Prepositions used with "collapse"

of, from, in, to or about collapse?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 68% of cases collapse of is used
    In fact, my spirit has come to the brink of collapse.
    The structure is apparently on the verge of collapse.
    The economy was in ruins and on the verge of collapse.
    Many governors had revolted against Emperor Heraclius, and the empire was on the point of collapse.
    The system has been shown to be weak, and with a kick or two is now approaching a state of collapse.
    Within days, in September 2008, another investment bank, Lehman Brothers, was on the brink of collapse.
    On the verge of collapse, he wills his horse to take him to Helm's Deep, passing Saruman's army of Uruk-hai on the way.
    Those banks that were in need of a bailout made obvious mistakes and therefore they were pushed to the road of collapse.
    I don't believe that will happen until the predators-DBA-banksters are clear their fiat system is on the verge of collapse.
    What brought the company to the brink of collapse? It saw the future long before others, but seeing the future didn't mean that the.

    In 8% of cases collapse from is used
    If a marriage is flimsy and weak, the family unit won't be far from collapse either.
    The CBN had, in 2009, injected $4bn into 10 banks, saving them from collapse, and has been seeking new investors to recapitalise them.
    As the dust settles from collapse of the scheme, homeowners are left with underwater mortgages with no legitimate owners to negotiate with.

    In 8% of cases collapse in is used
    With the economy seemingly in collapse, people are more frightened than ever.

    In 6% of cases collapse to is used
    Their inadequate capital brings them near to collapse.
    Only then did we see that it was hollow and had long been close to collapse.
    France's main right-wing opposition party was close to collapse on Monday after talks failed to.
    France's main right-wing opposition party was close to collapse on Monday after talks failed to resolve a bitter leadership dispute and an ex-prime.
    L: I remember how we -- people who understood market economics -- all knew the Soviet Union had to collapse from its internal contradictions and economically self-destructive policies.

    In 2% of cases collapse Under is used
    All over Dubai, crazy projects that were Under Construction are now Under collapse.

    In 2% of cases collapse without is used
    Existing species may evolve or new species move in, in response to small changes in the habitat without collapse of the entire system.

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