Prepositions used with "fund"

of, for, to, with or in fund?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases fund of is used

What is meant by ' evidence of funds '? 7.

Alas, I understand lack of funds all too well.

They simply say that 86% of funds were directed toward program and program-related costs.

Every wing has the responsibility to ensure livable environment and optimal use of funds.

There's been some talk in the media of misappropriation of funds meant for Olympic teams.

The bank ensures availability of funds with the trustees to make due payments to the beneficiaries under the regulations.

Quartile rankings Quartile rankings allow you to compare a fund's results with the results of funds in the same category.

This is why the anti-tax craze of ideologists like PPP is irrational; starve the state of funds and it ceases to function.

How to choose a mutual fund Once you know what kinds of funds suit your needs and goals, you have a wide array of choices.

In 10% of cases fund for is used

I think the valuation will not be as big of an issue for funds.

Henry was broke his application to them for funds was never granted.

There was a public appeal for funds to purchase stock and equipment.

They can not tax or borrow, and hence are totally dependent on the Central Government for funds.

They work for fund raising, providing international volunteer, educating people about our work, about Bangladesh.

We were struggling for funds but it was only because of Colin Kolles (team principal) that things were kept running.

Tempers flared when Au said the EPD would approach the Legislative Council for funds to start dredging at Shek Kwu Chau.

Problems in accounting for funds for that project apparently led to development partners pulling out from such initiatives.

We have to beg for funds! The looting of our oil must be seen as defining the colonial relationship between Malaya and Sabah and Sarawak.

More than five million people have been affected by floods this year, and with winter approaching the need for funds is increasingly urgent.

In 6% of cases fund to is used

Management style Management style varies from fund to fund and manager to manager.

The reason for this is thought to be due to funds only being paid out on completion of the projects.

He said that unfortunately we don't have an MPA in PK-28 but the resources spent on development schemes here were equal to funds of 5 MPAs.

What if I couldn't get a job right away? Open a line of credit before you leave so that you'll have access to funds for three to six months.

Rich countries are already committing hundreds of billions of dollars to funds that are supposed to compensate poorer nations for the cost of adapting to global warming.

This risk varies widely from fund to fund, it is a practically insignificant risk with passive indexed strategies like I use, however for some active funds the risk can be substantial.

In 5% of cases fund with is used

Markets give the ability of those with funds to exploit their position.

The Select (The Sun Also Rises) is also supported with funds from The Andrew W.

The A2E project provided the local organizations with funds and training which enabled them to expand and reach more children.

More reply to Lee's comments: The part on cash podiums is based on my experience with fund raising, budgets with Newtons and Mt Keira.

Another section sees us as a team who consistently struggle with funds in the transfer market despite being owned by two of the world's richest men.

Come out and welcome our hometown Gypsy heroes back to StageOne, Last year they completed a new album, The Funhouse, (with funds raised on Kickstarter.

All perfectly defensible in economic terms, especially at a time when pensions funds were awash with funds following the long bull market of the 1990s.

The organisation offers all this to villagers with funds from foreign countries and by collecting minimal fees from the students to supply them with books and other materials.

Luyt founded the South African English daily newspaper with funds from the notorious Information Scandal, during which hundreds of billions of taxpayers ' money were stolen and laundered.

In 3% of cases fund in is used

It has 500 billion in funds with paid in capital of 80 billion.

Assuming the $25 billion in funds are repaid, unallocated TARP resources would total $134.

Mobius, who is executive chairman of the Templeton Emerging Markets Group, oversees about $50bn (40bn) in funds.

The trend in funds has been to bigger ones, as the mutual and pension fund industries consolidate and ETFs grow in size.

It's time for the Australian Government to again take the lead and commit a massive increase in funds to protect children across West Africa.

I took part in fund raising for one lf Lenny Henry's initiatives and, some folks told me that the only thing they'd give Africans is a condom.

Whereas, in Indonesia, he was entangled in a legal case for embezzling Rp700 billion in funds from PT Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia (BPUI ), a state-owned finance company.

In 3% of cases fund on is used

The target amount I am looking to raise on fund it is 7,000.

Interest payable in foreign currency on funds held in the Account.

People who would be the most benefited include the ones who have sufficient time to do research and examine on funds.

Firstly, such a measure would be unprecedented given that the government is already functioning on funds allocated by a Vote on Account.

It encompasses the former Forest Hill Early Childhood Foundation (established in 1995) and has a new component based on funds from the sale of Warrawong.

In 2% of cases fund by is used

This project is designed to relieve the 99% of unnecessary and oppressive debt by fund raising to purchase debt around the country and abolishing it.

This could be accomplished by giving services at children homes or some other charitable and or community outreach program being done or supported by Fund.

The Group is one of Australia's largest life insurers and is also one of the largest managers in retail superannuation, allocated pensions and annuities by funds under management.

In 2% of cases fund from is used

Management style Management style varies from fund to fund and manager to manager.

By 1964 an elegant library was constructed from funds raised by parents and? Old Girls? of the School.

The rough average of $500 million from fund raising has now to be doubled, and on top of this the us government has been asked to provide directly an additional $500 million.

This risk varies widely from fund to fund, it is a practically insignificant risk with passive indexed strategies like I use, however for some active funds the risk can be substantial.

The surge in the US dollar continued after the news was release but gold and crude oil turned sharply lower on the day and a general long liquidation selling trend emerged from fund traders.

In 1% of cases fund about is used

Sorry to talk about fund raising but seriously folks, this charity deserves it.

It is all about funds and sponsors -- if they can get on board, it will improve the infrastructure greatly.

If you find out more about funds, it is possible to supply you to ultimately get free from debt and initiate preserving.

In 1% of cases fund as is used

IT IS MY TRUCK!! Anyway what i ended up doing as funds were tight as i had just redone my 96 chev 4x4 front to back inside and outside.

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