Prepositions used with "funding"

"of funding" or "for funding"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases funding of is used

They are a big source of funding.

There is a huge shortfall of funding.

This resulted in an extra? 9 million of funding.

If the project is undertaken, the City would examine a full range of funding options.

Due to a lack of funding, international assistance to those host families has now stopped.

Shaviro sees the future of our national healthcare system as hinging on the issue of funding.

Professor Buttriss tells us that the BNF's ' diverse sources of funding ' which can be found in its annual reports.

Suggestions Addressing particular challenges of funding and a full-time set-up, were some of his other suggestions.

Responding to Mr Fleming's comments yesterday, Dr Moore said the GPs were offered 50 per cent of funding as of July 1.

In 2004, there has already been a 100% increase, on 2003, in the allocation of funding for health information systems.

In 16% of cases funding for is used

The contest for funding closes on 14th October.

Where is the estimation of, and the identification for Funding?

All applications for funding are assessed by ACWW Projects Committee.

In other words return on investment or ROI may not be the sole criteria for funding.

Who will be responsible for funding equipage and budgetary effects of that decision.

The cost is pretty much free, but minor hockey organizations are always looking for funding.

In turn, students are under pressure, for funding reasons, to complete their research within the defined deadline.

Higher risk for higher returns Businesses are increasingly going direct to their clients for funding by issuing corporate bonds.

In identifying potential projects for funding, the TIP proposal notes that the population in Jefferson County has increased 20,634 or 10.

In 16% of cases funding in is used

The project has received over 500,000 in funding from the AHRC in Britain.

I do nt think you've actually answered the question regarding bias in funding.

Keep in mind, Prescott Bush, our current President's grandfather aided in funding Adolph Hitler.

It has raised more than $140 million in funding from venture firms, including Charles River Ventures Inc.

Only 4% of voters felt the federal government should take the lead in funding bicycle paths (5% for pedestrian paths).

It's designed to, by showing both what it takes to set up a business and what investors look for in funding start ups.

These barriers include differences in funding, regulatory frameworks, governance, curriculum development and staffing.

Experience from the USA and Australia 12 shows that increases in funding for tobacco control programmes reduce tobacco use.

The Fianna Fil deputy also welcomed the Government's commitment to provide 3 million in funding for 170 new Garda vehicles.

But since we are limited in funding we can not develop it to greater extent where it can be useful by enlarge to our community.

In 8% of cases funding with is used

It was established in June 2001 with funding from the World Bank.

A year later the CCC approached her with funding for a pocket guide.

This digest was prepared with funding from the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.

I think the slow progress is a mixture of problems with funding (lack of) and power (to make change).

The program should be run and managed to the maximum extent by UNHCR with funding from the Australian government.

Ellis claims that Crytek managed to buy the business with funding through a government regional development agency.

I later developed it into a fully-fledged novel with funding I received from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

It is available to employees and is earnings related, with funding coming from your National Insurance Contributions (NICs).

It is financed with funding secured by the Ghana Government from the French Government, through Agence Francaise de Development (AFD).

Optics professor Ian Walmsley led the team that invented the device with funding from the Department of Defense Center for Quantum Information.

In 6% of cases funding to is used

This situation will not improve due to funding cuts to public libraries.

Subject to funding settlements, we won't pass on the full 30 per cent cut.

In addition to funding challenges, MNHC struggles with a high no-show rate.

Amounts vary from year to year based on in tuition and are subject to funding availability.

We have room now, with the Stability Treaty passed and access to funding guaranteed post 2013.

We wanted to ensure our third sector partners were treated with respect with a completely new approach to funding.

The agency was originally intended to provide increased access to funding for mortgages after the Great Depression.

I am concerned that debate about Irish education is becoming too confined to funding and more particularly to the campaign for a return to fees.

In higher education as a whole, the increasing use of postgraduates for low-paid, and even unpaid, work is chalked up disingenuously to funding cuts.

During my days with Gemini News Service I also edited the Commonwealth Feature Service whose death-knell was sounded nearly 10 years ago due to funding cuts.

In 4% of cases funding on is used

The year 2011 brought pressures on funding, and the familiar need to achieve more with less.

This is to be reassessed after this year, based on more precise information on funding needs.

And Copenhagen also included important provisions on funding, technology and forest protection.

Since 1951, World Neighbors has relied almost exclusively on funding from individual donors and private foundations.

In 1984 Regan Administration forced a ban on funding to International Organisiations who counsell women on abortions.

Question: And the additional 1 million that's been repositioned is all FY2010 money, correct? Question: One more question on funding.

Emma S The Open University has a lot of information on their website, including details on funding, entry requirements and course fees.

Did you notice the weight the MPC are putting on Funding for Lending? Expectations for FFL appear to be oustripping QE-4 -- I wonder why.

And whether it is equity or donation funding with a few perks added in (some projects will offer goods and services for free) make sure you let people know what they can expect.

In 2% of cases funding About is used

The success of elite sport is about funding, about money.

I asked teachers in NI about funding at this time and according to their memory it was increasing rapidly at the time.

The taskforce should make recommendations about funding needs and funding sources for NextGen in both the long and short term.

So, why am I on my soapbox? During the off season, you may see information about funding initiatives the market board will undertake for next year's market.

And the process through which a local authority makes decisions about funding? Just as complicated as you would expect, and with huge variations between each authority.

None of these decisions will be taken lightly and it is important that any decision about funding of services are openly communicated and consulted on with patients, staff and local communities.

In 2% of cases funding by is used

But by funding elections as we do, we have made Olson's problem fatal.

The trials have been dogged by funding problems and accusations of political interference from Cambodia's current government,.

Although there are signs of a heightened awareness of HIV, demonstrated by funding commitments, conferences and public awareness campaigns, far more needs to be done.

In 2% of cases funding from is used

That was enough to get him cut off from funding for life.

Jason: Is crowdsourcing a fad? I've heard some people are suffering from funding fatigue.

The extra bonus from funding circle is that you can sell your loan parts to other investors.

Has no one noticed theincrease in food bank activity?! Er has anyone noticed that the ring fence was removed from funding for Children's Centres -- again with our pleadership approval.

In 2% of cases funding through is used

While part of that is achieved through funding, the balance is accomplished through support.

The previous labour government tried to tackle the problem through funding and establishing asbos etc.

This web site is made possible through funding provided by the British Columbia law firm MacIsaac and Company.

Through funding from Measure O and the Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force, SAY was able to hire 3 at-risk youth to work part time in the garden throughout the summer months.

I think any Socialist would accept that there is a need for Anti Racist groups which are not directly controlled by the State or NGOs which are closely related to the State through funding etc.

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