Prepositions used with "forest"

"of forest" or "in forest"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases forest of is used

Thomas Phaer of Forest, near Cilgerran.

Another 12,000 hectares of forest was severely damaged.

The quality of forest management varies greatly in Ireland.

If all countries tried to buy offsets several new planets of forests would be needed.

The Aka pygmies of central Africa traditionally live in remote villages in the heart of forests.

It is high time that proper measures shall be provided for the safety and welfare of forest rangers.

Flora and Fauna Plants Forest fires create a patchwork of forest types in different stages of recovery from the fire.

It does have some tracts of forest and scrub jungle, though vastly reduced from its former size due to new settlements.

The actual jobs impact of forest investment is actually significantly greater than what's represented in the above table.

The organizations involved range from cooperatives of forest dwellers who harvest leaves to make into disposable plates, to.

In 16% of cases forest in is used

Game day in Forest Grove won't be on ESPN anytime soon.

Hamann is logging operations foreman and a partner in Forest Energy Group LLC.

Male adults of the community stayed in forest overnight Sunday fearing further attacks.

The two mentioned cases are worrying to all those who are directly involved in forest protection.

The steep walls of the caldera, clothed in forest, rise in some places to almost 300m above the floor.

If you can take prior permission for forest department then you can stay in forest rest house in Nijhum Island.

Vedanta, Yoga and Tantra developed outside of mainstream Hindu society in forest retreats and cave monasteries.

For more than a year, he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

Can anyone suggest volunteer opportunties to help those in the greatest need in Queens? I live in Forest Hills, Queens.

The government of Ghana has legitimised the destruction of our forest reserves by permitting mining in forest reserves.

In 7% of cases forest for is used

Solid walking shoes and sturdy clothing are ideal for forest walks.

Fans may have argued some of his decisions were questionable, but nobody could doubt his passion for Forest.

If you can take prior permission for forest department then you can stay in forest rest house in Nijhum Island.

It is no longer clear what benchmarks to use when assessing the use of public land for forest and non-forest purposes.

Drones can dust crops with pesticides, monitor atmospheric pollution, patrol for forest fires and carry out aerial land surveys.

The climate was humid and sub-tropical, although their may have been wet and dry seasons, as there is evidence for forest fires.

We also have a bespoke scheme for forest school leaders/bushcraft leaders/environmental study officers, who work on a freelance basis.

The bio-economy is predicted to increase demand for forest fibre to produce goods ranging from chemicals to energy to combustible materials.

What next? It is important for forest owners to inform themselves as it is becoming increasingly difficult to sell uncertified timber on the market.

In 7% of cases forest to is used

Many of the arrangements were sent immediately to Forest Hill Cemetery, the site of the burial.

The casket was carried to Forest Hill Cemetery in a long motor cortege of all-white automobiles.

According to forest department sources, the number of elephants that died in the 11 years between 1999 and 2010 is 298.

After registration, start the climb with packed lunch passing through mountain forest to Forest Campsite (2,700m) for hot dinner and overnight.

Check out the different certification schemes (see website details below) that are gradually becoming more accessible to forest owners in Ireland.

They scramble the intelligence that connects eggs to hens, milk to cows, food to forests, water to rivers, air to life and the earth to human existence.

The impression given, is that he wasn't getting the appreciation from the Wolves fans, which may be a factor considered if coming back to Forest is an option that arises.

However, there remain significant challenges to establishing REDD, especially with regards calculating factors related to forest degradation and business as usual impact models.

In 6% of cases forest at is used

Meat eaters, they hunt snakes, lizards, fish and insects and live at forest edges, in clearings.

What we got with Guedioura, was an adventurous spark, that Forest had lacked for the whole season.

However, he was careful to provide a backbone of experienced first choice players in defence for the wins at Forest and West Ham.

Forest House Dining at Forest House means eating their specialty, the distinctly Pinoy dish Crispy Bagnet, inside a profusely decorated log cabin.

He stated that he felt wanted and loved at Forest and reading between the lines if at all possible wishes to be wearing the Garibaldi instead of the old Gold next season.

History of Forest Hill In 1926 the Founders established a Holiday Home in the countryside at Forest Hill for children from socially and economically deprived inner city suburbs.

Read More DRAINAGE at Forest Park and The Grange housing estates in Portlaoise will be examined and improved if necessary, according to a promise given at the recent town council meeting.

In 6% of cases forest from is used

Game is often sighted and the road features some striking egetation changes ranging from forest, grassland, heath to moorland.

Edible foods from forests and more open areas in and near the river basins were used by the persons living at the Warren Wilson site.

For instance, we have encountered opposition often from forest officials in Andhra Pradesh and had explained what the sport is all about.

A sheet of writing paper might contain fibers from hundreds of different trees that have collectively traveled thousands of kilometers from forest to consumer.

It is in the light of these realities that Okyeman is advocating for the upgrade of the Atewa Mountain protection status from forest reserve to a National Park.

About 40 students were absent from Forest Hills Elementary School on Monday, although some came to class later in the day, said Nancy Duin, the school district's communications director.

In 4% of cases forest on is used

Still the modern man is also totally dependent on forests.

A National Working Group on Forest Certification in China was established in May 2001.

This route meanders through the mountains and woodlands on forest trails, moorland paths and rocky lakeside tracks.

However, he also cautioned indiscriminate setting of fire on forests, as the act causes degradation and destroys natural sources.

An effort by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to clarify the concept of Sustainable Forest Management, or SFM, has yielded 8 accessible and concise fact sheets.

In 4% of cases forest with is used

This sometimes led to disagreement with forest owners -- especially in Europe.

The case was also associated with forest protection being initiated in the Northern Negros Natural Park.

The Polynesians found a land that was 85 percent covered with forest and large shrubs, with 80 percent of the plants endemic to New Zealand.

The recent incident involving personnel of the Mount Kanla-on Natural Park in Negros Island showed another example of danger associated with forest protection.

If one will try to think that what ended the nomadic life of man and from where all the things needed for his settlement came from, the answer lies with forests.

In 3% of cases forest by is used

Spread over two hillsides in the Beho Beho Mountains and surrounded by forest, Sable Mountain is a beautiful and intimate lodge, deep in the bush.

Day by day, river by river, forest by forest, mountain by mountain, missile by missile, bomb by bomb - almost without our knowing it, we are being broken.

Data on the residence of oil producers ' shareholders are hard to come by, and the only published source I am aware of is a study produced by Forest Ethics.

The fairytale castle is surrounded by forests and lakes and was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a retreat, before it opened to the public in 1886 when he died.

In 3% of cases forest like is used

Colourful images that looked like forest.

It is very easy to feel inspired by a place like Forest Row, with farm shops and health food stores that thrive within the community.

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