Prepositions used with "window"

of, for, with, in or on window?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases window of is used

It is a built-in part of Windows.

Learn 10 hidden secrets of Windows Live.

The building's top row of windows popped out.

She handed it to me and they saud they were from the Technical Department of Windows.

They come to Linux, expecting to find essentially a free, open-source version of Windows.

I think this has something to do with the involvement of Windows somewhere in the process.

This might mean a home with children's toys outside, a pleasant-looking set of window shades, or a nice welcome mat.

Boot Camp comes pre-installed on all new Macs so all you need is a copy of Windows and Mac and you are ready to go.

Touting its unique and iconic uni-body design features matching the satire of windows phone 8 UI, HTC gets it right.

A computer with a base score of 3 is able to run Windows Aero and many new features of Windows Vista at a basic level.

In 15% of cases window for is used

Still, at least it's not Skype 5 for Windows.

Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows.

Simple Port Tester is a networking and security tool for Windows.

Haiti 2010 The COTS Program For Mac For Windows (to run, please double click on the.

Portable FireWall SterJo Portable Firewall is a network protection software for Windows.

It was first ' leaked ' on Supersite for Windows, and the commentary was suitably vague.

He gave me a number to call (02035142411) I did a quick search on the internet for windows service centre 02035142411.

I see no compelling reason or feature to pay for Windows 7, and it will suck in the enterprise just as badly as Vista did.

Switch - sound file conversion software Switch sound file conversion software is an audio file format converter for windows.

I then spent the time arranging for windows to be made secure and the services to be turned off -- not easy at it was now 9.

In 13% of cases window with is used

There is a shower room with window.

Doors are available with windows on them.

It's all different now, with windows live.

This is a particularly bright and sunny place to live with windows on almost every side.

This is a particularly bright and sunny place to live with windows on almost every side.

But we are bound with the problem- we have to buy software if we are going with windows.

I got another phone call today, telling me my computer had a licensing problems with Windows again I hung up on him.

It then went dormant for almost six months because I started experimenting with Windows Live Small Business nukta77.

Fonts Some of the fonts included with Windows do not include all the Tamil characters that are available with this keyboard.

For those of you who believe MS can do no wrong, go to the forums and read the problems that so many are having with Windows 7.

In 10% of cases window in is used

The same application works well in windows xp.

They look good under a tree, in a tub or in window boxes.

Live Migration in Windows Server 2008 R2 solves that one.

Can't figure out why clipboard in windows 7 is not refreshed when pasting in xp mode.

Now you should identify which physical NIC maps to which Local Area Connection in Windows.

IE10 in windows 8 mode features minimal options with maximum focus on browsing experience.

So, you've to decide for your favorite web browser if you want to use it in windows 8 metro mode in full screen view.

Birds are commonly confused by the reflections of blue skies and trees in windows, which leads to severe injury and death.

Depending on who you talk to or what GUI in Windows you see, this disk is referred to either as a Witness Disk or a Quorum Disk.

Overall I'd not well versed in windows PKI and i'd currently reading over a few technet articles to see how to go about doing so.

In 9% of cases window on is used

Paste witch or black cats on windows.

Google Chrome is also trying to catch up with IE 10 on windows 8.

Had new BSI (main brain) now having new rubber on window, new lifting mechanism.

Integral sills on windows and drip edges on flashings are effective (Figure 2).

Accessing databases can be done only on windows server which means it will not work properly on Linux-based.

Thanks! I cant recive screen share from my friend thats using latest skype on windows 7 in full hd resolution (1920x1080).

We tend to use a whole bunch of unnecessary software on Windows that fill up the space in C drive with their cache and temporary files.

Most of the houses in our Mohalla were more than 100 years old with amazing wood work on windows, doors and some having Hindi scripts written on the walls.

This turned out to be a better idea than reality, and left us with innumerable issues wrapping our code (especially the parse callback ), build issues on Windows, etc.

I've been trying to get away from windows for a number of years and run Ubuntu for most stuff, but there always seems to be that one piece of indispensible software that relies on windows.

In 6% of cases window from is used

Just had a call from windows services.

Moreover view from window was beautiful.

If it gets bad, stay away from windows.

Said he was from Windows and read some spiel so fast I could barely understand him.

A call came through this afternoon, 16:20Hours, Asian accent, claims to be calling from Windows.

It is a spectacular store, lit by natural light that streams from windows and a massive skylight.

I have had so many calls from different Asian people saying they are from Windows and now they have changed tactics.

I had a call yesterday from Mr Andrew Smith, a very heavily accented asian man, calling from Windows IT support services.

He asked for me by name and said he was from Windows Tech support and was calling to help with a problem with my computer.

I asked for his detail so I could call him back, said he was from Windows Operating Centre based in Manchester and their number was 1800 412 9195.

In 4% of cases window to is used

All we have to do was to window shop.

Led to Windows becoming the dominant operating system worldwide.

I've reported to watchdog, will report to windows, ofcom and trading standards.

Kickstarter is not another way to window shop on the internet for cool new stuff.

Other measures UVR-absorbing film can be applied to windows at home or in the car (e.

So travellers have to go from window to window to find the next available bus to their destination.

Enough time saving within the traditional approach to window cleaning with all the squeegee is as much as 50percent faster.

Add a Transition Reveal the Transitions section by going to Window > Transitions or by using the Command + 4 keyboard shortcut.

In 3% of cases window through is used

Protect yourself in the car and house too; UVA can pass through window glass.

We have Fourth amendment rights, and a police state WILL use these technologies to observe law-abiding citizens by peering through windows, etc.

Methods of providing ventilation include natural supply and exhaust of air through window openings, mechanical supply and exhaust of air or a combination of both.

In 2% of cases window into is used

There was a password on it before this happened and now its asking for a password and it wont let me go into windows.

Meanwhile, birds slam into windows, De Niro levitates, and Murphy gets the crap beaten out of him in an extended bathroom fight that gives the gratuitous mauling in They Live a run for its money.

In 2% of cases window like is used

Liquids like window cleaners stay upright, and I can always find things I might need in the dark right away.

Getting things fixed -- like windows that like to fall out and smash on the ground three stories below -- took months, when they actually fixed stuff.

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