Prepositions used with "apple"

of, for, with, to or from apple?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 27% of cases apple of is used

The latest version of Apple Inc.

His eye was made of apples and gum.

That's the design of Apple's iOS icons.

Sushen Jamwal Maybe this is a result of samsung frustation coz of Apple effect on them.

Maybe one day soon the blind followers of Apple have to admit that they lost their edge.

In February, 2006, a year before the first appearance of Apple's iPhone, Jeff Han, an N.

Only the iPhone will have Siri, i am quite constructive, by the appear of apple only marketing it on the iphone page.

He promised to bring me a pocketful of apples and pears, and then he kissed his children, said goodbye, and set off.

Yep, this is the other side of the economic boost of Apple, technological progress reduces official inflation figures.

The ambience is amazing -- as were the enormous slabs of apple strudel smothered in vanilla sauce that Sven ordered up.

In 14% of cases apple for is used

The next iPhone will be easy for Apple.

The problem for Apple will not over here.

Cnet show too much love sometimes for Apple.

Apple iPod nano 7th generation This is the first big design departure for Apple's iPods.

The challenge for Apple is to come up with something better and more radical during 2013.

Regardless of whether its just or not people feel cheated and that's a problem for Apple.

Samsung is probably preparing for Apple's next big lawsuit on Android &; I'd guessing is having to seek alternatives.

He wondered if the end result of this strategy would be for Apple to drop Google as its default search engine on iOS.

Everything else in terms of connectivity is pretty neck and neck except for Apple's new proprietary Lightning connector.

The main trend for Apple products is to be thinner and people think it will look cooler, Apple seems to be working on just that.

In 12% of cases apple with is used

You compare apples with apples dear.

Tree branch touches the ground, with apples.

Fill the cavity with apples, onions, and celery.

Zayne VAS HAPPNIN? your poses <3, And I quote BANANAS WITH APPLES AND TAMATOES <3.

FileVault: Now it's easy to protect the entire hard drive with Apple's encryption solution.

America's Justice Department is in the closing stages of a deal with Apple and major publishers.

In 2010, Musk hired George Blankenship, who came up with Apple's (AAPL) retail strategy, to oversee Tesla's stores.

This can be done by signing up to the developer program with Apple, which you have to do to download the XCode etc.

Apple iPhone5 comparison of features on Samsung's new Ad Samsung goes on an open challenge with Apple's new iPhone 5.

With Apple predicted to sell 170 million IPhone 5s over the next year, the extra carbon per handset would result in 3.

In 11% of cases apple to is used

Compare apples to apples, look it up.

I think you need to compare apples to apples.

Mobile internet is key to Apple's iCloud strategy.

Dating back to the 16th century, everything from childrens shoes to apples can be purchased.

I will be eternally grateful to Apple for investing the money and taking the gamble on the iPhone.

This is due to Apple using a non-standard, proprietary protocol which Windows RT does not support.

There are significant changes coming to Apple's marquee handset -- and soon -- that will render them nearly obsolete.

What of iPhone and iPad? Both are market leaders which bring enormous revenue and profits to Apple's burgeoning coffers.

Apple iTV AirPlay mirroring After AirPlay mirroring from Mac to Apple TV was present in the developer preview of OS X 10.

Its not an apples to apples comparison, but the more socialized our society becomes, the closer the comparisons will be.

In 9% of cases apple from is used

I haven't heard back from Apple yet.

Here, the teachers accept no less than an iPod from Apple.

If anything it seems like they'll get more complaints from Apple.

It was enough just adjust it back into the drawer SIM smartphone from Apple and that was it.

Buyers hoping to get an iPhone 5 from Apple's online store now face a wait until late October.

The money that was received from Apple has already been used to fund operations and retire debt.

The authors write,? Ejected from Apple, Jobs started his next venture, a computer company appropriately named NeXT.

I've read that samsung is preparing to vigorously (and vengefully?) defend itself from apple infringements in the USofA.

At the company he founded after being ousted from Apple, Jobs was able to indulge all of his instincts, both good and bad.

If you want to get the official preview build from Apple, you'll have to subscribe as a developer, which will set you back 59.

In 8% of cases apple by is used

Great marketing campaign by apple.

While this might be perceived as good news by Apple,.

Testing conducted by Apple in July 2012 using SunSpider 0.

The new device is thinner and lighter but taller than all previous iPhones shipped by Apple.

Also it put a real dent in the overcrowded market that is currently dominated by Apple's iPad.

The flood of complaints led to a rare public apology by Apple, from President and CEO Tim Cook.

Ming to the service station cattle mainly by Apple's invitation, as Apple cattle to the king and played a game match-ups.

Naturally, the challenge is accepted by Apple and Nokia with their flagship smartphones -- the iPhone 4S and the Lumia 900.

Tim ruins everything! Bassano 23/10/2012 at 19:11:22 So no retina and it is over 300? It's by Apple and fits the Eco system.

Not a single one of Samsung's patents were found to be infringed by Apple, though Apple was unable to prove their invalidity.

In 5% of cases apple at is used

I looked at Apple's promo video on YouTube.

The Phone Calls I never knew Steve when he was first at Apple.

I tried my best to make an exact replica of the iPod which Steve and others at Apple made.

Anti- Android propaganda machine now wants the press to believe that Android started at Apple.

Samsung has launched an advertising campaign that swipes at Apple's recently announced iPhone 5.

Patrick Tomasso started as an intern Social Media Planner for a small Toronto agency before briefly working at Apple.

If you notice the advert doesn't leave out the things that Apple matches or betters so it's actually a fair comparison.

The claim is laughable as Andy was a low-level engineer at Apple between 1989-1992, with seemingly no access to the core projects.

There are a number of interesting profiles on Forstall which provide plenty of indicators that he would be out at Apple sooner or later.

In 5% of cases apple in is used

John Keiffer I myself am kinda of dissappointed in apple.

They look for on it, they Skype on it, in Apple's scenario they FaceTime on it.

And within Apple's own product line it is none moreso true than for the iPhone.

Use seeds instead of cloves in apple pies, or grind them and add them to spice mixtures.

And so these things along with keeping excellence as an expectation of everything in Apple.

Here's how to pack up everything you'll need to bring to your new life in Apple's walled garden.

This means the iPhone is the world's most single profitable product, and the single most important product in Apple's lineup.

Ive, now responsible for design across all products, has played a key role in Apple?? s success by imbuing its gadgets with a distinct look and feel.

Without doubt Jobs legacy will live on at Apple, Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive are two chosen by Steve Jobs and both have a very important part in Apples future.

In 5% of cases apple on is used

May be there is a pressure on Apple site.

I'll have more on Apple's NFC bungle in a week or so.

More interesting was his comment on Apple 7 1/2 years ago.

I wonder about the effect on APPL of the retail stores should there be pressure on Apple sales.

All makes of iPad mini are currently showing a 2-week waiting period for shipment on Apple's site.

Design arises from a common pool of creativity so you can have another thought on apple vs samsung verdict.

But in the 24 hours after Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer Wednesday, the news had yet to send prices on Apple regalia through the roof.

The app, which only works on Apple's Safari browser, is available to digital subscribers of the NYT's Web + Tablet and All Digital Access plans.

Isn't it ironic that the very innovation Apple is forcing other companies to invest in because of thier lawsuit may lead to Apple's eventual demise.

In 4% of cases apple like is used

It certainly looks like Apple can do no wrong.

Things that look like Apple things are neither.

Not surprisingly, this essence smells like apples.

It is not a growth company like Apple or Priceline (PCLN).

Innovation is about bringing out something new, like Apple's iPod or jet engines.

The recent store inBurnaby took the same color blue, like Apple, as its theme color.

How great that the kids are now getting things like apples and cheese instead of junk food during class parties.

American multinationals like Apple, Nike, and Matel were able to leverage cheap Chinese labor for huge profit margins.

Third, can you give 10 examples like that as I can give 10 examples that the companies like Apple, Samsumg, Microsoft, Toyota.

Just like Apple, even fresh from installation, users can enjoy myriad of applications pre-installed, even for graphics software.

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