Prepositions used with "opportunity"

of, for, with, to or on opportunity?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 69% of cases opportunity of is used
    We are a nation of opportunities.
    This will open you doors of opportunity.
    Africa is a continent of opportunities.
    Learning a foreign language can open the door to a whole host of opportunities.
    It is the only visible window of opportunity on the political landscape of Ghana.
    By then, most banks will have missed the window of opportunity with the customer.
    Sadly during the last decade Ontario veered off the prosperous path and began closing the doors of opportunity.
    Finding the right designer to partner with is not always easy, but there are a lot of opportunities out there.
    The problem is that a generation of supposedly ' leftist ' leaders mistook equality of opportunity for equality.
    There are bound to be a lot of opportunities for Indian companies to offer wide spectrum of logistics services.

    In 8% of cases opportunity for is used
    Our leaders share this support for opportunity.
    Resolve to look for opportunities to help others.
    It looks for opportunities to GIVE and not to GET.
    Ideally looking for opportunities as a mineralogist or in greenfields exploration.
    Searching for opportunities with various search terms returns no relevant results.
    I kept an eye open for opportunities for AG, and she was very patient about it all.
    The fourth issue with the comparison is that it does not account for opportunity costs incurred by a postgraduate.
    So the third part of how to make a million in five years or less is to be on the constant look out for opportunity.
    Show your knowledge of the company and industry, and share recommendations you have for opportunities you've researched.
    Present at WordCamps Attend upcoming WordCamps and look for opportunities to present and give value to the WordPress community.

    In 6% of cases opportunity with is used
    Jersey Cares is coordinating volunteers with opportunities near them.
    This then provides them with opportunity for flexibility and initiative.
    The educational horizon for Mount Saint Mary College is filled with opportunity.
    THE RIGHT TO EDUCATION Education provides citizens with opportunities to develop new skills.
    Mary is ripe with opportunities for development in the areas of Heritage and Nature/Eco-Tourism.
    A voter registration card should be enough? Seriously? That is fraught with opportunities for fraud.
    They want to take Japan inward, not outward into a dynamic global environment that is ripe with opportunities.
    The patient ornithologist will be rewarded with opportunities to spot elusive forest birds such as Hartlaub's Turaco.
    A must view for discerning buyers with opportunities for: work from home, consulting, opare, or extended family member.
    Through this process we've provided people with opportunities to access information, discuss their concerns and provide us with feedback.

    In 5% of cases opportunity to is used
    This is a tactical relation to opportunity.
    Inequal access to opportunities, inequal economic opportunities, etc.
    In business you must be flexible and adapt to opportunities that come by.
    Likely to opportunity that is consistently viable comprising of Christian Louboutin these reproductions.
    At the heart of our work is the belief that all people have the right to opportunity, equity and dignity.
    In fact, Brazil was ranked as the most optimistic of the 20 countries surveyed with respect to opportunity.
    A third also said they turned to new sources for news on their tablet, pointing to opportunities for expanded readership bases.
    This process provides feedback which may lead to opportunities to develop initial ideas or to come up with new ones, with others.
    It requires a mentality that leaves the person receptive to opportunities as they come along and able to act on those opportunities.
    In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity -- it is a pre-requisite.

    In 3% of cases opportunity on is used
    And get me in on opportunities like these.
    Wrong you are missing out on opportunities to meet Mr.
    Nothing stomps on opportunity more than a Tories steel capped jack boots.
    The government missed on opportunity of establishing the Camp before 29th.
    Resources For more information on opportunities in this sector contact U.
    Unfortunately, I have yet to meet young parents who don't make their kids feel resented because they missed out on opportunities or experiences.
    Your iPad will help you stay connected to the forex markets whenever you want so that you never lose out on opportunities to make money but these demo accounts.
    Some have praised it for its positive focus on opportunity, but have criticised it for the relative lack of discussion about the risks inherent in closer links with the region.
    Reservation policies, a quota system designed to promote education opportunities for underprivileged groups in India restricts enrollment opportunities for those not included in these policies.

    In 2% of cases opportunity about is used
    When I think about opportunity cost it is not just about finances.
    One way of thinking about opportunity is in terms of generational improvement in living standards.
    Ask about opportunities to observe different classrooms and schools in order to see a variety of teaching and school situations to distinguish factors that determine successful teaching and learning.

    In 2% of cases opportunity in is used
    Health-care purchasers should express decisions in opportunity cost terms; journalists should give fairer coverage to such arguments.
    Since the beginning of human existence immigrants have come to America in search of food, in search in opportunities, and in search of success.

    In 2% of cases opportunity into is used
    Many problems can be turned into opportunities.
    The country can transform its woes into opportunities.
    On the other hand, we turned some challenges into opportunities.
    Many of world's greatest businessmen have turned their problems into opportunities and have marched forward.
    The anime characters they follow turn devastation into opportunity and find dependable people to walk with them.
    They begin their 2009 book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into opportunity for Women Worldwide with a shamefaced confession:.
    Thus Islam takes these involuntary actions of Muslims and makes them into opportunities for remembering and praising Allah (S.
    This person will continue to buy into opportunities created by others to help them build their dreams, thereby forgoing his own.
    Apply Go-to-Market Partners Referral: For new cloud entrants and established system integrators that want to refer VIVAVO into opportunities.
    To do it, select any of our social activities going on this week and next to join the conversation about women and girls turning oppression into opportunity around the globe.

    In 1% of cases opportunity as is used
    It presents threats as well as opportunities.
    There are spa offerings as well as opportunities for snorkeling, diving, underwater photography and surfing.
    This encourages a multi-species or landscape approach to conservation as well as opportunities for cross regional projects.
    Many children are entering risk activities that deny them their enjoyment of childhood as well as opportunities for personal development.
    Put it in this way, making choices is economics, known as opportunity cost, which is the benefit forgone by using its best next alternative.

    In 1% of cases opportunity at is used
    Alamein) and was not able or willing to grasp at opportunities as they arose.
    It is also actively looking at opportunities for buying coal assets abroad, including U.
    Before joining FINCA in 2011, Jim was the Global Vice President of Organizational Development at opportunity International.
    James pointed out that unlike in Europe, where national players receive big salaries to play football, Filipino players need to grab at opportunities that come to them.

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