Prepositions used with "frequency"

"of frequency" or "in frequency"?

Word Frequency
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    In 31% of cases frequency of is used
    An absence of frequency selectivity (i.
    So a whole mess of frequencies of sounds are produced.
    On frequency This brings us to our discussion of frequency, or how often you train.
    When someone plays or sings a note, only a very particular set of frequencies is heard.
    For instance, the earth and the ionosphere generate a symphony of frequencies ranging from 0.
    In the year 1958, this became an absolute necessity as the use of frequency ranges increased drastically.
    EM wave of frequency n = (E 2 - E 1) only can be amplified, n has a certain range which is called line width.
    By varying the ratio of galliumx to aluminum1-x, you can vary the bandgap and obtain a range of frequencies.
    What is pull-ability? The pull-ability of a crystal is a measure of frequency change as a function of load capacitance.
    And all the other intervals that musicians talk about can also be described as being particular ratios of frequencies.

    In 26% of cases frequency in is used
    Discovery that the loss in frequency -- the Red Shift -- observed in.
    A common phenomenon in frequency shift over high drive power is depicted below.
    These notes can all be worked out in frequency from our starting point of A (A440).
    Pnin sightings increase in frequency as the car speeds away to some unknown terminus.
    What is the aging of the crystal? Aging is the change in frequency of a crystal over time.
    Genetic drift is the random fluctuation in frequency of different alleles of comparable fitness.
    Extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity -- Australians should know that better than many! Incorrect.
    Even though the gap between our octaves of As is different in frequency, we still perceive the distance between them to be the same.
    In the same vein, there are transformer IF (Intermediate frequency) used eg in stages of change in frequency of the sending or receiving.
    Thus distorting the path of light, as in frequency shifting and bending, which then imparts the rotational action on the collapsing particles of mass.

    In 13% of cases frequency to is used
    We'll get to frequency in a bit, but let's start with volume.
    Hopefully from this quick guide you can see how pitch corresponds to frequency and how they are.
    It might seem that the frequentist interpretations resoundingly meet the applicability to frequencies criterion.
    They tend to respond best to frequencies between 15 and 25 kHz and the older ones are less susceptible to higher tones.
    Just to add something: the last paragraph mainly refers to frequency tenders (a detail that did not make it in the published article).
    Applicability to frequencies: an interpretation should render perspicuous the relationship between probabilities and (long-run) frequencies.

    In 7% of cases frequency at is used
    My external meter is reading a perfect SWR at frequency (X).
    That is because the resistance and capacitance of the coax and antenna is resonant at frequency (X).
    Telephone calls are placed over these copper wires by transmitting voice data at frequencies of 0 to 3,400 hertz.
    It also changes the frequency that the antenna system is now resonant at, so the meter in my radio sees a perfect SWR at frequency (Y) 1 MHz higher.
    What are spurious frequencies? It is possible for a crystal to vibrate at frequencies that are not related to its fundamental nor overtone frequencies.
    In this post we are going to look at frequency and wavelength and how they relate to these compressions and rarefactions and how they relate to each other.
    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) This consists of a radar antenna transmitting electromagnetic energy in pulse form at frequencies between 25 MHz and 1 GHz.

    In 6% of cases frequency with is used
    Your bowel can get irritated with the RT and that can cause problems with frequency etc.
    Without supplementation, the classical theory makes no contact with frequency information.
    If a photon of light with frequency above the threshold frequency for the photosensitive compound strikes an atom of the compound it will be absorbed and will cause the atom to emit an electron.

    In 5% of cases frequency by is used
    This is determined by frequency and consciousness.

    In 5% of cases frequency on is used
    On frequency This brings us to our discussion of frequency, or how often you train.
    On frequency were radio amateurs Calvin Fernando 4S7CF, Nelson Ranasinghe 4S7NE, Sarath Mapa 4S7MM and Noel Lokuge 4S7AVR.
    Of course, the goal Chelsea conceded came from such an occurrence but a crossing game depends on frequency and Di Matteo fancied his team's chances of dealing with the majority of them.

    In 3% of cases frequency between is used
    You won't be able to match up the phase between frequency steps, but you can still get proof of concept.
    No significant correlation was detected between frequency with which Cry34/35Ab1 maize was cultivated and survival on Cry34/35Ab1 maize (r =? 0.

    In 2% of cases frequency into is used
    Some people tune into frequency of mystical powers.
    Some people tune into frequency of liberation from suffering.

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