Prepositions used with "fuel"

"of fuel" or "to fuel"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases fuel of is used

Soon afterwards, they ran out of fuel.

These cars save a large amount of fuel.

All that, without using a drop of fuel.

The company only pays for one tank of fuel, and there are limits on both time and mileage.

The debt on account of fuel to operate generators at the centre has also risen to Rs350,000.

Propane is far more cost-effective than many other sources of fuel, and it is easy to come by.

Since the beginning of the cyclone on Saturday, the price of fuel in the affected regions have doubled, and many houses.

Fuel is bought in US dollars, so this added 11% to the ex tax price of fuel (approx 60c unleaded / 62c diesel) - about 6.

You could cut your travel time down to a fraction of the current rate -- but you would need an impossible amount of fuel.

In the video below, a flame is extinguished by an acoustic field generated by speakers on either side of the pool of fuel.

In 19% of cases fuel to is used

Fifthly, China needs huge energy resources to fuel her growth.

And because I packed a great lunch to fuel me through the work day.

I want my business to fuel and inspire the creative work of others.

Digestion slows, and fat and glucose are released into the bloodstream to fuel your next move.

Asia hunger for resources to fuel its growth is driving up the cost of energy and base metals.

At the same time, India too can benefit from Africa's natural resources to fuel its own growth.

In order to feel great, energetic and well, we need to fuel our bodies with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

His passion is to fuel regional church planting movements so that they may be effective in expanding the Kingdom of God.

In a two- stroke engine, oil is added to fuel in the tank itself (manufacturers specify how much oil to add to the fuel).

They are increasingly being used in refugee camps and in disaster struck regions, where access to fuel may be restricted.

In 14% of cases fuel for is used

They do not use petrol or diesel for fuel.

The casualty factor for fuel resupplies in Afghanistan is 0.

Wildlife was being killed for food and tress cut down for fuel.

As well as how to understand and read the gauges for fuel, oil, temperature and the like.

Edwin Reeder swung by a gas station in Miami Shores -- not for fuel, but drinks and snacks.

Ethanol uses food acreage for automotive fuel, it's not smart to use land for fuel production.

You pay for fuel every month even if you don't use any, plus extra charges if you use more than the agreement states.

Wall Street investors are creating an ethanol bubble too, driving up the prices of grain grown for fuel rather than for food.

The first three or four were in the true fashion of a genuine troubadour -- with a thumb for fuel and a sleeping bag for a bed.

Rich countries are now looking to the agricultural sector to meet other needs such as the need for fuel for their transport sectors.

In 9% of cases fuel on is used

It does seem heavy on fuel (petrol 2.

All in all very good on fuel for a 13.

It is sluggish and really heavy on fuel.

Hence high taxation rates, on fuel and many other things.

Okay, the copters are running low on fuel, set them down.

Quite good on fuel consumption, first service was £47.

Two weeks ago I poked fun at my wife for driving while low on fuel.

Increase VAT on fuel for greedy retail customers who use more than their fair share.

He added there were several possible ways to act, including making taxation on fuel variable (ie.

In 6% of cases fuel in is used

Increases in fuel costs translates into fewer car purchases.

Look at the pasty &; pie tax, VAT rise, TAX rise in FUEL costs.

With the rise in fuel costs, bus fares will likely have to rise in the near future.

Even more appallingly from the motorists ' point of view we may well see a rise in fuel taxes.

Roughly speaking the difference between 55 mph and 65 mph is about a 10% improvement in fuel economy.

Pollution inside the transportation sector can be curbed by *taxation targeted at penalizing inefficiency in fuel consumption.

Massa was forced to complete the rest of the race in fuel saving mode, which he says cost him finishing above the two McLarens.

It is thought that a 10% reduction in fuel consumption over a five-year period could lead to a reduction of 35 fuel-related resupply casualties over the same period.

In 4% of cases fuel with is used

If you are concerned with fuel economy, the minivan is the better option.

Watch out for suicidal Grunts with grenades and Elites with Fuel Rod Cannons.

Jaguar Cars ' heritage is also subtly recognised with fuel filler caps inspired by the Series 1 XJ.

So I make it 3000 litres per day for 2 Ali Cats with fuel consumption figures which defeat the laws of physiscs.

Stage I components must demonstrate compatibility with fuel blends approved for use and commonly used in California.

He states? the strategy was essentially flawed? because Thatcher was prepared with fuel stockpiles to keep the economy going.

During SAFSTOR, a facility is left intact with fuel being removed and radioactive liquids have been drained from systems and components and then processed.

In 2% of cases fuel into is used

Took it into main dealer, glow plugs replaced, fuel pump replaced, they traced air entering into fuel lines hence diluting the mixture.

I ought to point out that your body can actually take coconut oil and turn it into fuel extremely easily, which means it doesn't get stored in your body as fat.

Rich countries including the EU, the US and many more have set targets for biofuels production which divert food crops out of the food system and into fuel tanks.

In 1% of cases fuel by is used

The electricity that is produced by fuel cells then powers an electric motor that, in turn, drives the wheels on the car.

The report is so comprehensive that even a primary school kid could see how Nigeria has been milked of trillions of naira by fuel importers.

Premier Christy Clark sits in a Mercedes-Benz powered by fuel cell technology after the auto maker chose Burnaby as the site of a new fuel cell production plant.

Moyano, a former ally of the President, organised a strike and mass rally on 27 June by fuel truck drivers who took over the landmark Plaza de Mayo in central Buenos Aires.

In 1% of cases fuel including is used

You get double points for motoring purchases including fuel -- even fuel bought at supermarket filling stations.

This includes operations costs, including fuel, parts and maintenance, as well as interim contractor support and manpower.

The wood was in effect a crop that could be regularly harvested with many uses including fuel and the making of cups and bowls.

In 1% of cases fuel like is used

Meanwhile, the costs of key inputs like fuel, fertiliser, machinery and labour have not stayed where they were quarter of a century ago.

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