Prepositions used with "tea"

of, for, with, to or in tea?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases tea of is used

To him, beer was like a cup of tea.

Pagan mythology is not my cup of tea.

Over a cup of tea, he shared his story.

Dear me! I drink even less water than your daughter does! I do drink about 3 cups of tea.

The infusion of tea demands to be yellow-inexperienced coloring, pretty much transparent.

That? s two mugs of instant coffee or four cups of tea or five cans of cola a day (FSA n.

Rain once in a while is nice to remind us to take a moment with a cup of tea and a good book and give ourselves a rest.

The flavour, Kevin says, can throw some people -- coffees like this, are, to mix a metaphor, not everyone's cup of tea.

I come from a long line of tea drinkers; English men and women who spend the better part of the day with a cup in hand.

Likewise, the price of tea (average) declined mainly due to the rise in supply of the product from India and Australia.

In 12% of cases tea for is used

I want time for tea in the afternoon.

She immediately invited me in for tea.

The descent is easy and we're back for tea.

A quick glance at the watch causes panic and they scamper down the stairs for tea and scones.

It was born out of Carrie Sigurdson's love for tea, and her mother, Maree 's, love for cooking.

They wanted to meet my dog Jingle, a little Samoyed rescue dog, so we all came back to my house for tea.

A most agreeable colored girl had on numerous occasions given me expert help when I had invited a large group for tea.

Ideas from the Specialists Shopping for tea, pay back awareness on the dimension and visual appeal with the tea leaves.

We provide traditional tea ceremony for various functions, and can cater for tea and coffee needs for various functions.

I don't know why I do this (the Queen is not coming for tea) but do understand where the expression ' mother hen ' comes from.

In 6% of cases tea with is used

We were welcomed with tea with groundnuts and scones.

Scalp scrubs made with tea tree oil is a popular remedy.

May be that is an excuse for having snacks with tea in the evening.

The bummer is Duchovny has two kids with Tea and they seemed pretty happy despite everything.

Each room comes complete with tea and coffee making facilities, and cable TV, and in room safe.

Here, we get it served to our room but it is nothing grand or fanciful, maybe just kampung fried rice perhaps, with tea.

What do you suggest we can have for breakfast? I will suggest bread and egg with tea, beans, yam with stew and small orange.

He sides with tea partiers and conservatives on their complaints about big government, and champions states ' rights instead.

In 5% of cases tea to is used

He lost his primary to Tea Partier Richard Mourdock.

That expertise can only come from passionate commitment to tea.

In restaurants milk added to tea or coffee is boiled and therefore considered safe.

Fernando, declared his commitment to tea when in the 1950s he devoted his life to tea.

Guests can help themselves to tea, coffee and chilled beverages, which are available round the clock.

Personally I advocate Clarksonesque solutions for people who still refer to tea or dinner as ' supper ' (my partner excepted).

I do think that the blends that they used are selected such that they will be a good compliment to tea as opposed to a regular hookah smoking experience.

We get amusing representations of her attempts to entertain the girls with her various travels and exploits while all the time pretending to teach them history.

It would be very like some accusations against the Tea Party: propaganda failures because it is so obvious to Tea Partiers and their friends that they are not true.

The whole experience of being able to help yourself to tea, coffee and water and soft drinks 24 hours a day was novel, more all inclusives should go down this route.

In 4% of cases tea in is used

Finlays work in tea in China is a case in point.

Usage Lemon grass is commonly used in teas, soups and curries.

Taking part in Tea Party or Occupy could be your own individual demise.

Women were allowed in tea shops and tea gardens, but only with a male companion.

In plain land this rate is 50, in haor area it is 60 and in tea estate areas it is 73.

Tim, who lived and studied in kyoto some 20 years ago proceeded working in tea and coffee.

Its rich potentialities became easily attractive and the 18th century Englishmen made their fortune in tea plantation.

His heresy in Tea Partiers ' eyes was to have a good personal relationship with the President from Obama's time in the Senate.

Known for its picturesque landscapes and cool climate, Nuwara Eliya is one of the leading cities in tea plantations and factories.

In 2% of cases tea after is used

Then I got the same feeling when he was out after tea.

India declared at 521/8, a little after tea on day two.

The session after Tea saw some quick runs from the duo as Tamil Nadu batted towards a declaration.

If you normally have desert after tea and are going swimming in the evening, wait till after you have gone swimming.

In 2% of cases tea At is used

At tea, two or three hours earlier, they had, in the freakishness of affection, drunk from one cup.

Telling the opposition at tea that they had incorrectly scored a boundary in Preece's over as 2 runs, thus the required total was 170 and not 168.

The West Indies had declared, four wickets down, at tea, leaving a session for the Tigers to bat, and the home side made quick in-roads into the chase.

Instead, the people I see at TEA parties are workers that make a taxable income (of any size) that just don't want the government to take too much of it.

It is a small minded myopic North London type error to think that arguments against gay marriage lie solely on the shoulders of middle class Anglican ladies at tea parties.

The result was the key wickets of Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim, and Veerasammy Permaul added two more to leave little doubt at tea about the way this game was heading.

The Proteas tightened their grip on the top ranking in Test cricket as they cruised to 467 for five at tea, with an overall lead of 529 runs, five wickets in hand and more than two days to play.

In 2% of cases tea by is used

You'll pass by tea plantations and it's really beautiful.

Up for grabs was a prized heirloom - S27A, a bathing box, on stumps, shrouded by tea tree.

The triple hundred came before lunch and by tea, the batsman was on his way to the 400-run mark.

Today I received on one of my email lists a notice of a possible Mass TEA Party rally sponsored by TEA Party Nation.

In 2% of cases tea on is used

I felt great having fasted all day on tea and a juice at breakfast.

If you think you can live on tea and coffee or just fruit juice you are mistaken.

Or just simply go to the supermarket and have a bottle of our favourite lemon tea.

Besides traditional tea drinks, aren't milk tea, bubble tea, lemon tea, peach tea, mango tea, etc.

This guy spends his entire day chewing on tea leaves, adjusting the blends for some major tea seller.

Introduction What is your impression on tea? To some people, they may think that tea is only a drink with bitter taste and is not attractive at all.

And how do you decide if a book is worth sending to traditional publishers? I hope you won't hate me if I say I don't like coffee, relying on tea for my caffeine.

In 1% of cases tea as is used

The bourgeoisie spent large amount of money on consumer goods such as tea.

After time your denture may begin to look noticeably worn and you may find it more difficult to remove certain stains such as tea, coffee, etc.

This has contributed to a declining tourism industry, while prices for agricultural exports such as tea and coffee have also fallen in recent years.

Optional cultural activities such as tea tasting at the traditional Gu Yuan Tea House, an introduction to Chinese medicine, art or antiques can be arranged with local experts.

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