Prepositions used with "player"

of, for, with, to or on player?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases player of is used

I think a lot of players deserve it.

But we don't have a good mix of players.

But we don't have a good mix of players.

It gives a lot of players a chance to excel because he takes so much of the attention.

He was the perfect kind of player for fantasy teams, but he could go quiet in big games.

He fits the profile of players we should be signing but unfortunately he didn't deliver.

Our old assistant manger is current playing with a group of players who were touted as the top team to be relegated.

There's not going to be wholesale changes in terms of players coming in, that's the reality of where the club is at.

Our old assistant manger is current playing with a group of players who were touted as the top team to be relegated.

We could get at least a good number of players to cover each sector when injuries became a problem to the first team.

In 11% of cases player for is used

For players who are earning more than $1.

In fairness, everybody looks for players.

Men's National Team is still looking for players.

Challenge mode is for players who are more expert and more familiar with their class.

PuckAlmighty wrote: Like I said, There should be an extra 4th division for players like you.

I understand the need to balance the books but this policy is a massive disadvantage to LFC when bidding for players.

Arguably, there is no greater test for players or coaches such is the traditionally physical nature of South African rugby.

Cobra S2 Drivers are designed for players of all abilities to maximize their distance off the tee and find the fairway more often.

A fantastic result for players fans and management sees us all looking forwards to next week? s visit to Surrey Street of Silsden.

In 9% of cases player with is used

Experimenting with players and formation 3.

Both have had issues with players salaries.

So he had a couple of confrontations with players.

He has also added a defensive bite to the team with players like Sandro and Parker.

RENEGOTIATION OF CONTRACTS Will Clubs be able to renegotiate contracts with players? No.

You know what I hate?! Idiots on Twitter who decide to chirp and pick fights with players.

But many enterprises prefer to deal with players their own size, especially if they're new to the world of IT services.

But Dan's fabulous Congolese adventure may be facing a dark future, and it's all got to do with players much bigger than him.

In 2006 Essien was awarded African Footballer of the year and in 2007 smitten Chelsea fans awarded him with Player of the Year.

Sunday's occasion is likely to be highly emotional with players and staff having urged fans all week to show each other respect.

In 8% of cases player to is used

Anyone pay attention to players well.

He hardly comes and talk to players during match.

Of course we're always listening to player feedback.

Technical area Team officials may convey tactical instructions to players during the game.

He and the team were fined $250,000 by the NHL for his allegedly referring to players as cattle.

The utmost respect should be shown and wishes granted to players who want to opt out now and again.

We've got a website where we publish information so there are lots of ways we try to get the message across to players.

As soon as it becomes clear that JPMorgan Chase is unwinding its position, it will be obvious to players on every major trading desk.

In an ideal world Tappa and other representatives would have been in the UK scouting and talking to players over the last few months.

There are risks in this approach especially if -- as seems the case -- it centres around trying to get to players before they hit stardom.

In 5% of cases player on is used

Look at how much Arsenal spend on players.

They spend hundreds of millions on players.

We need more emphasis on players with good passing ability.

Instead of using the extra cash to pay debts, club directors spend it on players and not always wisely.

When Calcio made the move to squad numbers on players ' shirts in 1995, Alex was handed Juve's mythical No.

Money is spent on players but in return they will be sold at profit a later season if the player is succesfull.

I'd sure our players are capable but maybe we need to work on players off the ball slipping into space more intuitively.

After role playing the emphasis in this game is on player teamwork, not masking teamwork behind special ability expertise.

Awarded the prize for top Customer Service, this Midlands location creates an environment with massive emphasis on player enjoyment.

They are also struggling in the transfer market having spent no money on players (they have signed two players, but both were for free).

In 3% of cases player by is used

The Game is to be played by players who are on their feet.

I was followed into a bedroom once at a party by three rugby players.

Players are challenged in mission-based gameplay, as well as by Player vs.

While some may have been destroyed, a number of notes were rescued by players in the drama.

The rugby players and their antics are perhaps the tail-end of that curious bit of history.

Spain might be the exception, but only because they are dominated by players from one club.

The sheer willpower they have shown in some games needs to be replicated by players like Diaby, Arshavin and Walcott.

The nature of this behaviour is not acceptable by players, schoolteachers, politicians, doctors, high school students etc.

All sound rather simple, yet all are lost arts in today's game ruled by players who rely more on their athleticism than guile.

And it falls to another duo set to impart the choice pleasure of being knocked out by players whose charm has previously eluded me.

In 3% of cases player in is used

Anyone who isn't in Players will go and have an amazing time.

Bringing in players who have experience of winning would help.

I've brought in players who don't want to stay with Molde for the rest of their careers.

Just look at what 10 and 15m can get you in players like Vermaelen and Arshavin, respectively.

He seems intent on levering in players like Murray and Earls into positions they can't handle.

Because of the club's salary cap he has to bring in players from outside England -- Scotland, Latin America and Spain mainly.

With a change in players and the experience of playing in different Twenty20 leagues, it means hopefully we can step up when we really need to.

But with certain players complaining about only being offered 55,000 a week to do something that millions of kids would kill to do is a disgrace.

But here's a trickier one: how to become a producer of the biggest production in Players? House Manager Donal McKeating -- one of this year's five -- explains.

Very soon the mentaility changes in players as they want to play to win trophies not just to win stuff that means the club get more money and therefore they get more money.

In 2% of cases player about is used

Its not about players being scared to hit out.

I thought we were talking about players ' baseball performance.

Why so sceptical about players not being available? Cesc is not for sale.

I am here to talk about tactics and talk about players who played well and didn't.

The best thing about players like Messi, Pele, Eusebio, Moore, Maradona, Cruyff, etc.

The same suggestions were made about players like Derek MacKenzie and Nick Foligno, and look where they are now.

There's a reason owners want to talk so much about player salaries but do their best to keep team finances secret.

Like minor league spring training and extended spring training, the games are pretty informal and more about player development rather than wins and losses.

Scoring two spectacular goals at home against the German giants, Pukki became a Finnish phenomenon overnight and the most talked about player since Jari Litmanen.

I think something does need to be done about players ganging up on the ref and the whole area of contesting decisions (even if some of these decisions are dumb).

In 2% of cases player at is used

Fans who like gazing at players with movie star good looks.

He says that players have always been open to stronger stories.

They arranged for a meeting with a larger group at player Dick Aldridge's house.

In the first part of this series, we'll be taking a look at players who are related by blood one way or the another.

He's the type of player we'll need in Europe he gives us something Stokes ca n't, his pace &; ability to run at players.

Very rarely do you see Spain running directly at players, whipping crosses into the box, or shooting from distance regularly.

Instances of hooliganism have become more numerous in the past couple of years, with cases of fans storming the pitch and missiles being aimed at players and assistant referees.

In 2% of cases player from is used

It involves everyone - from players and coaches to parents, games officials and organisers.

Sadly, all that has been seen from players at the policy level has been anything but reckless.

Also includes literary passages, remembrances from players, writers and broadcasters, and archived.

In addition, a different cash value is associated with each chair, with the values hidden from players.

The video really is quite amazing and has gone viral with positive feedback from players and fans alike.

Need for Speed Most Wanted has generated excitement and enthusiasm from players and press around the world.

What was your philosophy when you went out to bat? SJ: It varies from player to player I guess, each batsman thinks differently, prepares differently.

Pulis's transfer record, particularly the income from players sold, is definitely a low point of his managership, and something he and the club need to work on.

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