Prepositions used with "result"

of, for, with, on or to result?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases result of is used

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Drivers: Must be a proven driver of results and people.

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I knew a guy who was sending his parents statement of result till he was supposed to graduate.

We dropped some points recently and we want to come back in a more consistent way of results.

That will push us forward so it is a good set of results on the commercial side Looking ahead.

I felt that K gave me a way of thinking, while Hayakawa packaged a lot of results, but left out the way of thinking.

Because of this tests of statistical significance are used to assess the validity of results from randomised studies.

Despite the pages upon pages of results, somehow though you always wind up on websites showcasing grumpy testimonials.

In 12% of cases result for is used

It isn't good to maintain the user ready for results.

No pressure for results, just the support to do it right.

It's also great when I am looking for results and planning my next papers.

If we try this, there is desire for result and this obstructs the development of panna.

Four years ago I was dumbstruck, and four years before that I was still waiting for results.

Bing leans heavily on Facebook to keep a user on its site -- not just for results but interestingly for image stalking.

He said SMU is ranked in India as the number one of Distance Education University for results and efficiency by Careers 360.

Neither PSW nor its affiliates are responsible for any errors or omissions or for results obtained from the use of this information.

A large percentage of people with TB fail to start treatment promptly because of the long wait for results of older conventional tests.

In 12% of cases result with is used

But you can't argue with results.

Benitez is ultimately a pragmatist, more concerned with results than style.

This is consistent with results from the 2008 Environment Perceptions survey.

The uncertainty associated with results was summarized using 95% confidence intervals.

The findings of this survey will be compared with results of a similar survey done 20 years ago.

Behaviours are expressions of shared values and assumptions with results the product of behaviours.

Steve Wing in the USA has carried out epidemiological studies of the effects of 3-Mile Island, with results published in the peer-review literature.

For example, pay attention to the rain gutters when they are loaded with results in, it indicates that the owner hasn't been looking after them effectively.

With results this good, who can blame her? She's also just released LAX, a teaser EP for her fourth album due out later this year, and it sees her fantastic run of form continue.

Thus, more than 45 years after the paper of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen, the gedankenexperiment suggested by their work was performed, with results that would have disappointed them.

In 11% of cases result on is used

Regulation needs to focus on results.

We work hard and measure ourselves on results, not the clock.

Based on results, ourselves and Guernsey are the main contenders.

It is remarkable how often a change in the dugout can have an immediate impact on results.

There are well-thought-out rules and regulations for promotion and evaluation based on results.

Do I need to do anything on Results Day? Congratulations! You have a place at your chosen university.

Check out our page on Results Day and the chart explaining Firm &; insurance choices on results day for clarification.

Check out our page on Results Day and the chart explaining Firm &; insurance choices on results day for clarification.

I will be happy to eat my words if they arrive (timely and in one piece ), will post back on results - and their 2nd chance.

Now look here, for a better example of the impact social connections can have on results: That's further down the page of results.

In 8% of cases result to is used

Unfair? Not according to results.

With the results, i have told you that WAEC rarely do mistakes when it comes to results.

From one viewpoint the process is one of moving from potential through behavior to results.

The financial markets work in very complicated ways, which may not lead to results as stated above.

On the right, the three arrows point to results that are all appearing because of my social connections.

A part of the remunaration can be linked to results, both on an individual and collective term of reference.

Comprehensive: Taking a small sample of responses will typically lead to results that are not representative.

But his successor, Leigh Nugent, has allowed the athletes a degree of freedom arguably detrimental to results.

Michael Beasley - Beasley is a perfect example of a breach in causality where talent doesn't equate to results.

Must remind him loss in that election were mostly due to results of TN and AP not because of Godhra and its aftermath.

In 4% of cases result in is used

A &; B don't appear in Query 2, and D &; F don't appear in results of Query 1, but I do not want to omit them.

However, the Gaza Ministry of Health said at least 27 people were killed on Tuesday in result of the Israeli attacks.

Result-oriented His reasoning prompted him to recommend a ' formalised structure ' as a solution for an environment group that is more interested in results.

In result of that, after providing better education these students would send back foreign remittances to our country that may lead to the betterment of the nation.

The President of the USA is determined by what are called Electoral College votes (a block of votes allocated per State, to ensure parity in results ), not the popular vote.

The Mahatma's non-violent attack on the British was hard for some Indian people to understand, and in result, there were violent revolts against the British during this era of modern Indian history.

In 2% of cases result about is used

I'd talking about results and WINNING.

I'd really about results, not the process.

How you talk and behave at this time presets expectations about results for the client.

I would like to ask if the results of the speed test stated above are difficult to understand for laymen? Interesting, wondering about results.

This is what you can consider to keep yourself from going over the edge: Breathe -- When you hear about results and fear starts to take over, sit down and breathe deeply.

In 2% of cases result as is used

They also recommended that student grades and retention rates be examined as well as results of online learning outcomes, which have proven to be essential to evaluation.

In 2% of cases result by is used

A good investment is not determined by results.

Magic can measure itself by results, just as experimental science can.

And it's good to see that Dhoni's pleas aren't being affected by results.

Many employees do not have their manager based in the same location, hence the manager has to assess performance by results.

In 1% of cases result without is used

I have asked for it without results.

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