Prepositions used with "meat"

of, for, with, to or as meat?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 59% of cases meat of is used

They are indeed made out of meat.

Plenty of meat to get hold of here.

The pho as a whole had A LOT of meat.

Try to only eat pieces of meat or poultry that weigh 3 ounces and can fit into your palm.

Clay Pot Rice can now be found with a variety of meats or seafood, from beef to ostrich.

Any dirt cheap cuts of meat will eventually tenderise if you leave them on for a whole day.

For the filling, he used two kinds of meat - beef and pork, as lamb might be too expensive for typical Filipino homes.

They seem to proudly boast it! Mate - over 95% of meat consumed in China are the usual staples of pork, chicken, and beef.

After the host shared the meat with the guests, it was Sheri's job to feed small pieces of meat to everyone in attendance.

It is not one particular dish but rather a meal of rice served with any number of meat, fish, poultry and vegetable dishes.

In 13% of cases meat for is used

Trade labor for meat, or something.

I also think Morrisons is quite good for meat.

USES These birds are raised almost exclusively for meat.

His domestic animals kill them or man haunts them for meat, ivory or furs.

A receipt for meat at the vegetarian hotel and restaurant we were staying at.

We pay about 2x the going rate for vegetables, and 4x the going rate for meat.

Many developing countries ' demand for meat has also increased in recent years.

Bulls, oxen and lambs are slaughtered for meat on special occasions and for ceremonies.

Demand for meat and dairy products, seafood, fats and oils will grow at a much faster rate than that for cereals for food use.

Economic growth and rising affluence in many emerging market economies is increasing demand for meat and dairy products in particular.

In 7% of cases meat with is used

Grew up with meat all the time.

Rich soft and firm fat layered with meat.

They may be part of a casserole, boiled with meat or served with a tomato sauce.

It offers a wide range of culinary offers with meat, fish and vegetarian dishes as well as snacks.

I agree that it is flawed logic, because I wouldn't do the same with meat -- I couldn't go that far.

Jewish law permits the consumption of certain types of alcohol and the mixing of wine with meat products.

Cabbage, wash, cut in half, slice out (v-shape splice) the hard core part on a angle, then quarter and put that into the pot with meat already cooking.

Small portions of family food (for example, a plain stew made simply with meat or chicken and vegetables) can be used between four and six months, as baby's tastes expand.

She has spent the last 18 years in the United States, first as Minister-Counselor for Agriculture at the Australian Embassy in Washington, and then, as CEO with Meat and Livestock Australia.

In 4% of cases meat to is used

Lawrence, go left at the fork in the road and continue along the stunning cliffside road to Meat Cove.

Lawrence to Meat Cove is ideal for a mountain bike ride, if you thought to strap one to the top of your car.

But the transformation from hard-core vegetarian to meat-eater that Staci illustrates is surprisingly common.

Not overly ' fishy ', a tiny amount of belacan adds ' sweetness ' to meats and intensity to fish &; seafood.

Although they are smaller than most breeds (and therefore less suitable to meat production) I plan on needing a hardy breed.

He likens food to music, maintaining that just as some people will prefer classical to jazz, others will prefer molecular gastronomy to meat and potatoes, however unfathomable that may seem to him.

In 3% of cases meat as is used

Even so, try to have iron-rich foods, such as meat or pulses.

Trans fats are found in natural sources such as meats, milk and cheese.

Protein-rich foods such as meat and poultry are especially difficult for Gazans to afford.

Fact: Humans are designed to eat plant as well as animal products such as meat and dairy products.

The price increases of basic foodstuffs such as meat, milk and cereals have provided a mini-boom for the Irish farmer.

In many cultures through the millennia, pepper was used as a preservative, alongside a saline solution, in foods such as meat.

The world is addicted to inefficient animal protein diets such as Meat and Dairy products which use up almost 33 percent of earth's cultivatable land.

The rises foreshadow expected price hikes in coming months for other food staples, such as meat, says Bruce Jones, a professor of agricultural economy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In 3% of cases meat from is used

Most of the time I get my proteins from meat and milk now.

Don't fool yourself into believing that abstaining from meat yet eating eggs doesn't hurt animals.

The seven rishis, the Valakhilyasm and the rishis that drink the rays of the sun applaud the abstention from meat.

The Buddhist dietary practice of abstaining from meat meant that many Japanese people turned to fish as a dietary staple.

Cook it with less Cut off any visible fat from meat and skin from poultry before cooking - add spices to keep the flavour.

Apart from meat and meat products, cheese and extruded and pelleted snacks, there were others such as bread, cakes, pastry, fruit pies, pesto and thick sauces, other puddings and canned fish.

In 3% of cases meat in is used

The most readily available iron is found in meat (e.

Blood is the main source of cholesterol -- that dangerous demon of heart disease -- in meat.

The iron in meat is absorbed up to seven times more easily than the iron from vegetables, cereals and fruits.

Salt brings out the natural fats in meat and forms a crust, you cant get a proper crust without it, its science.

Was always more than happy to help mom tear bread into chunks to make it, but I've always had a disgust for anything involving bread cooked in meat juice.

Saturated fat is found in meat and dairy products, and is usually solid at room temperature -- you can see it in the marbling in your steak or a stick of butter.

In 3% of cases meat like is used

Like meat and bread to the hungry.

Bled him out, kosher-style, hung up like meat in a warehouse.

The modern diet tends to lean more toward acid forming foods like meat and carbohydrates.

Of course, I'd shopping for a real family and not a TV one, so I buy things like meat and produce and dairy products and dried beans.

When you learn about nutrition there's a good chance that it will look like meat, milk and eggs are an important part of a balanced diet.

Furthermore, much of the deforestation in third world countries is carried out to meet the the demand of rich countries for such commodities like meat, soya and palm oil.

In 3% of cases meat on is used

See the Department's website for more information on meat industry labour agreements.

That way, you will know where to find the greatest bargains on meats and fresh produce.

It is within a semi-arid place like this that economies based on meat, milk, and blood from cattle thrive.

Maasai diet Traditionally, the Maasai rely on meat, milk and blood from cattle for protein and caloric needs.

However, research on the effect of PEF and US on meat processing is limited, yet results to date are promising.

Yogurt's live bacterial cultures also provide a success of wellness benefits survived on meats, vegetables, nuts, fruits, and beans.

In all fairness I would say the food was better in Hamburg but we had come to drink rather than gorge ourselves on meat on this occasion.

I was just a little surprised when I could not find ' barbecue ' in the index, yet there is clearly a master recipe for barbecue in the chapter on meats.

Excise Duty of 16 per cent on dairy machinery has been fully waived off and excise duty on meat, poultry and fish products has been reduced from 16 per cent to 8 per cent.

In 2% of cases meat by is used

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Dinner would always start with soup followed by meat and vegetables with potatoes, rice or pasta.

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