Prepositions used with "awareness"

of, for, with, in or about awareness?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases awareness of is used

Some kind of awareness of DNSSEC.

This kind of awareness is what St.

Meditation is a state of awareness.

The only difference is that the physical body is not there as an object of awareness.

His lack of awareness of positioning let him down especially in the European fixtures.

This failure is caused by our opinions, lack of awareness, laziness, apathy, and so on.

If the initiate's heart is lighter than a feather (truth) then the aspirant moves into deeper levels of awareness.

Discrimination in access to education and health leads to a lack of awareness of basic rights and social mobility.

Because of that and luck of awareness they have become victims and alien or easily manipulated by political regimes.

The research also highlighted a lack of awareness of the potential risks related to data security and privacy incidents.

In 7% of cases awareness for is used

The need for awareness NEVER ends.

Yes, the time for awareness is now.

As others pass along your posts, you expand the opportunity for awareness.

For awareness, the candidates did not really promote their mobile experiences.

Now she has breast cancer, she continues to fight for awareness and for understanding.

In general I am for awareness campaigns because he more people know, the less stigma that's attached.

If panna investigates more and more the characteristics of rupas which appear, there will be conditions also for awareness of nama.

Why does it matter? The need for awareness, preventive care, screening and effective, life-saving treatment is color blind, yes? Not entirely.

Nanotechnology is identified as a key technology and the need for awareness and the need to integrate these concepts in manufacturing is very vital.

Thus, it becomes necessary to emphasise the need for awareness and sympathy for the emotional, psychological, and physical stress that we go through while in the field.

In 7% of cases awareness with is used

In that context, sound management with awareness of these fundamentals is a must.

Just return to the practice of scanning the body with awareness from head to toe.

So at first we are grasping hold of things and with awareness seeing the fault in that.

Consumer awareness and trust is at an all-time high, with awareness up at 75% and trust at 90%.

But you do need to read it with awareness of the opposite group and the trillion dollar industry making STEEL rates.

The current global upswing connected with awareness of a traditional Hawaiian icon has produced selecting all-in-one boots not hard.

There is one oscillatory behavior by neurons that seems to be associated with awareness, and it is in the 30-70 Hz range, with a peak around 40 Hz.

Sharpen Your Attention To meditate we need to understand two factors: evaluate the intricacies of the mind (how the mind works) and become familiar with awareness.

I think it needed to make a choice -- if the game was about awareness then men should be included, if it was about messing with their minds then it had nothing to do with awareness.

In 6% of cases awareness in is used

He gives the impression of being suave in nature and comprehensive in awareness.

IC has done a brilliant job in bringing in awareness to these kinds of foreign conflicts.

Peak oil on the screen in the form of a romantic thriller could create a huge jump in awareness.

So for many of us the prediction of 1999 heralding a new dimension in awareness is not at all unexpected.

There is increase in awareness of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases; generally, what we call non-communicable diseases.

In terms of time frame and level, these are short-term outcomes and are often at the level of an increase in awareness of a target population.

However, its full, positive realisation depends on whether humanity, including each and every one of us, gains in awareness and responsibility.

I've seen a dramatic growth in awareness and interest just over the last year, and I'd talking about interest from the small business side of things.

On a personal level, Cedric Signori decided to teach his clients to live in awareness by first sharing his own experience and then sharing his great knowlege.

You will find that your real strength is in awareness, not in controlling the ocean and waves and cyclones and tsunamis and all the rest that you can't possible ever control anyway.

In 3% of cases awareness about is used

This whole campaign is about awareness.

The non-profit is all about awareness, inclusion and education on adaptive athletics.

The message I got was just about messing with men and included not a word about awareness.

Susan, thank you for sharing your personal experience with both your cancer experience and your feelings about awareness.

I think it needed to make a choice -- if the game was about awareness then men should be included, if it was about messing with their minds then it had nothing to do with awareness.

In 3% of cases awareness on is used

The main focus of EMPOWER PEOPLE lies on awareness raising and sensitization trainings for law enforcement agencies.

Collaboration builds on awareness and it involves a lot of back and forth communication between investors and entrepreneurs.

In 3% of cases awareness to is used

A self is a contributor to awareness, and is aware of all contributions.

It includes all the things that are not easily available to awareness, including.

It's core value is - Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality.

Abandoning barriers to awareness, expelling all defilements -- all -- non-dependent, cutting aversion, allurement, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

In 1% of cases awareness by is used

By awareness I don't mean press mentions or plenty of talk in the media.

By awareness we will come to know whether kusala citta or akusala citta conditions our speech or gestures.

Clearly, as we work to create a more equitable society, our efforts must also be guided by awareness of the existence of serious racial and ethnic inequities.

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