Prepositions used with "initiative"

of, for, with, on or from initiative?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases initiative of is used
    This may also foster laziness, sloppiness and a lack of initiative.
    The company had announced a whole lot of initiatives last October.
    This is one of a number of initiatives which will see the amount of material.
    He may not qualify for MOCC anyway judging from his poor EQ and lack of initiative.
    Stevens is the Chief Edge Optimizer, of the Ignite Excellence Group of initiatives.
    In the 1980s, the sport revived as a result of initiatives taken by a handful of pigeon fanciers.
    It's already planning a series of initiatives to raise public awareness and to educate and inform the food industry.
    A number of initiatives are under way to increase diversity and achieve a better gender balance within their workforce.
    In addition, there are a number of initiatives from government and donor agencies to boost the entrepreneurial culture.
    So now Singapore has embarked upon a series of initiatives to encourage their population to become more entrepreneurial.

    In 9% of cases initiative for is used
    To act as a platform for initiatives within the Olympic Movement.
    Hoteliers also cast votes for initiatives such as SEM (paid search ), SEO, Social Media, mobile marketing and others.
    That only arrived with the Industrial Revolution, which for the first time offered rewards for initiative, ingenuity and ambition.
    But it also brings home the potential for initiatives like THT to level the field, to maybe bring disadvantaged people up to a decent standard of living.
    Stressing on the need for political reforms, Chatterjee called for initiatives to restore democracy back on track and winning back confidence of the people.

    In 7% of cases initiative with is used
    E2TAC is involved with initiatives such as commercialization roadmaps for various energy technologies, including hydrogen and solar power.
    After thoughtful deliberations, the delegates came up with initiative of establishing a State in regions conventionally claimed by Somaliland and Puntland.

    In 6% of cases initiative on is used
    The group was formed in 1954, on initiative of the Netherlands - and was named after the first conference- hotel, Bilderberg.

    In 3% of cases initiative through is used
    A number of countries have reached out to their diasporas through initiatives designed to encourage tourism and foster international connections.

    In 3% of cases initiative to is used
    Where ever possible we always try to hire from within and promote according to initiative and competence backed up by supplemental training.

    In 2% of cases initiative as is used
    When they started selecting based on emotional competencies such as initiative, self-confidence, and leadership, only 6% left in two years.

    In 2% of cases initiative like is used
    Such like initiatives are needed in our forlorn &; desolate areas which are not even connected by roads.

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