Prepositions used with "information"

of, for, to, with or in information?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases information of is used

Submit a freedom of information request.

Thank you for such a load of information.

The amount of information it holds is limited.

The national Freedom of Information Ombudsman will be responsible for the portal.

There is lots of information on it from people who have done it and it helped me.

So an exabyte of data is one-and-18-zeros, a billion-billion bytes of information.

The Freeman obtained the contract, dated May, 31, 2011, last week through a Freedom of Information Law request.

You can find plethora of information about the trendy winter wardrobe and matching accessories on the internet.

I recall the Freedom of Information Bill which has stagnated in the Nigerian Parliament in Abuja for years now.

The exact same sources of information that the medical professionals (when they can be bothered) are accessing.

In 15% of cases information for is used

Ask for information in writing.

Audits/requests for information.

For information about the paintings and.

For information on the INTERVAL unit argument, see the discussion for DATEADD().

Note that the Message levels are provided for information and are not normative.

See Going to court for information on what happens when the offender is charged.

For information about Fuyu Tamanoi's research, visit the Tamanoi Research Lab's Web site at **33;3861;TOOLONG.

User action: Refer to the Application Programming Reference manual for information about MQCC &1; and MQRC &2.

Otherwise, click here for information on a paid subscription for those who are not K-12 educators or students.

In 10% of cases information to is used

They want to get to information fast.

Access to information requires vigilance.

Access to information and decision makers.

This is according to information related to her by Thabo a day after the incident.

Access to information on these servers is restricted to authorized personnel only.

This principle is applicable to information and services provided through websites.

So what did they pay for? Instant: instant access to information, instant television and instant communication.

Site directories were one of the first methods used to facilitate access to information resources on the network.

When did R TI Act come into force? The Central Right to Information Act came into force on the 12th October, 2005.

In 7% of cases information with is used

Be open / generous with information.

Anyone with information is urged to contact.

The user interface is drowning with information.

A travel agent can help you with information about charter groups and airlines.

Maps is a lot more detailed, with information cards listed on local businesses.

This 2013 edition of Lonely Planet Hungary is packed with information like that.

The only emails you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site.

On the second anniversary of his murder they have again appealed for people to come forward with information.

The service has an Information Library open to the public with information on courses in Cavan and nationwide.

Both she and Rosie provide the reader with information and vignettes built upon first hand experiences and Ms.

In 3% of cases information in is used

This is a huge increase in information.

We are swimming in information and opportunity.

But nowhere is it as striking as it is in information technology.

I want to collect the equivalent certificate to Diploma in Information Technology (one year).

As few persons as possible should be implicated in information and records management procedures.

Coordinating agency plays a key role in information flow between the beneficiaries and the donors.

Israr Nawab says: 3 / 5 Sir I have completed a Diploma in Information Technology from Trade Testing Board Peshawar.

About The Guest Author: Alex Chadwick is a freelance writer specializing in information technology and business topics.

Although I was doing my Master's in Information Science, I spent most of the time with my nose buried in fitness books.

In 3% of cases information on is used

Stop running on information that you got in 2000.

I can't lay my hands on information to immediately prove what happened to him.

The chart is based on information provided by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems, which.

Presentation You will be asked to give a presentation based on information provided.

These lists are based on information provided by the member at the time of enrolment.

Anyone relying on information obtained from Google Translate does so at his or her own risk.

Mossberg is widely regarded as one of the most influential writers on information technology.

Sometimes we put too much focus on information and not enough on putting that info into action.

His research centers on information management, parallel programming, and artificial intelligence.

The two fields have given me a rather unique perspective on information and it's desire to be free.

In 1% of cases information as is used

The main airports have travel offices as well as information desks.

Our task, however, requires vision as well as information and reasoned arguments.

Their database has information on recreation, tourism, sport and the arts for people with disability for all of Australia.

These fall into general categories such as information processing, personality patterns, and social interaction (Conner, 2004).

For the current participation status of the Charter, as well as information and relevant texts of related treaty actions, such as.

The protectors should be aware of the regulations of protection maintenance and use of equipment as well as information, instruction and training.

As a complete layperson in the areas of biochemistry as well as information theory, I'd able to (just barely) theorize where they're going with this.

In the Charlotte Homes Real Estate News, we share home decorating and home improvement ideas, as well as information on senior living, green living and much more.

British Telecom, itself privatised by Margaret Thatcher in her pomp, offers consultancy services in broad areas such as information technology as well as telephones.

HealthInsite topic page linking to information about physical and mental disabilities, as well as information on rehabilitation and caring for people with disabilities.

In 1% of cases information from is used

From information available to him, the business is no doubt very viable and rewarding.

The events range from information displays, to walks and days out, though to special film screenings at the QFT.

The data that the 1 degrees assumption for a doubling comes from information going back to the beginning of the industrial revolution.

However, I must say that I'd still pretty shocked that the Bill, as introduced, would have shielded Auckland Transport from information requests.

Multiple reports from Information and Privacy Commissioners and civil society have highlighted some of the systemic root causes for this decline.

The data were collated from information received from the Bureau of Investigation (FBI ), Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Disclaimer, copyright and use of Market rent data The Market rent statistics are derived from information gathered from bonds lodged at the Building and Housing Group.

TWO MAJOR APPROACHES TO METADATA FORMATS Standards for network interoperability are the province of system designers requiring little input from information professionals.

Jurors were brought in from the Tampa Bay area, instead of Orlando and sequestered for the entire trial to avoid influence from information available outside the courtroom.

There is no question but that this Inquiry, and therefore the public interest, would have benefitted from information of the type that interrogation of a flight data recorder might provide.

In 1% of cases information including is used

It covers a variety of labelling, including information and warning messages and graphic images.

Session IDs help site owners to collect useful statistics, including information about visitors ' behavior.

Also provide details on costing of the project, including information on the project's forecasted budget versus its actual budget.

The new signs will give drivers real time advance warning of road conditions ahead, including information about the status of the Severn crossings.

The company wanted five years of medical records, including information about the singer's fitness program and responses to media reports about his health.

You can increase your baby's chances of being born healthy by following the advice about your health during pregnancy, including information on healthy diet, exercise, smoking and drinking.

Treatment may also involve: Community support -- including information, accommodation, help with finding suitable work, training and education, psychosocial rehabilitation and mutual support groups.

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