Prepositions used with "rain"

of, for, with, by or in rain?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases rain of is used

There were droplets of rain in it.

The delicious breath of rain was in the air.

The quantum of rains will be less than average.

If they get a bit of rain, the Scots area hugely physical team that are hard to put away.

It receives between 25-75 inches of rain, most of which falls towards the end of the year.

Yes, the other matches couldn't happen because of rain and this was also a little doubtful.

Less than 250mm (10inches) of rain falls each year, and it is possible for a year to pass without any rainfall at all.

Despite generous hand watering, the lack of rain and the non-existent ground water meant even the tomatoes were a loss.

As predicted by the team headed by? chary Kalki Krishna, majority of rains arrived in the period August 15 to August 30.

As predicted by the team headed by? chary Kalki Krishna, majority of rains arrived in the period August 15 to August 30.

In 6% of cases rain for is used

The other directive was for the public to be prepared for rains and mud at the site.

Much of the summer featured dry and hot conditions that left many farmers praying for rain.

I was praying for rain while I was inside just to see how it would look to have rain falling in my living room.

Despite that the people of Tunis offered the prayer for rain many times, but the sky abstained from giving them even one drop.

It is high time adequate efforts are taken for rain water harvesting and recharging the aquifers so that posterity do not starve for water.

While waiting for rain, sacrifice to spirits and ancestors is more likely to help you fill your store house than technical anticipation in the field.

The Huddersfield rider had to wait for rain to clear in Spain before he managed to get out on track to do any meaningful work but he still made some setup improvements.

In 6% of cases rain with is used

Both troughs are filled with rain water only so there is no difference in water quality.

With rain of a single flavor, It moistens all the people and flowers, So each one bears fruit.

Sadly, we seem to be in the midst of one of those summers where the seasons in colour is grey and dappled with rain.

I very reasonably explained that this was not cool, I was on time and had 9 people with me, and it was pouring with rain.

This gives the sequence of cloudy, humid weather with rain, followed by brighter, colder weather with showers so typical of the Irish climate.

When the weather becomes especially bed, with temperature near or below freezing combined with rain or snow, a temporary shelter program is implemented.

I didn't hear the crash as I had just fallen asleep at the other end of the house, which was being battered so heavily with rain that it was like a drum beat.

The southwestern Maritimes are also likely to experience a soggy day with rain that could persist into Wednesday with total amounts which could exceed 50 millimetres.

The effects of Hurricane Sandy, moving north from the Caribbean, are expected in the tri-state region beginning Sunday evening with rain and gusty winds, forecasters say.

The early part of the Northeast monsoon (months of December and January) is usually characterised by generally cloudy and windy conditions with rain periods lasting for 2 to 3 days at a stretch.

In 4% of cases rain by is used

Rain 3 matches affected by rain.

A taro at Kamaligan can not be moistened by rain.

Not a fan? Find waterproof heeled boots, or pumps that won't be penetrated by rain.

It affects the throwing of dice on a gambling table or a rock slide that is caused by rain and wind.

Instead they have occasional storms drop in from the north and these are accompanied by rain and winds.

Apart from anything else if one fails (and I've seen maps shredded by the wind, blown away and dissolved by rain) you still have the other.

None can be sure which pockets of the country will be hit by rain, sleet or snow but further wintry conditions can be expected over the next few days.

Hair Aware There are few things worse in the world of beauty then spending an hour on your hair, only to step outside and have it instantly ruined by rain.

These rains, aided by rains from Tropical Storm Dennis two weeks earlier, caused widespread severe flooding that caused the majority of the $3 to 6 billion in damage caused by Floyd.

Historically rainfall was measured by rain gauges which collect rainfall falling into a funnel of upper diameter 127mm, 305mm above the ground, these are still used in the voluntary rainfall Network.

In 4% of cases rain in is used

The tour will go in rain or shine.

The slight decrease in rain pH wouldn't matter.

Many crops grow, flower and produce seed only in rain time.

Visibility dropping in rain, and extensively foggy on the hills.

Hundreds of years ago, most of the Philippine islands were covered in rain forest.

Rain adds to the potential sweaty wreck problem since peddling in rain clothes simply makes you wetter than riding without them.

The difference may have to do with what happens outside landfills, where a newspaper gets shredded by wind, cracks in sunlight, and dissolves in rain -- if it doesn't burn first.

Add to this climbable trees, the auto controlled house run-throughs, moving carts and a few stalk zones and you've got more ways than ever to evade a chase, beit in rain, snow or sunny weather.

In 3% of cases rain after is used

They could use rain excuse after rain excuse.

We sometimes catch sight of this world after rain when the mushrooms emerge.

The best time to see such things in the wild is immediately after rain -the heavier the better.

Syria failed to adapt to the slushy turf after rain lashed the stadium and a dry field, assuming it does not rain, would present a different challenge on Saturday.

What do you think about it? Thanks in advance I think the best route is via colombo dabulla anuradapura road because other road are not up to condition these days after rain.

Dr James Renwick, a Niwa principal scientist, said this weather pattern has parked rain front after rain front over the country and will continue to do so for the next couple of months.

In 3% of cases rain like is used

Falling down like rain upon the ground.

Tweets and Facebook likes fell like rain drops.

To do that, you used energy coming from food made by others, among whom incredible forces like rain.

Frame bag will hold stuff I want access to during the day like rain and cold weather gear, pump and tubes and two litres of water for just-incase and cooking.

Yes, zombies! There are some really cool features in Fleck, one of the them being real weather updates like rain, snow, or fog that changes according to the player's location.

In 2% of cases rain from is used

In 1931, fed up of getting drenched from rain she built an enclosed market.

Ecologically the family ranges from rain forests to deserts, and from lowland to alpine habitats; there are even aquatic species.

He was scared out of his wits at first, but soon realized that it meant no harm when he saw the serpent positioning its hood like an umbrella to save the new born baby from rain.

The architect explained the design concept, the desire to make the courtyard a focal point, and the need for a covering to protect customers from rain, provide shading and define the space.

In 1% of cases rain During is used

During rain, they have to spend nights under sheds of shops.

Plastic covers lying around become mini storage vessels for water during rains and hence also form a breeding place for mosquitoes.

The digital revolution in the cable TV network will have another added benefit - television screens will not blip off during rain or stormy weather - a feature that affects DTH television.

After having tried &; tested buses, we do not find them tough enough for our itineraries on the African roads (this aspect is very true during rains and on routes away from tourist traps).

Helboda Falls Elgin Falls Railway between Nanu Oya and Ambewela offers a panoramic view of the 75 feet high Elgin Falls Winser Forest Falls Winser Forest Falls, 10m in height, only flows during rain.

In 1% of cases rain to is used

This can I believe give rise not to rain and shine but a seasonal drizzle.

If the leaked animated GIF is related to Rain (and we've spliced it up below into some of the key moments) it looks like being a Move-based fighter with Quick Time Events.

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