Prepositions used with "freedom"

"of freedom" or "to freedom"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases freedom of is used

These are the enemies of Freedom.

America is the bastion of freedom.

You want to get that sort of freedom.

Thirdly the minorities are crying for protection or guarantees of freedom of religion.

Never have journalists, through their reporting, vexed the enemies of freedom so much.

Such space, where the number of degrees of freedom is less than the number of dimensions, can be said to be sparse.

We now examine some of the basic concepts associated with the free vibration of systems with one degree of freedom.

Some people within the congregation took Paul's message of freedom to mean that they could do anything they wanted.

There is nothing here to suggest an underlying antagonism toward nature in Engels ' notion of the realm of freedom.

In 17% of cases freedom to is used

A right to freedome of religion.

The right to freedom of is not absolute.

They must respect the right to freedom of expression.

This area would include protecting the right of the individual to freedom from religion.

Recognition of the rights of everyone to freedom of expression, opinion, and information.

Then tell us they are harmless souls merely exercising their right to freedom of expression.

Political power is never absolute as long as the dominated maintain their freedom of will and their will to freedom.

A judicial confirmation of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly? Now don't you worry about that.

That we'd been imprisoned in our shame for too long and that seeing real images of other women was our key to freedom.

Notwithstanding the facts, these two positions are the dominant themes that run in cases related to freedom of speech.

In 15% of cases freedom for is used

As for freedom - nothing compares.

Joe Church It is a move for Freedom.

We fought for freedom and independence.

It's a remarkable argument for freedom, human rights and the way Canadians do things.

A woman should not feel remorse or should not look for freedom when her husband dies.

People were asking for freedom at the political level as well as at the economic level.

Their search for freedom will interfere with the political and economic interest of other nations surrounding them.

So 40 years ago, we recognised Ghana's independence as the first triumph in Africa's struggle for freedom and dignity.

Therefore, the messages that are being conveyed to the public is what they want conveyed -- so much for freedom of speech.

It was from here, the North Compound of Stalag Luft III, that our bid for freedom later known as the Great Escape was made.

In 6% of cases freedom on is used

Our country was founded on Freedom.

But the restrictions on freedom of speech don't stop with the media.

Are we now to tolerate an assault on freedom of speech? More tomorrow.

He became a national celebrity because his arrest centered on freedom of expression issue.

I don't think Thomas Jefferson and friends had GMC duallys in mind when framing works on freedom.

Both sides of the Islamophobia debate have argued for curbs on freedom of expression and free speech.

Khawam speaks to the power of art to challenge sectarianism and limits on freedom of expression in the Middle East.

At no point, anywhere in this process, should violence or an attack on freedoms such as the freedom of speech be pursued.

The fact we're back speaks volumes of our vindication, on freedom of speech and has zero relation to this case whatsoever.

In 4% of cases freedom in is used

Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.

We believe in individual equality, dignity before the law and in freedom of speech and religion.

For those who say freedom is not true, they are dictators, because they don't believe in freedom.

In Freedom House's 2010 press freedom report, the country's press was described as only partly free.

Lieutenant Sean Williams RA (TCD) who gave his life so that I and others might live to pursue our ideals in freedom.

They believed in freedom of speech, in personal liberty and deplored cruel legal procedures and arbitrary government.

It is an exercise in freedom of expression, meant to inflame and spark controversy, and yes, perhaps it is not in good taste.

Tens of thousands of British servicemen and women are risking their lives in Iraq because they believe in freedom and justice.

Aesthetic activity is the spiritual activity in freedom, in which people enjoy themselves in both body and mind from the activity.

In 3% of cases freedom about is used

Talk to young people about freedom.

I definitely wanted to have fun and make Lotus about freedom.

Question 2: I'd very happy to hear YB Nurul speak about freedom of religion.

For example, Behemoth's lyrics talks about freedom of thought and individuality.

Our struggle is about freedom, security, peace and development of our Tamil nation.

Having an opinion is not necessarily about right or wrong, it's more about freedom of expression, individuality and being you.

Cyber Communication and Copyright Online communication is protected by the September, 30 1986 law about freedom of communication.

I wrote a poem about freedom, but I didn't really want to share mine because I felt that it didn't make any sense and it was embarrassing.

You rant on about freedom to such an extent that it transmutes into petty political correctness - in such an approach, one freedom cancels out another.

I believe this forum to be about freedom of expression, if that's how they feel, i'd not going to report every single one of them even if the view is prejudiced.

In 3% of cases freedom with is used

Public education is inconsistent with freedom and responsibility.

Steph, Pershore Democracy is certainly not synonymous with freedom.

This garment is designed to use in any occasion with freedom to move.

The right to privacy is at the heart of the matter -- along with freedom of religion.

And you will have extreme flexibility with freedom to work with the target group that.

YOu need a society with inventive ferver with freedom o expression, religion and wayof life.

He considers this era in American history to be a time when the Dream was questioned, with freedom of choice being denied.

He added that the inquiry had nothing to do with freedom of expression, although the artist has often been targeted by the government.

The passive income is what will provide you with freedom to be a full-time investor, to travel, to start a business, or time to be with family.

Yes the things are bad taste, they can talk about Free Speech all they want but they're ignoring the basic responsibilities that come with freedom.

In 2% of cases freedom as is used

Legislation frequently affects rights such as freedom of thought and expression and the enjoyment of property.

One World Trade Centre, known as Freedom Tower, will open in 2014 with its office space being filled by some of the world largest corporations.

When recreating our business, we developed a business-planning framework that took into account financial success as well as freedom and fulfillment.

In 1% of cases freedom between is used

There is no tradeoff between freedom and security.

I learned the connection between freedom and money from, ironically, two Russian (nee Soviet) exchange students while I was in high school in the early 1980s.

In 1% of cases freedom from is used

A rep from Lendsmart was there but no one from Freedom Mortgage.

You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless they have their freedom.

We necessarily begin with the law of causality from freedom, that is, with a pure practical principle, and this.

Its manifestation starts from freedom of movement, and culminates in the freedom of selection of one's own destiny.

The only impact of the credit crunch will be a sharp shift from freedom and independence towards state subservience and control.

Topics discussed at previous seminars ranged from freedom of expression and right to information, to the impact of economic relations on human rights.

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