Prepositions used with "passage"

of, for, with, by or in passage?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases passage of is used

Now I consider it a rite of passage.

Lion hunting is symbolically a rite of passage.

Lion hunting was a rite of passage in the Maasai society.

We feel robbed, suddenly, of our freedom; which was almost like a rite of passage of sorts.

Since loosing my weight, i feel like ive been given a right of passage to really enjoy myself.

There were so many ' rites of passage ' that I would not have traveled had I not gone this route.

The STEM visa bill has a good chance of passage because this time the legislation will only require a simple majority.

If there is any rite of passage for a celebrity with no actual reason for being famous, it's the celebrity boxing match.

In 7% of cases passage for is used

Bhuiyan said the drafts would be vetted by the Law Ministry before being placed in parliament for passage.

The Bond Oversight Committee voted 7-3 for the plan, but that was one vote short of the eight needed for passage, officials said.

Seward stated that he granted permission for passage of British troops across Maine, to save troops suffering from Northerly Canadian voyage.

The immigrants were poor, and raising that kind of money (approximately $350 to $900 in today's dollars) for passage to America was difficult in the early 1900's.

More significantly, to prevent marine source pollution and protect the Marine environment, a comprehensive Marine Pollution Bill has been developed and finalized for passage into Act.

In 7% of cases passage with is used

Or Luke deleted it from Q to make it consistent with passage in Mark he was deleting.

Someone may be of utmost importance but with passage of time he may become insignificant, may what reason be.

I do nt necessarily agree with Lawrence, but with passages like this, I find myself reflecting on his words with ever deeper intensity.

Don't -- Don't therefore think negatively all the time, success comes slowly and with passage of time, nothing can be achieved overnight.

In 4% of cases passage by is used

However, West Virginia's program was recently gutted due to changes in federal regulations prompted by passage of the Affordable Care Act.

On the 28th of October 2012, the French EuroMillions website was successfully hacked and replaced by passages from the Koran condemning gambling.

Virtually every practising Muslim was offended by passages from the book and shocked that it was written by a Muslim of whom till then the Asian community were proud.

In 4% of cases passage in is used

I've courted girls in Blarney, in Kanturk and in Killarney In Passage and in Queenstown, that is the Cobh of Cork.

A prime example of legislation that had its ups and downs and now may have a chance in passage is the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors).

In 3% of cases passage from is used

Apart from passages already quoted, he says (New Voyage ), ' The Inhabitants of this Country are the miserablest People in the world.

Monks will often chant Passages 5-9 as blessings when lay people make merit, and frequently use verses from Passage 5 as sermon themes.

This is Aristotle's view of Plato, not Plato's (and Aristotle's view appears to be cobbled together from passages in the Cratylus and Theaetetus.

In 1% of cases passage before is used

Legislation would be posted online for examination by citizens before passage.

Authoring and passing bills that legislators do not read and not offered for public scrutiny before passage is an example.

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