Prepositions used with "voice"

of, for, With, by or in voice?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases voice of is used

Not a robot kind of voice like some have experienced.

Last Bond film to make extensive use of voice dubbing.

These experiences are not hindered by that lack of voice acting.

I have lost my voice in the mayhem of the cacophony of voices between the two parties.

All of sudden, the words you select and your tone of voice have never counted for so much.

The pacing of the instruments &; texturing of voice layers have been done in a nice way! 5.

This does not include actual words, but modulations in tone of voice, rate of speech, pitch and non-verbal utterances.

I personally believe there are a few similarities in tone of voice but I have a long way to go and a lot of growing to do.

For example, a number of voices have called for the bombing of Yemen and a greater military intervention into the region.

I don't have a different tone of voice as a mother (seriously, I don't ), and I don't have a different language as a mother.

In 10% of cases voice for is used

As for voice data entry, here it is also present.

Oh, and comparable prices for voice calls and text messaging.

It also includes normal local rates for voice calls, SMSs, GPRS.

The offer is valid for voice, SMS, and data usage for 30 days from the date of activation.

For voices have begun speaking individuals who have experienced most deeply our collective brokenness.

Whispersync for Voice lets you pause an audiobook and pick up where you left off in the e-book version.

She is now based in Washington as a reporter for Voice of America and looking after the couple's two young children.

There are many services that allow for voice and even video calls to be made via the web, therefore incurring no phone charges.

The device packs the power of a desktop computer, a camera, an advanced data capture device, and a voice device for voice triage.

It is not yet possible to do simultaneous voice and data on networks that use CDMA for voice and LTE for data in a single radio design.

In 10% of cases voice With is used

I'd playing possibilities with voices.

But it is worth to start with voice search.

At that time you experimented with voice recognition.

Would you be starting on a 3G platform and first with voice? Yes.

There were no issues with voice quality and call reception, but the external speaker volume could be louder.

Spell gestures, throwing rocks and sheep, smacking or stroking your pet, commanding villagers with voice etc.

They are several major players making rapid advancements with Voice Activated Assistants such a Nuance and SRI International.

With voice over by Dr Gcina Mhlophe, Worlds Apart is about carrying on with our lives, but never forgetting where we came from.

Time to get a grip on reality and cast aside the silly kids stories of wizards with voices in their head performing magic spells.

Apple's voice recognition system will be the heart of the new Apple TV, enabling you to choose channels and control the TV's functions with voice alone.

In 6% of cases voice by is used

It is ignored by voice of desire.

It is contradicted by voice of shame.

Some cars and phones can be controlled by voice.

The workshop is organised by Voice Vision, an organisation that works for the visually challanged.

Under adjournment motion, debate is taken up after adjourning question hour, followed by voting by voice vote.

The decisions themselves are formally taken by voice vote by a majority of the Councillors present at a meeting.

Management committee decisions will often be made by consensus, but where voting is required, it will usually be by voices or show of hands.

The Word in the desert Is most attacked by voices of temptation, The crying shadow in the funeral dance, The loud lament of the disconsolate chimera.

Then I call today sisip only to find out by voice mail that info packages will be sent out for medical and financial info to be obtained by zero sum client.

The ability to place commands by voice and have your iPhone respond was a game changer, SIRI allowed you to send texts, reply to emails and dial up calls whilst driving.

In 5% of cases voice in is used

He is also a (NCTV) accredited radio presenter, specialising in voice over work.

It is usually quicker to train a new order picker in voice directed picking than paper-based picking.

They knew that, and they made sure I knew it too, in voices as cutting as they were breezy and off-the-cuff.

Then, with another transition in voice and subject, allusions were made to the virgin who wept in the adjacent lodge.

Yesterday, I watched all the other babies interacting in voice and motion -- with toys, with mums, with other babies.

It is a good solution to be integrated in voice processing systems, has been validated by reliable methodology applied in the.

Price continues in voice over: Vincent is nice when his aunt comes to see him, But imagines dipping her in wax for his wax museum.

Burnor is one of five students sharing their experiences on or off campus this semester in Voices, Lafayette's student blogging website.

While the screamer engages the audience as he's trying in vain to cut down on all the stage diving, the bass player sings anything not screamed, and drowns it in voice effects.

In 2% of cases voice on is used

Idea is offering up to 75 percent discount on voice and data services with iRoam.

W4RA will therefore focus on access and interaction with the Web, based on voice.

No matter where you are, no matter what led you here, it is our hope that something on Voice of the Angels.

The bill completed its first reading on voice vote and was sent to the commerce committee for consideration.

In 2% of cases voice to is used

The plausible phone number he gave went to Voice Mail.

Since I'd a musician and my ears are really attuned to sound, so I'd sensitive to voices.

Mobile phones allow users to voice their discontent as voters who feel excluded from the political process and harassed by corrupt officials.

In 2% of cases voice via is used

Keyboards are rarely seen, all input is carried out either via voice or gestures.

Voice Reminder EX can remind you via voice (using the built-in text-to-speech engine in OS X ), or just use a pop up text reminder.

In 1% of cases voice as is used

Support for Time-Bounded Data Time-bounded data such as voice and video is supported in the 802.

Samsung has also included a SIM card slot in the Indian version of the tablet, which supports 3G as well as voice calling.

The grandchildren have no emotional closeness with their grandparents, whom they identify more as voices over the phone than as flesh-and-blood people.

In 1% of cases voice like is used

Aside from fingerprints, other attributes like voice and, specifically, practices can also be made use of as part of the access control system.

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