Prepositions used with "wine"

of, For, with, in or about wine?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases wine of is used

Withnail: We just ran out of wine.

Have another bottle of wine Day 22.

It's a Willy Wonka factory of wine.

Those days of wine and roses are gone, by the time of the 2013 election, six years gone.

In Galway Sheridan's Wine Bar is a great place to eat cheese with a glass of wine or two.

I'd not in the habit of gifting my alcoholic friends a bottle of wine for their birthday.

Search This Blog About Me Welcome to A Couple of Wines - my website dedicated to all things wine and some things food.

After our day of activities, it was so soothing to jump into the shower and then slip into the tub with a glass of wine.

Moreover, difference between the drinking amount of wine and beer is not big, which both experiences obvious growth speed.

Amid the talk of wine and food were also plenty of warmth, humour and side winks from Nicolette and Kara, and other staff.

In 6% of cases wine For is used

Countdown for Wine Night commences.

Your passion for wine may come across as pushiness.

To list a vocabulary for wine talk would take pages and pages.

I covered for Wine Searcher two seminars of continuing interest to wine freaks ' n geeks.

However, the universe spoke, the writing excursion filled up and I was destined for wine country.

For wine I tried a 2006 Amarone based on the recommendation of our waiter and it was extremely good.

We went for wine and cheese first at the lovely Stonehome, then figured we would cut in and out, see maybe a couple of hours at most.

The Agency oversees certification schemes for wine cellars and other operators to help ensure optimum conditions for wine transport and storage.

We are now one of the world's fastest growing markets for wine, and we aim to be one of the world's great wine trading and distribution centers.

I've got an unused Living Social coupon for wine tasting burning a hole in my pocket as I try to figure out some way to work it into my schedule.

In 6% of cases wine with is used

Keep trying to connect with wine drinkers and industry people here.

Flushed with wine, he shouts at the moon -- It runs back in its course.

It is useful to compare the situation with wine sellers, who often use auctions.

The Menu was priced at RM250++ without wine pairing/ RM350++ with wine pairing per person.

I add chestnuts, pears, apples or other fruits and nuts to the stuffing, moisten it with wine.

Today Ghan House is used as a luxury guest house (with wine bar ), ballroom, meeting room and cookery school.

We may simply have to accept the downsides like we have with wine, as you note, and be open about them from the outset.

The more experience you have with wine, the easier you find it to describe wine and be able to talk about it in a clear and concise manner.

Giving a gift and looking for a bottle with a label that is clean and modern with wine that tastes great? Check out their line of wines or join their wine club.

We are like malefactors, and intoxicate ourselves with wine and myrrh, as we stand on the brink of death; but, if we did not do so the abyss would look very disagreeable.

In 5% of cases wine in is used

We still need more education in wine-making.

She has great taste in wine and lousy taste in music.

If you're interested in wine in general, this is a should read.

This is a covalent (strong) linkage and is very important in forming stable colour in wines.

This is a covalent (strong) linkage and is very important in forming stable colour in wines.

These are a group of compounds that are vitally important in wine, and more specifically red wines.

The Jamaican puddings and cakes are very rich with fruits that have been soaked in wine or rum for weeks before Christmas.

Suffice to say absolutely thrilled to have a case of 6 bottles in my cellar commemorating the year my career in wine began.

Exploring tannins further While tannins exist in grapes, what we are actually interested in is the tannins that are found in wine.

In addition to his writing, he spent time on his interests in wines, antiques, paintings, and breeding and racing some greyhounds.

In 4% of cases wine about is used

Here is the thing about wine aromas.

Talking about wine involves knowing about wine.

Make sure you talk about wine with your friend.

People love to talk about wine and taste wine because it is a very intellectual thing.

And lastly - - Talk about wine as much as possible! Soon you will find yourself chatting.

Please send your recipient and may even learn a thing or two about wines and accessories.

As someone who earns a living writing about wine, I can say that scoring wine is the least favourite part of my job.

You will be more at ease and gain confidence in yourself and that is when you know that you have truly learned how to talk about wine.

How else will your friend best learn about wine then to taste it? Your job is to help expose your friend to as many different types of wine as possible.

Here you will find all sorts of information about wine and food - education, recommendations, reviews, recipes, and information on wine and food pairings.

In 3% of cases wine on is used

They don't raise the tax on wine.

The report also says there is widespread support for a volumetric tax on wine.

At the beginning of 2008, the Hong Kong Government announced the elimination of import duties on wine.

That partnership has become even deeper and broader since we signed a Memorandum of Understanding on wine co-operation in 2008.

Essential Connoisseur Tours -- Taste the finer side of life on wine tours to Europe and Australia with connoisseur Roy Moorfield.

I have a big family so the night before the wedding we were all down in my parent's house, having a glass on wine and working on it.

England should focus on the production of cloth and Portugal on wine, because these are the products where both countries have a comparative advantage.

Here you will find all sorts of information about wine and food - education, recommendations, reviews, recipes, and information on wine and food pairings.

With Hong Kong's elimination of import duties on wine, it is much easier to export wine to China via Hong Kong then direct shipment from exporting countries.

I am particularly grateful to have Andrew coming all the way from Hong Kong to talk about the exciting developments on wine business opportunities in Hong Kong.

In 3% of cases wine to is used

So we both turned to wine instead.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to wine and that is fine.

Overall, introducing a friend to wine should be a fun experience for you both.

Just think back to when you were first introduced to wine and you can sympathize.

I covered for Wine Searcher two seminars of continuing interest to wine freaks ' n geeks.

This is very similar to wine, which was at first permissible in??????????????????) forbade it.

We meet, we are focused, we talk about work, we go for dinner, and we do not need to wine if we do not want to.

They had an addiction to wine, and many of them would become??????????????????) banned wine in gradual stages so that it was easier on the people.

What do you see as the most important trends in wine in Asia? The millennial marketplace is waking up to wines -- the 25- to 35-year-old millennials.

The distilling process was originally applied to perfume, then to wine, and finally adapted to fermented mashes of cereals in countries where grapes were not plentiful.

In 2% of cases wine into is used

Prove to me that you're divine; change my water into wine.

But slowly they got more into wine and started consuming it.

Quite possibly, He knew about the instance of Jesus changing the water into wine.

In fact, we are delighted to inspire your journey into wine this fall by suggesting another approach based on the investigation of a country?? s wine culture.

Thus Christ simply changed that water into wine which was to be drawn out to be carried to the master of the feast; the rest of the water in the pots remaining as before.

A wedding on the third day? Water (flesh life) turned into wine (spirit life) of the best quality? Yes! He thus revealed his glory! And, his disciples put their faith in him.

The actual form of the projection (whatever it is, water into wine, medicine, a human body) is determined by the master's wish and by his/her powers of will and visualization.

In 1% of cases wine from is used

Thirdly, pigments don? t seem to have any mouthfeel properties? even complex pigment structures isolated from wine.

It is what it says -- a lamp base made from wine and port decanters stacked on top of each other, lacquered white and topped off with a white drum shade.

Fourthly, they? ve studied the interaction between tannins and other wine components, finding that polysaccharides isolated from wine diminish the astringency level.

The motto of The Ireland Funds newly formed WineGeese Society is: ? From Wine what Wondrous Friendship Springs? The Society celebrates wine, food, and art of Irish provenance from around the world.

In 1% of cases wine including is used

Grab a family basket with two salads, a whole roasted chicken, four baguettes and flavoured cream cheese (R375 including wine).

A special occasion? Upgrade to the Silver Myn basket where the cold meats include parma ham, salami, pancetta and smoked chicken, and a selection of gourmet cheeses (R485 a couple including wine).

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