Prepositions used with "formula"

"of formula", "in formula" or "to formula"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases formula of is used

I do not use that kind of formula.

This links back to the last sale of Formula 1 in 2005.

The second and 2012 leg of Formula One Airtel Indian Grand.

I've done it in spreadsheets with many thousands of formulas and haven't had a problem.

If you're formula feeding, your baby could be reacting badly to the brand of formula you're using.

I would simply say that it reminds me of Formula 1 when Michael Schumacher was dominating every race for Ferrari.

Derivation of formulas is not in the scope of this article and hence we have directly provided the formulas for your reference.

By the end of his debut season of Formula Ford in 1987 Allan McNish was a name hot on the lips of every self-respecting race fan.

At this time, increase the number of breast feeds or the amount of formula offered at each feed rather than introducing solid foods.

All future McLarens will continue the themes presented by the 12C: innovation, integration of Formula 1 technology, and ultimate performance.

In 23% of cases formula in is used

This has been the case in Formula 1 now for many years, thanks to the efforts of the FIA.

In Formula Ford and Formula Three both McNish and Magnussen were once-in-a-generation fast.

So, this is a race with enormous potential and kind of a milestone in Formula One's history I would say.

His reputation, his status, his influence were as big and important as any world-champion driver in Formula One.

The next year Alan did well enough in Formula Atlantic for a private entrant to upgrade him to Formula One in a Hesketh for 1975.

Success continued to come the way of Denis Hulme with wins in Formula One, CanAm and other categories of racing, but another World Championship eluded him.

I've had a long career in Formula One and I have so many wonderful memories, but I don't feel any different today to the day when I started out on this journey in 1993.

The residual disagreement can be interpreted as a result of minor methodological differences in the calculation of the area under the curve, which is part of the denominator in formula 1.

In 19% of cases formula to is used

I felt terrible the first time we resorted to formula.

Eventually I had to give up and move the baby over to formula full time.

This, however, isn't a KERS issue but applies to Formula One in general.

Let's go back to Formula 1: What is your future? Ferrari, perhaps? I decide in the coming months.

After that I really wanted to come back to Formula 1, while it was a tempting idea to do more NASCAR, too.

His belligerence was partly a by-product of a long and hard struggle to make it to Formula One racing in the first place.

After two years competing in the World Rally Championship, Kimi Raikkonen is set to return to Formula 1 for the 2012 season.

The next year Alan did well enough in Formula Atlantic for a private entrant to upgrade him to Formula One in a Hesketh for 1975.

His contribution to Formula One with the improvements in the standards of safety and medical intervention in motor sport has been invaluable.

I remember watching him on TV before I even got to Formula One and you know, when I used to play the computer games I would always play as him.

In 8% of cases formula with is used

Instead, supplementing with formula is quickly suggested.

In 7% of cases formula for is used

F1 Rocks fuses the world's most popular annual sporting series with the most iconic music stars to create a unique experience for Formula One and music fans alike.

Don't those sound nicer anyway? Look for formulas that don't have any fragrances, dyes or preservatives that release formaldehyde, and make sure to use sunscreen to prevent UV-triggered outbreaks.

In 4% of cases formula into is used

So, we're going to look mainly at how you decode names and turn them into formulae.

Hamilton has been backed by McLaren since the age of 11 and since his 2007 graduation into Formula One has won one world championship, in 2008, and collected 21 race triumphs.

I've got a lot of personal things I'd working on business wise and stuff so I'd probably going to take advantage of that year off and then try to get into Formula D the following year.

In 4% of cases formula on is used

The US system is based on formula funding, in which ' clients ' are classified in terms of type of illness, standard interventions for that illness, and associated costs.

All obstetrics and gynaecology departments in Denmark use the same fetal medicine software program (Astraia, Germany) for calculating risk based on formulas derived by the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

In 3% of cases formula after is used

Hulme's chance came in 1966 after Formula One changed from 1.

In 3% of cases formula from is used

But Formula Two was still a long step away from Formula One.

Apart from Formula One and the CanAm sports car races there was a challenge for the Indy 500 and the possibility of a road car as well.

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