Prepositions used with "coal"

of, from, in, on or to coal?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases coal of is used

COAL Assam has large reserves of coal too.

It is supposed the premises contains 5 beds of coal.

The great black hope turned out to be a chunk of coal.

They produce 283 million short tons of coal, while consuming 203 million short tons of coal.

Where we live ther is still millions of tons of coal, but that is now considered a dirty fuel.

The price of coal makes up approximately 70% of the cost of the electricity generated from it.

About 7-10 tons of coal were needed to fire one ton of earthenware, and as much as 17 tons were needed for bone china.

Jevons argued that this view was incorrect, as further increases in efficiency would tend to increase the use of coal.

In the 20th century, domestic and transport related use of coal dropped off substantially in More Developed Countries.

Although China boasts a third of the world's coal reserves, it became a net importer of coal for the first time in 2007.

In 10% of cases coal from is used

Right now, most of our electricity comes from coal.

Methane gas could also be drawn from coal seams and used for power.

Lots of pollution comes over from coal plants in China and few environmental limitations.

Bring back the Black Money, Recover money from Coal Scam and 2G scam, Illegal mining, etc.

If the costs of this pollution were internalised, the price of electricity from coal would increase by 1.

JEMillerEP said: Willem, Agreed, to transition from coal to natural gas and nuclear will be very expensive.

According to Cambridge Energy Research Associates, China obtained 80% of its electricity generation from coal in 2007.

The average cost of solar is between INR 7 to 8 per unit which is significantly higher than the cost of energy from coal (INR 2 per unit).

Around 77% of South Africa's energy needs are directly derived from coal, and 81% of all coal consumed domestically goes towards grid-based electricity production.

In 9% of cases coal in is used

I have been involved in Coal, Gold and Platinum mining.

Perhaps even more! And what's their experience in coal? Umm.

Spain and Portugal have long mining histories, primarily in coal.

In coal processing (washing and sizing ), 100 percent FDI is allowed.

About 73 percent of the mining activities are in coal, excavated from 570 mines.

A modest and rising carbon price would see a 92 per cent decline in coal burning by 2035.

It is also suitable for the iron removal work in coal, nonmetal and construction industries.

The captive mine lessees are under pressure from the government to start mining coal from the virgin coal blocks leased out to them in recent years.

Though it has to be said that comfort barely features in Coal To Diamonds, with its depiction of a poverty-stricken and abuse-ravaged Arkansas upbringing.

With the recent hike in Coal prices or in general fossil fuels - including Petrol - there is no other time better than now to look at Alternative options.

In 7% of cases coal on is used

The report estimated dependence on coal for Apple's data centres at 54.

Yet we are a country sitting on coal that used to aid ' all '; back when ' all ' had fireplaces.

But with just one report (CAG report on coal block allocation causing a presumptive loss of Rs 1.

I believe the Greens have suggested a moratorium on coal mining, but I don't see any mention of oil or gas.

Maybe this is partly because Ordos relies heavily on coal production at a time when the industry has been hurt.

But using Solar Photo Voltaic at various levels can reduce dependence on Coal to a substantial extent to complement grid power.

Our governments are spending big time on coal infrastructure when they are supposed to be negotiating a world-wide emissions reduction.

Services such as geophysical surveys on coal seams and consulting for acquisition of new mines at international locations will be in demand.

Shaun Murray is the spokesman on coal for Friends of the Earth Australia These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.

India faces the problems characteristic of other emerging economies -- particularly power theft, heavy dependence on coal and other thermal resources, and a fragile power grid.

In 7% of cases coal to is used

We are going to go back to coal because we have more if it than oil or gas.

Shipping and rail loads are still under pressure, but this may entirely be to coal.

Everything from Welsh cheese to coals from Newcastle arrived at the Fleet wharves, and even the stones for Old St.

I have been antagonistic to coal for decades and am suspicious of claims that mercury, soot and acid can be effectively removed from the exhaust.

While the partial sale of Solid Energy is off the agenda, it is not unimaginable that claims to coal extracted by the company could be subject to future tribunal claims.

It would be far better to restrict the expansion of coal mining and thereby signal to businesses in Australia and overseas that alternatives to coal need to be developed.

Besides offering yet more proof that the leadership's hands are tied with regard to coal mining accidents, this cycle also offers a window into the minds of the establishment.

In 5% of cases coal for is used

Demand for coal is projected to be over 2 billion tons by 2032.

Manmohan Singh said there should be auction for coal, but then became silent.

Unsurprisingly, we have found that cost estimates for Coal and Nuclear power stations are always overshot.

I read long, long ago that in a coalmine, while the workers were digging for coal, a frog came out from the coal and jumped and died.

New information about hydro-fracking emerges regularly, including a recent study indicating that air emissions are on par with strip mining for coal.

In 4% of cases coal with is used

Public since 50% of electricity is generated with coal vs.

There are mainly 2 issues with Coal - Availability and Cost.

We used to spray our chicken barns with coal oil to prevent mites from infesting the barns.

Designed and built by Prof Thaddeus Lowe and inflated with coal gas, it was named The Union.

The gas produced is co-fired with coal in Majuba's Unit Four, and contributes 3MW to the station's output.

With coal almost any feat is possible or easy; without it we are thrown back into the laborious poverty of early times.

The same will happen with coal, where auction will yield bounty for the exchequer far in excess to what it costs the government to run the monsoon session in government.

In 3% of cases coal as is used

The machine is applicable for conveying the power, grain and block materials, such as coal, cement, block, sand, clay and ore.

Apart from diamonds, Botswana is home to other valuable minerals such as coal, silver and copper, that have yet to be fully exploited.

There is also a growing market for clean coal technology, such as coal bed methane extraction, coal gasification and coal to liquid projects.

However it is the start of the industrial era where man liberated energy from petrochemicals such as coal and later oil that the Anthropocene Era really begins.

In 2% of cases coal like is used

They just sit down like coals of fire, which can not move them.

The Centre must also ensure that different ministries like coal, power, energy and oil work in coordination to create proper plans.

In 1% of cases coal by is used

Most of the studies on Arctic peoples have concentrated on mercury, another heavy metal also produced by coal burning and other industries.

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