Prepositions used with "representation"

of, for, to, with or in representation?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases representation of is used

There are so many gaps in terms of representation to the meeting.

Sensation and perception are separate and parallel forms of representation.

The task of representation is to change the system to meet the needs of the people.

It turns out that in a representative government there's been a frightening lack of representation.

Pastoralists must be given appropriate forms of representation and influence in such decision making.

I believe that photography is an important way to add another level of representation to a research project.

Here the focus is more on issues of representation than on the history of photographic processes or movements.

The virtual can thus be seen as a dramatic change in the forms of representation, space, and images as we have known them.

Even though you don't have a choice of solicitors you should receive the same standard of representation as a paying client.

Once the Grant of representation is obtained, gathering in the assets, making the final tax returns and distributing the estate.

In 8% of cases representation for is used

Use commonly accepted standards for representation.

PaulG85 How humiliating that this is what passes for representation in what is the most powerful country on Earh.

The reason such a system is more prone to extremists is that the threshold for representation in such a system is low.

While Kenyan regulators may not want to set strict thresholds for representation by women, many feel that it may be prudent to have laws in.

Hard earned cash is often challenging to come by for those that get harmed while at work, and so Hanser Law requires no up-front expense for representation.

I'd with Rorty and Davidson (even though they would reject God) with the suggestion that we need to break from the idea that language is a medium for representation or expression.

In 8% of cases representation to is used

They can be held indefinitely without charge, and no right to representation or trial.

This means there should be a fair warning system in place - that includes your right to representation.

In 8% of cases representation with is used

There are many other states with a decent taxation (with representation!) that makes 24% a threat.

Although there is a committee with representation from each country that has met thrice, not much progress has been done on this stretch of land.

In 5% of cases representation in is used

Before the case there were huge differences in representation size per delegate.

In representation of Britain's sea power there are two dolphins each facing Britannia on her left and right sides.

Tuymans ' brushwork keeps the ambivalence humming, never quite accepting or rejecting the logic and mandates implied in representation.

In 5% of cases representation on is used

After all we are human with desire in an era that emphasizes much on representation.

However, the discussions point to the medium's restriction on representation and the need for improved interfaces.

In 5% of cases representation without is used

Under the system of devolution, it is like ' taxes without representation.

The famous cry of the US colonists before the war of independence - ' no taxation without representation ' - could equally apply in reverse.

He was a strong opponent of taxation without representation, and his editorials consistently lashed out at the federal government in Ottawa.

But Right-to-Work (longer, harder, without representation or recourse, for less money and fewer sick days or pee breaks) seems to be the flavour du jour amongst.

In 3% of cases representation about is used

And the proposed debate should about representation of opinion.

In 1% of cases representation from is used

Summary Anxiety is the most common undesired state in psychotherapy, and is generated by a number of synesthesias from representations of potential future dangers to kinesthetic activation.

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