay more to attend games, park at games or purchase a hamburger and beverage at a game.

So my point is, when you're making a game, consider what you are after and then consider what the point of the fun is in that game.

In 4% of cases game with is used

I must say, I'd getting back on board with Game Center.

Perine finished the season with games of 297, 214 and 226.

With Game 4 being moved to today, Game 5 would be played tomorrow.

When you grow up in the Karoo, you learn about meat, and hunting, and working with game.

So I would expect Trevor to be very good at building relationships with games publishers.

Some might enjoy a quite afternoon tea, while others will prefer an event filled with games and activities.

The striker's double secured Champions League victory this week, with United seeking to qualify with games to spare.

Just about the most miniscule odds fit in with games of progressive pokies, which afflict have the largest jackpots too.

Quite possibly the most miniscule odds fit in with games of progressive pokies, which afflict hold the largest jackpots too.

I'd dreaming of a Hockey Night in Canada With games from noon until midnight, May Don Cherry's outfits be merry and bright And his Crosby opinions be right.

In 2% of cases game about is used

RSS Archives About Scripted Sequence is all about games.

I'd passionate about technical education, and naturally about games.

And to everyone who has written something thoughtful about games, thank you.

Written by Candice Share via Social Media Been writing about games since mid-00's but playing them since mid-80's.

Written by Candice Share via Social Media Been writing about games since mid-00's but playing them since mid-80's.

I always seem to worry about game companies jumping the shark and including things that might seem flashy -- but end up being too much.

CNN's Richard Quest Everything that has been bad about games in recent years was slowly, carefully addressed and ultimately dealt with in London.

I've read a lot of comments (about GAME) over the years and I still agree that the bulk of their customers are parents who just don't realise what they're buying.

My wife's experience with Wii Fit speaks volumes about games potential to turn an often mundane activity into entertainment that is delightful, exploratory and highly meaningful.

Of course, I am talking about games like Bioshock, Spec Ops: The Line, Far Cry 2 and, more recently, Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja, Hotline Miami and the still upcoming Far Cry 3.

In 2% of cases game from is used

It's me RV2x08 from game master zone.

Therefore there are no pretenders from game five.

Like all the defensive changes, even the tweaks from game 1.

The guests can't go home without pirate party favours and prizes from games.

As a result, there's a lot of nuance to the way Donegal play from game to game.

A share of revenue generated from game reserves in Maasai land could only improve the situation.

These Members of the Month, will each win a game of their choice (up to the value of 50) from GAME.

I've not bought anything from GAME and Gamestation since the Dreamcast days, I'd not daft enough to pay their daft prices.

I got into text adventures with the origional CAVE game from GAMES IN BASIC, and then a decade later, had heard of zork, etc.

He hops from game to game in pursuit of this, the movie piling on in-jokes (Sheng Long was here! ), until he eventually succeeds.

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