Prepositions used with "motor"

of, for, with, in or by motor?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases motor of is used

The registration of motor cars fell 71.

The schedule of motor vehicle mileage follows.

The armed soldiers conducted stop and search of motor vehicles.

The Helmet Laws being brought in by various companies are to promote the safety of motor vehicles.

To prevent breakdowns, boaters should make a habit of staying alert to signs of motor wear and tear.

Also in the 1970s, all kinds of motor assembling plants were established to assemble all types of cars.

In certain cases tourist numbers may be restricted or parking may be limited to discourage the use of motor vehicles.

He is still very enthusiastic about motorbikes and keeps the best fleet of motor bikes that you will find in Palawan.

The standardization of procedures relating to the importation of motor vehicles for all Jamaicans at home and abroad.

They came to the city riding on hundreds of motor cycles and mini-buses and submitted a memorandum to the administration.

In 11% of cases motor for is used

These only account for motor vehicle traffic speeds and congestion delay.

Fittingly, the vehicles are organized in 14 classes for Cars and 7 for motor cycles.

Hard ferromagnetic materials are used in the fabrication of permanent magnets for motors and generators.

With the advent of quartz crystal watches with digital displays, the need for motors for watches has decreased.

Motor Tax increases in Budget 2012 See below for the new rates for motor tax that will apply following Budget 2012.

Cities have grown in size and has the need for motor vehicles as well as the state increases with their own vehicle.

Cycling infrastructure is virtually non-existent in comparison to the carpets of asphalt laid out for motor vehicles.

This business grew out of a love for motor vehicles and was started to share with others what started out as a hobby.

The mandatory standard for motor vehicle recovery straps was declared on 7 July 2010 and came into effect on 1 October 2010.

This will have massive implications for motor insurance and unfortunately a lot of Irish people just don't know that it is coming.

In 10% of cases motor with is used

A stroke in 2010 led to a medical leave of absence and problems with motor control and speech, but Maloney made a full recovery and has continued working at Intel.

With natural beauty, excellent amenities and a host of things to do, it provides a very happy camper experience for those with motor homes, caravans, campers or tents.

What helmets aren't good at is protecting the head during high speed impacts -- ASNZS2063 explicitly states that bike helmets are not designed for use with motorcycles.

CONCLUSION; there is still no data proving the promise helmet compulsion would lead to a significant reduction in death and injury in cycling accidents with motor vehicles.

Anyone who says that they are useful in collisions with motor vehicles is clearly misinformed to the point of ignorance, and demonstrates a very considerable degree of bias.

In 8% of cases motor in is used

His contribution to Formula One with the improvements in the standards of safety and medical intervention in motor sport has been invaluable.

It was in the 1970s, however, at the request of Bernie Ecclestone that he dedicated himself to improving Formula One safety, his greatest achievement in motor sport.

The Authority was brought into existence to cover those people who were seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents regardless of whether the accident was their fault or not.

Also NEVER count out HRT or a blinder from Greg Murphy, i think i've watched that 2003 lap about 10 times this week it's still one of the greatest moments i have witnessed in motor racing.

In 5% of cases motor by is used

From Chittagong first you will to go Hatia Island by Motor boat or Ship and from there you can go to Nijhum Island by local motor boat.

This realization, accompanied by motor skill development, allows infants to become more successful accomplishing goals (however small, even just activating a jack in the box!) independently.

In 5% of cases motor on is used

The tax increase on three-wheelers ranges from 23 to 49 per cent and on motor cycles 39 per cent.

One thing that strikes me is the lack of emphasis on motor vehicle drivers when talking about cycling.

The graveled road is in good condition but you would only want to do it in a 4x4 vehicle or on motor bike.

A team from the University of North Texas improved sensory nerve function in 10 patients using electrical stimulus, although no effect was seen on motor function.

In 4% of cases motor from is used

The currency of that system was not lead oxide emissions from motor vehicles, but the lead content of gasoline.

In the meantime, how much $ does the CEI get from motor vehicle related interests? I always find it curious that we are funding freight lines.

I was on the Theft from Motor cars squad, a small unit and had just completed a motor cycle with side-car course and been issued a licence to drive a Harley Davidson.

In 3% of cases motor as is used

Roads are used by pedestrians, donkey-carts and rickshaw-style cabs, as well as motor vehicles.

Broca's aphasia (also known as motor aphasia or expressive aphasia) occurs as the result of lesions to Broca's area in the left frontal lobe.

Dr Pitcher went on to note that preterm-born children were already known to suffer from issues such as motor, cognitive and learning difficulties.

Vospers, Portchester: This local firm built naval craft, such as Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs ), that were involved in the naval operations for D-Day.

In 2% of cases motor at is used

Bringing through the distinct costs and using number in the food was the river des peres, which at herbs was not systematic company at motors was due of returning popular acts.

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