Prepositions used with "owner"

of, for, with, to or by owner?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases owner of is used

So, if you want to find out the name of owner of any Reliance number, you just need to make a recharge of Rs.

The problem arises when you need to know which kind of owner the previous one was and there is no way to truly find out.

I am glad that someone has written a book that takes a bit of a different view to the ' total dominance ' of owner over dog.

The castle has had lots of owners over the years and has only recently been opened up for public visits by the National Trust.

For as long as anyone could remember, the current owner and previous generations of owners were extremely positive happy people.

Gary Bettman is willing to lead his clique of owners with an iron fist, and has earned their trust by doing it to their benefit.

Homes are for living in, not for investment or weekends, as the those sorts of owners don't contribute to the local economy or community.

Unai Emery his counterpart compared with the final today's meeting and promised to complicate the lives of owners with players of the attack.

Following on from the change of owner of the Manager and for those of you that were here last year you will have noticed a few changes in Board composition.

In 17% of cases owner for is used

A Manhattan shelter takes in animals round the clock, hoping for owners to show up.

However this was not the case back in 1940, when one-person occupancy rates for owners and renters were not much different.

It makes changes to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services provided under the Act and deliver better outcomes for owners of leaky homes.

As for owners and managers, who do they buy when the only measure is success? technically gifted players schooled correctly or a promising local lad whose not ' the finished article '.

The size mindset neglects the measurement of what's truly important to the stakeholders in a firm: value received for clients, degree of engagement for staff, and level of profit for owners.

The defining feature of the Bricklin was the power-operated gull-wing doors, which took 12 seconds to open or close, and became nightmares for owners due to hydraulic leaks and pump failures.

In 15% of cases owner with is used

And social media teams scour the Internet for reports of lost pets, helping reunite them with owners.

We are willing to work with owners to help with behavior problems that may occur and correct them of the habit.

With owners of many emu farms going underground, hundreds of emu birds were left abandoned and were pushed to the state of starvation.

He hasn't had the best start to his Liverpool career and with owners who have a passion for winning, I really could seeing this man being gone by Christmas.

Moreover, Windows xp 7 is a primary os during the qualifications which offers any point admittance to some website connected with owner's solution at a taskbar.

In 12% of cases owner to is used

And finally a special word to owners of small and growing businesses.

Tyre pressures set to owner handbook spec, tracking should be OK on brand new car.

Many, like the Sherwoods ' Schwartz and Scooter, belong to owners in nearby shelters and hotels.

This is what can be used to pay workers, make interest payments, invest in expansion, and give back to owners as profits.

To many there are great advantages to much higher cost to owners of holiday homes, they then have the choice live here or sell.

Appreciate who seems to be along the Lap board linked to Owners, nor hesitate to question associated with them basic questions.

In 9% of cases owner by is used

Who Owns our Debt? The pie chart below is a simple way of showing how our debt is broken down by owner.

Tax Property Tax is payable by owners of rented land and buildings upon 80% of the gross annual rental less rates.

Common property: The remaining portions of a sub-divided high rise property which are jointly owned by owners of all the units within the property e.

In 8% of cases owner from is used

He rented from owner then rent it out again.

Our long term rental properties are available direct from owners and from independent Spanish rental agents.

If the owners can't find a way to satisfy the NHLPA, these talks are going to break down and there's pressure on Bettman from owners to play this season.

This means that Google automatically starts new publishers out with the lowest paying ads in order to protect the advertisers from owners clicking their site's ads.

Because some of the backing from owners he's had over previous jobs has been minimum to say the least, and if anyone deserves the full backing of a club's board, it's him.

In 4% of cases owner on is used

The Animals Protection Act 1960 places obligations on owners and occupiers of land to prevent the commission and continuation of offences of cruelty on their land.

Age Scotland is therefore calling on owners of domestic oil storage tanks to check on their state of repair, and to act immediately if there is damage or they suspect a spill.

In 3% of cases owner in is used

Thompson Motorsports is 10th in owner's points standings.

He can be heavy-handed in owner discipline (see the blacklisting of Ballsillie, fines for speaking out of turn) to keep the ranks together.

No attempt has been made, however, to hypothesize what kinds of benefits the diets might provide that, in owners ' minds, justifies assuming this risk.

In 2% of cases owner aboard is used

If you are going to be a live aboard owner, then you could well be keen to start the negotiations now.

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